Advanced processing techniques of commercial portrait photography (with case explanation)

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Advanced processing techniques of commercial portrait photography ( With case study )

A lot of friends like photos with little fresh effect , So how to adjust the small refreshing effect ?

Now let's share some practical skills !

First , Let's first look at the comparison between the original image and the final image :

Original picture

design sketch

Before color matching and painting , The most important thing is to analyze the original picture , Find out the problem with the original picture ;

I personally don't think the post-processing steps are very important , Because there is no duplication in the later color matching ; And the problems with each original are different ;

besides , The film processing effect is also subject to the theme 、 The film is good or bad 、 Color matching, personal mood and other aspects of the impact ; So if you want to deal with a film , Be sure to observe and analyze the original before processing the photo !

We can see from the original film that it's darker overall , So here, in the post-processing , Generally, it is necessary to make a basic correction for the light and shadow of the film ;

One 、 First , Go to the Kaibei XiuTu interface , Click the color matching interface ;

1、 Find the light and shadow adjustment function , Click the highlight to adjust the light and shadow of the whole film !

2、 Although the light and shadow correction has been done before , Part of the problem has been fixed , But the whole thing looks bleak and flat

Next, I found the art color —— Choose a natural fresh color effect

Operation demo :

After adding artistic hues , Make the whole film a new one ;

3、 Detail processing optimization

Find the camera calibration tool , Pull saturation , Make it more saturated with blue primary color ;

Operation demo :

Zoom in on the details :

Two 、 The color matching part of the above film is basically completed , Next, switch to the revision interface ;

After entering the repair interface , Don't worry , First enlarge the film to observe the face and neck skin of the characters

After zooming in , It's obvious that there are problems : Skin color 、 The neck lines around the eyes and around the neck

1、 I'll grind the skin first

Select the automatic skirting tool ( Because the character's skin is not very bad , So I choose the ordinary skin grinding )

You can have a look at , Before and after use

Before using :

After using :

2、 Continue to optimize the film

I use texture enhancement and HDR Special effects tools to optimize the film

3、 Embellishment

Use art subtitles , On the film of the gang for a simple modification of

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