autumn wind

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autumn wind

north wind 、 The south wind 、 dongfeng 、 West wind, etc , I feel that no matter what the wind , It's not as good as the cool autumn wind .

The autumn wind makes the blue sky more open and lofty , The air is fresher and more pleasant .

The autumn wind blows away the heat and humidity for people , It brings comfort to people .

Autumn wind ripens the season , Yellow fields , The fragrance of the orchard , The garden is green again , The colors are blown away .

The autumn wind runs to the field where the harvest is in sight , The golden rice ears are heavy , The stout sorghum blushed with a smile , Yellow corn in a ball , The white cotton music is blooming , In the sun , With the autumn wind pods “ Crack ” It exploded with a blast .

Autumn wind comes to the fragrant orchard , Peach 、 Apple blushed with shame , Red pomegranate “ ha-ha ” Grin , Red lanterns are hung on persimmon trees , purple 、 The green grapes are all over the shelf , The crisp, sweet and delicious jujube is very appetizing .

Autumn wind blows to the rich and varied vegetable garden , Long loofah 、 On the bean rack , One by one wax gourd 、 Beigua crawls all over the ground , The green rape is in the basket , chili 、 cucumber 、 eggplant , The grocer is busy buying that .

The autumn wind ran under the tree , Shouting : The leaves come down and play with me . Wutong leaves 、 Paulownia leaves are very obedient , Take the lead to play with autumn wind , Poplar 、 The locust tree and the unknown leaves then floated down , Ginkgo leaves turn yellow and fall again , Only maple leaves and autumn wind say : I'll play with you in a few days .

The beauty of autumn intoxicates the autumn wind , The colorful autumn wind is intoxicating again .

In this beautiful autumn ,

May the autumn wind not be dry , Years static good ,

May the autumn wind be cool , Time is not old ,

May my heart not be old , Always in good health !

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