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You see the title , Do you feel familiar with ? My friends who have seen my photography course know , stay 4 Month of the month , I wrote a later tutorial on how to turn photos into comic books . So why do you write the same tutorial again this time ? You have a lot of questions in mind ? Is it that I didn't write the last tutorial well ? The method is not clear ?NO.NO.NO. This is not the reason why I wrote this tutorial .

After the publication of the last post tutorial on how to make photos into cartoon style , I get a lot of feedback :

  1. Many friends say they can't use ps,ps It's hard to get started .
  2. I don't know where to download pscc edition , The installation package was not found on the Internet .
  3. It means that the later process is too complicated , Too many parameters to adjust .
  4. Hope there is a simpler way to achieve the same cartoon effect .

Yes , This tutorial is based on the feedback you gave me . In order to make it easier for everyone , It is more convenient to process photos into cartoon style . So I decided to write this tutorial , By the way, thank you for your love for me .

The software is introduced :

The software used in this tutorial is VSCO,VSCO come from VSCO(Visual Supply Co. Abbreviation ). A powerful photography application app. Including the camera to take pictures 、 Photo editing and photo sharing . The most powerful feature is its filter , Any one VSCO Filter of , Can make the photo simulate the effect of different film . such as ,C3 The filter imitates the effect of Fuji film by using vivid color contrast and green tone ;M5 The filter can imitate the old-fashioned gloom , Slight dilution effect .

Usage method :

Open the software and click the gallery in the application sidebar to enter the application album . No need to log in ( Test Android only )

Click on + You can add photos , Click on the photo in the album to select the photo , The operation button will appear at the bottom of the application at the same time , Directly click the Edit button to enter the filter selection page . The brush at the bottom represents the filter , The wrench represents the fine adjustment function .

The tutorial explains :

Before you explain the tutorial , Decided to send a group of photos first .

VSCO Deal with the cartoon style photos

Step by step :

  1. Open the filter menu , choice C1 Filter +12, There are bright and lively color contrast and green tone .

  1. Enter the fine tuning function , The photo is dark , Increase exposure compensation +1,( According to the exposure of the photo , Moderately increase )

  1. There is not enough contrast in the photo , Contrast +3, Make the contrast of light and shade more intense .

  1. saturation +1, Add color to the photo ( Increase according to the brightness of the photo )

  1. Highlights fade +4, Reduce highlight spills from clouds in the photo .

  1. Shadow compensation +6, Avoid dark parts of trees , Too dark , At the same time, the dark color in the picture is reduced .

  1. Color temperature -1, Comic book style , Generally blue , So you need to lower the color temperature here , Make the picture cold .

  1. Uniform highlight tone , Choose the blue highlight +3( According to the photo, add )

Okay , after 8 A step , A cartoon photo has already been processed , Now let's take a look at the contrast map :

Original picture :

After processing :

This scene , It's like the Japanese cartoon, you have wood, you have ?

You may as well take advantage of the good summer weather , action , Go out and take some pictures , Just need a good day , A cell phone , One app, A tutorial , Your daily photo , So it was born ······ Looking forward to your photos !

Okay , Thank you for reading this tutorial , If it works for you , I would be very happy ! If there's something you don't understand , Or more fun ideas , You are also welcome to raise it , Let's talk

notes : Writing is not easy , Reprint please private letter .

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