[PS chapter] Photoshop photo post processing to bring out fresh literary and artistic colors

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Everyone has a different understanding of fresh literature and art , Who has a good view of whose beauty ? Who felt the sadness of who ? Literature and art are unchangeable beliefs , It is to put a passion and love in one's heart forever , The group that saw the big blue 《 Travel around the island 》 Many fans will love , Beautiful pictures and fresh colors , Let's share the shooting techniques and post production methods of Moby blue with examples !

Let's talk about early shooting

If you want to make the girl fresh and natural , First of all, we need to observe her usual expression 、 Action and language , When shooting, capture these characteristics of her in the picture , It's going to be a great picture . If you let the model stand in front of the camera , There's no movement or expression , That's obviously boring . For portrait photography , Not only to be beautiful 、 literature 、 natural , What's more important is to take pictures vividly , It's a smart shot , Rich in the inherent temperament of a model .

About the shooting experience sharing

  1. The light : Backlight photography is a means of photography with light , In a broad sense, backlight should include full backlight and side backlight . Its basic characteristics are : From the light position , All backlight is to the camera , The light from the back of the model , Also known as “ Backlight ”; The side backlight is from the left of the camera 、 Right 135° The light from the back of the model , The glossy side of the model 1/3, The backlight covers 2/3.
  2. Tonic light : If you don't need artificial lighting , General backlight shooting method , The photo uses spot metering , So there are still some details on the face of the portrait , More emphasis on natural light effect .
  3. metering : Most of the cameras will preset all the viewfinder images as the basis for light measurement , Because of the adverse light environment , The light behind the portrait is relatively strong , After averaging , The camera will think that the shadow on the front of the portrait is normal , This is also called backlight environment , The reason why you'll get a big black face .
  4. Exposure : We can use exposure compensation , To deal with backlight shooting , That is to increase the exposure to make the face brighter , But this way , It will enhance the brightness of the whole picture , So not only is the face brighter , The background will brighten as well , Don't lose all the details of the background .

About the later method steps

Let's start learning :

1、 This is actually a relatively basic later green color matching tutorial ,CMYK The color recognition of color pattern is lower than SRGB, It is conducive to the color control of monochrome screen , Of course, later habits vary from person to person , It's just my personal habit , For reference only .

2、 Adjust gradually 【 Color balance 】

3、 adjustment 【 Color balance 】, Adjust the screen to Turquoise , Tweak again and again , Because each picture is different , Adjust to the color you feel best

4、 Three times 【 Color balance 】 You can refer to

5、 Optional color selection , choice 【 Neutral color 】

6、 Next is 【 curve 】, choice 【 Images 】、【 adjustment 】 menu , Shortcut keys are ctrl+M

7、 Choose a color , Optional color options , choice 【 green 】

8、 Adjust the color , still 【 Color balance 】 Options , Adjustment value -16、-25、-21

9、 Continue to adjust 【 curve 】

10、 Finally, adjust 【 Color scale 】 Shortcut key Ctrl+L

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