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About composition , Actually, I want to sort out for a long time .

Just started to touch SLR , Curious about everything , Click anywhere you go . I read a lot about composition , But I forget when I use it all the time , I read several books a few times ago to figure out the doorway .

American photographer L. Little yagosh thinks :“ Composition is made from the eyes of the photographer's mind .” Composition comes from life , There are no fixed standards , Just like it yourself .

This series of articles , There were two before .

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《 Photography composition 》 I mean, composition :“ Composition is a process of thinking , To find order from the chaos of the natural being .”

Composition should not be just an angle 、 skill , It should be part of the picture , such as : shape 、 line 、 Light and shade 、 Texture 、 Stereoscopic feeling, etc .

These visual elements make up the picture , Finally, it is using composition to present .

Photography is closely related to mathematics , Especially geometric aesthetics . In the last century 20 s , Geometric elements are gradually used in decorative art , Designers combine seemingly unrelated color blocks with graphics , It has formed a geometric art work with great visual impact .

Such as these :

To create a law by geometric characteristics 、 Exaggeration 、 Abstract scenes , Most of these photos can't be wrong .

We all know that plane geometry is made up of “ spot 、 Line ” form , Photography is also a two-dimensional art , They have something in common , There are also many points and lines used in photography .

If the distance is far enough , We can think of people as dots , And then we're going to compose the scene . Of course , Point can be something else : animal 、 Bird 、 Glass etc. .

Such as these :

And then there's the line , The reflection we often see 、 Sunrise these are typical cases .

This is a typical combination of dots and lines .

There is no standard answer to the use of lines , but Make sure there's only... In a picture 1~2 line It can't be wrong .

Except for dots and lines ,《 Photography composition 》 The second chapter talks about the knowledge and application of shapes , And different light and shadow features .

For example, now it's a circle , It's just a shape .

We can add some wireframes . In this way, the contents contained in the border form a picture , The content in the picture is called graph .

Put the graphics in different places , The overall feeling has changed a lot , We can also see the importance of background space .

We can also change the size of the graph , To get more forms .

Know the composition of the pattern , So that we can have traces to follow in the process of shooting , Don't be too creative .

Knowing this is the most basic picture knowledge , I recommend you to read it 《 Photography composition 》 This book .

Then there are some common ways of composition .

Trisection is actually a simplified version of the golden section , It works well on mobile phones . If you're interested in the story behind it , You can go to Baidu 、 Know how to have a look , Here is just a brief introduction to the skills .****

Turn on the square on your phone .

The purpose of trisection is to avoid the monotony caused by symmetrical composition , There are two most commonly used methods .

1、 The first one is : On 1/3 And 2/3

Divide the picture into two parts 1/3 And 2/3 Two parts , And then shoot .

Of course, we can also divide it into 2/3、 Next 1/3, These are not absolute .

2、 The second kind : Left 1/3 And right 2/3

Similarly, there is no absolute standard between left and right , You can decide for yourself .

We can also place objects at the intersection of the nine squares .

Framework is actually to create a future , It's often the window 、 Door, etc , Make the subject more prominent .

The common elements that can form a framework are : shadow 、 The window 、 door 、 Arch Bridge 、 Arcades, these , Just choose the angle .

Openness is actually a relatively closed concept , Closed composition often places the elements in the center , The whole is relatively complete , There won't be half a face .

But the open composition is only partial , The rest needs us to think about , There is room for thinking .

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