Jewelry photography course -- how to shoot ivory, rhinoceros horn, tiger's tooth and cultural game

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Li He photography

In the heyday of literature and play , Gold in troubled times . Social stability, , crowing , Play is becoming more and more common , Once upon a time, only literati and poets could have , Now I have already entered the ordinary people's home , It has become a popular consumer goods .

“ No business, no harm ”—— public service advertising

We don't support poaching , I hate killing , It's just a few crafts that have been made , Materials that allow the circulation of goods , And it's just about how to shoot science . At present, the known prohibited wild animals are :

Tiger bone : All parts of tigers are forbidden to be sold .

Ivory : The popularity of ivory products in the entertainment industry , The elephant was ravaged and killed , be on the verge of .2018 year 1 month 1 Japan , The Chinese government has announced a total ban on ivory trading , It is illegal to make, sell and transport ivory products .

Rhinoceros horn : Rhinoceros is an endangered first class protected animal , The State forbids all rhinoceros products trading .

Heding red : The helmeted hornbill is a second class national protected animal , The law forbids the sale of the article .


The purpose of appreciating literature and play is to cultivate one's mind , Enhance your sentiment . If there is hatred of killing and life behind the play itself , How to talk about the so-called self-cultivation ?

Return to the right topic , We are a rigorous jewelry photography course number

No research, no voice —— Wool picking

Most animals are made of animal bones , So we first have to analyze its physical properties , Bone tissue consists of living cells and minerals ( Mainly Calcium and phosphorus ) A mixture of , It is these minerals that make bones strong , So we know from the properties that the materials are mainly minerals , So we can set the light according to the way we shoot the gem , In the past, I wrote about .

In order to better show its noble attributes , It's usually polished 、 carving 、 Inlaid with precious metals and gemstones , At this time, it becomes a composite jewelry , Area exposure is the perfect solution .

In the early stage, animal composition was reconstructed , Show off , Momentum . Artistic expression needs to pay more attention to the shaping of feelings , Photographers can embody artistic value through light and shadow .

Finally, the collocation of the scene creative map , Technology is easy to learn 、 Art is hard to understand . Except for selectivity 、 To imitate and learn with purpose 、 If there is a better way, you can tell me .

And photographic area exposure method

Familiar with our course, students know : This is our usual shooting method , For jewelry shooting, this method is relatively easy to use and improve the overall shooting level , Close test effectively . Single lamp photography is a good way to see the changes of light and shadow or to shape the product light and shadow . A cliche , But in previous tutorials, I had a detailed introduction to the studio , For details, you can go out and turn left .

First step : Cleaning products . Alcohol with a silver cloth 、 Or ultrasonic cleaning equipment .

The second step : Choose a black background 、 Or a dark background , This can enhance the contrast of play , Texture of bone .

The third step : According to the details of the product shot , Put some props ( According to the theme )

Step four : About lighting

Lighting map

Step five : Composite depth of field .

Step six : Fix the picture 、 Color correction 、 Design .

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