Life on the cliff: a picture and a poem

2020-11-17 21:13:07  作者:Photographic notes

One is bright and two are in bud

I don't know where to go , Where is the future , I keep walking , But not lose a moment of beauty .

Illusory pictures , A warm embrace

Cold rock , Warm green , Iron and bone are the same .

The conciliator

The new green among the boulders , It's Jushi's best reconciliation .

The best match

Don't talk , Passion blooms !

Alone in the forest

You are green and green , Make a noise , In your way , Talking about luxuriance .

The hills

Zoom in , You are the hills , Zoom in , You are moss .

Bees come to see you

You have no flowers , You're fruitless , Here comes the bee , What do you serve , Your most passionate way , With my own leaves , Let the bee stop and rest .

Take care of your own grace

Regardless of the cliff , Take care of your own grace .

Who's wet whose bed

Little moss , You wet your bed , Or the rock moistens itself , Nourish you .

Undead grass

I don't want to be as immortal as you are , But I want to be as bright as you .

Take another look at you

Take another look at you , Look at your texture , Look at your graceful demeanor .

I'm proud of myself

You are young , But you are proud of your greatness .


I look at you from a distance , I see you stink !

Open it up when you're here

I'm ready for everything , Wait for you , I will be waiting for you. .

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