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all the time , I love taking pictures , Record life . In recent years, the cameras of all kinds of smart phones are getting better and better , We can more conveniently take the mobile phone to record the life bit by bit . I take pictures with my mobile phone 7 More than a year , During this period, my mobile phone helped me record many beautiful scenes in my life ! Taking advantage of the rest time of the last few days , Some photos taken by the mobile phone have been sorted out , It can be divided into five categories : still life , A portrait , On-the-spot record , scenery , Pets . And all kinds of shooting methods and skills to do a summary , Close up this post , Hope to be able to like mobile phone photography friends to play some help and reference .

One , Still life

When shooting this kind of object, pay attention to its three-dimensional sense and texture , To photograph the texture of it , You need to set the metering mode of the mobile camera to : Midpoint metering , Generally, the center photometry is used for shooting , In order to maximize its clarity , Set your photos as high quality as possible , For millet 4 For example, set it to :1300 ten thousand (4208*3120), The sharpness is set to : in , saturation : high . It's better to distinguish the top surface 、 Different brightness of the side and front , But also from the different shade and background background to show the depth of the object space . When focusing, you need to aim at the place you want to shoot clearly ! Pay attention to the texture of handicrafts 、 Detail level 、 Shadow tone .

  1. food

When shooting delicious food , Careful preparation is needed before shooting , Make sure there is no clutter in the background to distract your attention and set some camera parameters . Set the metering mode to : Central weight , The food will be more bright and layered ! When the food is on the table, focus on the place where the food is best seen and can highlight the food , Use a large aperture to blur the background . You can take more photos . Try shooting from different angles around the food , The author himself prefers to shoot from a height . Finish shooting in the shortest possible time , To keep its original color , fresh .

What you need to pay attention to when shooting is : Tableware is secondary , Food is the main thing .

Two , Portraits

I feel that when I take a portrait , The most important thing to pay attention to is the clarity and beauty of the image . You also need to set the photo size to high quality before shooting , For millet 4 For example, set it to :1300 ten thousand , Sharpness : in , Metering mode : Center weighted photometry .

When taking a full body picture , First of all, we should consider the height of the subject as the benchmark , It's not based on the height of the photographer's eyes , Sometimes when the shot is short, also appropriate squat to shoot . In this way, based on the subject , The full-length photos will not appear short or deformed .

When taking portraits , Get close to the person who is being photographed , Only in this way can you better express the face of the subject . Try to focus on the person's eyes when shooting . In this way, his face and expression can become the center of expression in the photo at a glance .

3、 ... and , On the spot

Documentary photos , Accurate focus and instant capture are very important . Pay attention to the authenticity of the picture , Most of them don't swing , It's about shopping , Shooting in the street , Capture all kinds of moving details and moments in daily life through the camera . You usually use the phone's automatic mode , Just set the metering mode to : Evaluation photometry . When shooting , First of all, you need to have a pair of eyes to find beauty . When you find a target to shoot , Don't be shy , Have the courage to , Wait patiently for the best time to shoot , Use the sequence , Take more pictures , Until you get a good picture .

Four , Scenery

Scenery photography has always been regarded as one of the most popular photography themes . It can bring beauty to people , Whether it's the process of discovering beauty , Or shooting and the final appreciation can bring the photographer the enjoyment of beauty .

1, The setting sun

When shooting the sunset , It should be noted that : Because the light is weak , In order to ensure the shutter speed of the mobile phone , At this time, you need to put the mobile phone camera ISO Set to :200-400, The metering mode is set to : Central photometry , In order to ensure the clarity of the photo .

When shooting , You can find a position against the light , Adjust the angle , Use center metering , Focus on a little bit above the sunset . The main body of the building below becomes a shadow , The effect of silhouette , It's time to shoot .

2, Nightscape , Neon light spot

When shooting the night scene spot , You also need to set the metering mode of the camera to : Central photometry .

When shooting , First of all, choose urban areas with dense lighting , After choosing the composition , Focus on the object closest to you , When the camera is in focus, spots will form , Now press the shutter , You can get a beautiful spot of night photos .

3, Special effects shooting

The special effects are coming , Is it like a mirage ?

This kind of photo taking , I personally feel very interesting , This kind of photo is similar to the double exposure effect of high-end SLR cameras and dual reflection Cameras , When you take these pictures , First you need to put the camera ISO Set to 100( To get a slower shutter speed for the camera .), Then set the camera to HDR Shooting mode , When you finish these two steps, you can shoot .

Shooting begins : First you need to find a higher position , Look for a location where you can look down and shoot , Then choose the composition , You need to aim the camera up or down a little bit ( This is to make the two photos overlap better ), Focus on the darkest part of the viewfinder , Press the shutter . After pressing the shutter , Immediately move the camera up or down a short distance , When the move is complete , Keep your hands still , Wait for the camera to finish shooting , Then you can get a composite special effects photo .

Shooting principle : stay HDR When shooting in mode, the phone will take two identical photos , We can use it when the shutter speed of the camera is slow , The mobile camera separates the two pictures taken by the camera , In one photo .

5、 ... and , Pet shooting

It's not easy to photograph pets , Because pets are always active and uncontrolled , It often causes blurry images . That's getting in the way of filming , But photographing pets is not that difficult , As long as you master the skills , You can also take good pictures of pets !

1, At the time of shooting , Press the shutter to be decisive . When you see a good pet expression, you must press the shutter decisively , Because pets are more active , It's facing the camera , It could be just a moment , You're going to lose patience .

2, Focus on the pet's eyes as much as possible , The picture taken like this , It will be clearer and more divine .

3, When the pet is still , Take pictures while you sleep , It's easier to get a clear picture , It's also going to be interesting .

4, How to attract pets to the camera , Before taking a picture , You can call your pet's name , Or seduce with food , The moment the pet looks at the camera , Don't hesitate. , Aim at your eyes , Press the shutter , A cute photo will appear in your mobile phone .

5, Try different angles , For example, shooting from a low angle , The pet in this way feels like a giant , It's going to be fun .

I've written this much , Hope to the friends who like mobile photography , Help ! Any questions or Suggestions , You can leave a message at the bottom of the post , I'll see it all .

Thank you again for always , Support for me ! Your support and suggestions are the motivation of my post ! Thank you, dear friends ! Love you !

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