My tea drinking in Hangzhou

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Autumn comes quietly , Sensitive people , In the heat of the day , The sound of autumn has been heard . Cicadas are no longer noisy , The sound of crickets is gradually weak , It's autumn .

In autumn , I miss the osmanthus in the south of the Yangtze River , Except for osmanthus , And delicious chicken head rice and lingering autumn rain , I hope I can travel to the south of the Yangtze River . Jiangnan people like to protect their eyes , Cherish their green waters and green mountains .

that , Let's go for a walk in the bamboo forest in the south of the Yangtze River , The name of bamboo forest is yunqizhujing .

Yunqi ancient temple : Old trees Ancient pavilion The old way

The king of Wuyue in AD 967 Yunqi ancient temple was built here in 1949 , The temple is away from the West Lake 12 km , Deep in the bamboo forest, there are temples to hear the sound of bells and chimes , Initial name “ Cloud Qifan path ”, After the founding of the people's Republic of China, it was changed to yunqizhu path .

There are three ancient temples , It shows the prosperity of the past .

There are three Liquidambar trees over 1000 years old , Three people can hold the trunk together , Tree height 34 rice .

This tree has become fine , This is my wish tree . I believe this tree has aura .

Buddha said , Looking back 500 times in the past life , In exchange for a passing in this life . Tree , You've been waiting for a thousand years , No sorrow 、 No joy , Did you wait for me !

There is heart washing 、 Get together 、 Huilong 、 Pleasure 、 Huangzhu 、 Waiting for the pavilion in the rain .

I like Xixin Pavilion most . The pavilion is not far from the entrance . There is a pool by the pavilion , yue , Heart washing pool .

Someone is taking pictures of the ancient style by the pavilion , Women in Jin Dynasty clothes splashed water by the water . People in Jin Dynasty were all elegant in clothes , Playing the piano in the bamboo forest 、 singing 、 Drink a bar .

I also like to go back to the Dragon Pavilion , The pavilion is on the hillside . The white box on the wall can give you the illusion , I think I put myself in the frame .

In Huilong Pavilion . I met a mother and daughter , My daughter is here on business , By the way, take my mother to travel . We take pictures of each other , The daughter said ,“ You do a heart to heart movement , Do it ?” Look at my clumsy look , She started teaching with her hands . But my body is not in harmony , She was angry at the strange way ,“ You're the ugliest man I've ever seen ”. The mother said ,“ Keep your back up ”,“ You're straight ”,“ Pull it out ”, Hear her northeast accent say “ Pull it out ”, I'm not so happy . You can see in the picture , My back is really “ pretty ” very “ pull ”, Thanks to the mother's constant nagging . Nagging is a kind of love .

This mother , When I'm old, I still pay attention to my posture . I asked her why her back was so straight , She replied , I'm a singer and dancer , I'm retired . She saw her painted nail polish , assume , Next time I'll give it to my old mother .

I also like Huangzhu Pavilion , The pavilion is on the top of the mountain . Remember last year today , The family took their children to the top of the mountain , The child is looking at the stone in the corner of Huangzhu Pavilion 、 Look at the ants . In my memory, there is a very large open space beside the pavilion , Now it's just a tiny corner . last year , I look here with the eyes of a two-year-old , This year, , I look here with the eyes of a three-year-old . last year , We spent the summer in the pavilion , This year, , Children spend their summer holidays with their grandparents .

The green stone slab in the center of bamboo path is separated from the pebbles on both sides with black bricks , At that time, the central government was the imperial road , For Kangxi , Qianlong walked .

Master Lianchi lived here in the Ming Dynasty , Kangxi and Qianlong visited here many times in Qing Dynasty , These become the past as time goes by .

I walk on the ancient bamboo road , The mountain breeze is incomparably gentle , It's so cool , It's totally different from the heat of the world , There's a sense of time and space .

Take a walk , I'm sweating , Sweating in summer is a great pleasure . What's more, all the way green bamboo 、 narrow path 、 Qingxi 、 Birdsong 、 Pavilions, ……

Meet the mountain bamboo

Friends go to Taiwan , Bring me a box of Tieguanyin from Shanlin river . Shanlin River , In the mountains of Nantou County, Taiwan , More than 1000 meters above sea level . There is abundant mountain Tieguanyin , abbreviation “ High mountain tea ”.

As soon as a friend arrives in Taiwan, he is isolated for 14 days , I have to be isolated in Xiamen hotel for 14 days , The tea came and went back and forth for 28 days , It's really hard to come by .

I take the tea to the sink , On the bluestone board of the heart washing pool , Set up the tea table , Just looking at it is refreshing .

This tea has high mountain air . What kind of breath is alpine gas ?

It's the lightness of color . The higher the altitude, the shorter the fermentation time , So the color is light . The lower the altitude , The longer the fermentation time , To remove the bitterness of tea , The darker the tan , There's no such thing “ Alpine gas ”.

It's cool , Teeth are fragrant , It's like a man in a bamboo grove, and the wind blows through your cheek , It's like a lover's lips kissing you .

The most amazing thing is , After drinking , To the fourth 、 Five cups , Almost to the end of 1l when , The sweetness is coming out . There was no sweetness at first . This moment is amazing .

What kind of sweet , It's a natural sweetness , Like the sweet Luffa , If there is, it seems not .

clean , It's not cloudy , It's good tea . The leaves are clean 、 Brown and clean 、 It tastes clean . I use Nongfu spring to make tea , Drink to your mouth 、 throat 、 Five internal organs 、 Viscera , It's all clean .

A day in the mountains , One day in the forest , Can be worth ten years of dust dream . If autumn comes , I'm not afraid of .

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