The grass is green in color

2020-11-17 21:13:01  作者:Mobile phone photography

On the traveler's list , The prairie must be a must . I've seen the waves , Through the precipices , Over the yellow sand all over the sky , Will yearn for a blue river , The grassland is bound to leave a unique figure in the camera .

Morzigler River

Remember when I first entered the grassland , Green onions and blue colors everywhere , You can use it as a screen saver for your computer . The scenery that used to be seen only on the electronic screen came into my eyes , I can't help but sigh .

The green grassland sometimes has colorful colors , It's a little flower with no name , Scattered all over the place , Or the rape flowers growing everywhere , It's all over the field .

A bunch of flowers

Rape flowers everywhere

The sky of grassland is blue and clean , Long white clouds drift by in the wind , Standing under the dome , I just feel broad-minded , The chaos is scattered .

Under the blue sky , Above blue , The white yurts stand out . They are arranged in order , Standing there quietly , Form a unique landscape .

On the way , You can always see cattle and sheep walking slowly by the road , Pace and chew the grass , As if time slows down .

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