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This group of photos is me , The first time to share the post tutorial , I have to make fun of myself first ~

Contrast before and after | ps Example operation | All dry goods

Messages received

I published it and got a lot of people's love , There are also many people who ask me how the late ? How to make the texture of canvas ? So I sort it out .

Contrast before and after

Make sure you use RAW Format , Because for the later stage, whether it's shooting explosion or black , Can be very good to restore ( I used to take pictures for a while jpg Format , My personal feeling is still lacking in texture )

Q & A

Where was it taken ?

My hometown is in Henan , The neighbor's wheat field , Maybe April's fit is already beautiful , When I was a kid, the sky was blue , But now it's rare to see blue sky and white clouds , So in the later period, I thought of adding “ White clouds ” material , Make the picture more romantic and beautiful .

What equipment is used ?

The camera is canon 6D, The lens is used 85-1.2. The camera is suitable for my reading , Now I have been accompanied by 4 Years. ( Super wants to have 5D4, This year ) I want to say that equipment is one aspect , The most important thing is your own ideas and aesthetics .

What material was added later ?

A chance , I saw a set of old photos from the past , Zoom in and see the texture like canvas , It's very textured , At least I was attracted to it . Later I found the background material of canvas , Try to add it to post-processing , As long as the photo feels suitable, it will give the photo credit .( There is a surprise at the end of the article )

Color matching ideas

analysis :

1, Over explosion , The sky is completely white .

  1. Green to blue , I want to be a little yellow , Because the light was sunset .


LR Adjust the basic light and shadow

( My personal habit of drawing is LR-PS-LR- export )

1, The brightness decreases, blue -19, Want the sky a little bit dark .

2, Increased green saturation +35, Want to restore the original wheat field color .

3, Raise the blue +41, Want a little blue sky .

( Parameters are not dead , See for yourself, adjust your feeling )

LR summary :

1, It's basically here , It's close to what I love , The only lack of visual point is the sky , No white clouds on the show very blank , So let's add .

2, Next, send LR Direct transfer in PS To decorate the characters .

PS Handle

1, liquefaction . A step that girls love . Because it's my own picture , So I don't think it's necessary to shave , Just a little bit of waist and arm lines .

2, Use a stain repair brush to deal with skin defects . I didn't shave , You want to keep the texture of your skin , It's more natural .

3, Build neutral grey excess face 、 The light and shadow of the body .

4, Here comes the key , Come on, canvas material .

Be careful ️:(1) Mix mode changed to soft light .(2) Reduce opacity .

5, Add the material of white clouds .

( I have my own stock of materials ,2019 It was filmed on film in Dali , Including Tibet, a lot of , I didn't expect to use it one day .)

7, I pressed the highlight , To make the photos less dazzling . A little bit more contrast . One photo is fixed , There is still a big difference , In the later period, the atmosphere was added .

8, Finally, I want to say , Good looking photos really don't pursue quantity , It's great to have a favorite and classic one ( Only for your own photos , Except for the guest film )


Actually, what about me , Almost every year I have to go back to my hometown to shoot a group of wheat fields .

It's a childhood memory , The picture also has my fantasy element in , It's a little nice , It's a little romantic .

When I was a child, summer was a wheat field , Cut watermelon in the wheat field , Pick tomatoes , Climbing persimmon trees , The sun is also full of sweat .

So I always feel , Part of the memory of the past is real , Part of it is fantasy . It's like I'm really living now , Will also dream of the future bit by bit .

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