Flowers in the rain

2020-11-17 21:13:11  作者:Photographic notes

Where there is soil , Where there is sunshine 、 Rain and dew , Where there are flowers . Do you want to look far away ? In the end you'll come back , Because the best is here , Be with you .

——— Let me write it out front

Summer rain always comes suddenly , It's fast , Bring a moment of freshness , Leave a little bit of beauty . Flowers in the rain , Beauty makes another world .

Plumeria rubra

Red Plumeria , When the Yellow Plumeria have withered , Just started to bloom , Warm red , Like a bride in her wedding dress for the first time , Showing the joy of becoming a wife ! Raindrops embellished her , It's crystal clear and priceless jewelry !


Stick your head out , Hibiscus on the road , Swaying in the wind and rain , Take pictures of her beauty , It's not easy . She's more like a chivalrous woman , In the wind and rain only show joy !


This yellow Datura is not yet fully open , It's a little low under the rain , Like a girl bending down to hide her face from the rain , Like a strong young man who can resist the wind and rain !

triangle plum

At this time, the triangle plum blossom is very few , Such a large cluster is very rare , I met , It's also fate , This is the first flower I came to know in this city , Like a friend I've known for a long time , Every time I see , They feel kind .

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It seems that ordinary purple flowers , Her stem is not high , Let a person look down to see her gentle , Like a childhood playmate , Waiting for you to play at home , At this time she was carrying a big raindrop , More playful and lovely !

Purple cluster

I've already named the flowers , Because I feel like she's a wild flower without a name . Little , One by one they cluster together , Open in a green grass leaf , Weak with a strong life 、 optimistic , Like a child endowed with aura , You can't help noticing him !

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