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Why only post photos ? Because I love taking pictures . Remember me on my microblog topic # Jiamu's 365 Day shooting plan # Written in : Record your life with a photo every day ! Yes , That's why I love taking pictures . Open the album , I saw the photos, leaving traces of time , Those days , The smiling faces of the family , The scenery on the road , Familiar taste , It always reminds me of many wonderful memories .

In everyday life , I take pictures more with my mobile phone , Let's introduce the mobile phone app How to deal with photos , Let your mobile phone photos to a higher level . Okay , Let's start with a group of mobile phones app Take the photos .

equipment : millet 4

Software :VSCOcam Butter photo

After looking at this group of photos , Do you have a lot of questions in mind ? Is this really a cell phone shot ? I tell you , It's really a cell phone shot , It's just a normal Android phone — millet 4, Now I'm going to put my cell phone app The method of post-processing photos tells you .

First of all, I would like to introduce a few of my commonly used app

Usually the most commonly used is VSCO Cam, I like the filter inside .Blendpic In addition to superimposing photos , You can also add white edges .snapseed More suitable for landscape photos , Butter camera can add text , There are a lot of templates to apply to , Just change it a little according to the photo , The following tutorial only uses VSCO And the butter camera .

Step breakdown :

STEP 1: photo Color matching


Favorite color matching software !!

A powerful post toner Software , You can call out all kinds of colors :

1, use VSCO Add photos to process , Then choose the photo , Click on the first button in the lower left corner , Color matching .

2, choice C1 Filter +8, Warm colors can be used

3, Exposure +3, It's a must for a little freshness : Add exposure ( Highlight the picture )

4, Contrast +2, overcast The picture is gray , Add a little bit of contrast to make the light dark contrast more intense

5, sharpening +2, Make the details richer , Improve the clarity of the picture

6, saturation +1, Increase color density

7, Highlights fade +2, Reduce highlight overflow , Lighten... Appropriately

8, Shadow compensation +6, Avoid shadows that are too dark or too dark , This method is small and often used in fresh style

9, Color temperature +1, I choose warm colors , Make the picture warm as a whole ,ps:( Color temperature : Reduce the cooler , It's warmer )

10, tonal +1, Add... Appropriately , Make the picture more warm ps:( tonal : Reduce the greenish green , Improve magenta )

11, Cream highlights +1, Choose the highlights to fill with cream , It can make the picture warmer , Increase it appropriately

Before and after color matching :

Okay , The picture is adjusted , Does the photo look more comfortable after color mixing , Fresh and warm ? The cloudy day turns to be big and the sunny day .

STEP 2: Add text elements

app: Butter camera

The most artistic drawing software !!

A powerful post editing software , You can fix all kinds of force grid :

1, Turn on the butter camera , Add photos , Adjust the photo size ( You can drag with two fingers )

2, Click the arrow in the lower right corner , Go to the next step , You can choose the filter , Templates , Elements , Here we use the photos that have been adjusted , Just select the template directly .

3, Choose an appropriate template , If you don't find the right template in the template below , You can choose more templates on the left , There may be something you like in it

4, After selecting the template , You can click the arrow in the lower right corner , Go to the next step , You can click publish , Butter camera will upload your photos , At the same time, it will automatically save a photo in the butter album of mobile phone

All right. , A photo with strong grid was born , Go to the circle of friends ,

So to conclude :

Nothing can achieve the desired effect in a short time ,

It's the same with revision ,

We need to try different functions , Parameters ,

Each parameter change has an effect on a photo ,

Only to study more , Understand the role of parameters ,

To get a picture that we like .

The color matching parameters written above , It's just based on the photo above ,

The exposure of each photo , The color temperature is different ,

Later color matching needs to be based on different photos , Adjust different parameters ,

The above tutorial can only give you some reference , Not applicable ,

for example :

If the photo is too dark, increase the exposure compensation , To warm the color, increase the color temperature and tone , Reducing the shadow angle increases shadow compensation .....

Of course, early photo shooting is also very important , If the photos taken earlier , The composition is perfect , The later cutting is omitted ; If the exposure is normal, one less parameter can be adjusted .

Quick in the blink of an eye 10 O 'clock , In the evening 6 PM , Organize the material , Prepare for the tutorial , At the end of the paper , The flowers are near 4 Hours ,

I hope this article can help you ! You can leave me a message if you don't understand , You can also come up with your own ideas , Let's talk

When I have time, I'll give you some related tutorials . Thank you for your support !

notes : Writing is not easy to reprint. Please send me a private message , The copyright belongs to me .

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