The color of autumn

2020-11-17 21:12:57  作者:Mobile phone photography

The autumn wind is blowing , Autumn is endless , The golden leaves hanging all over the branches flutter in the wind , Not all falls are frustrations .

On the road

conversely , Today they are , On the earth , In the joy of people , They are devotees of ripe fruit , They are part of nourishing fruit ripening , They carry the sweet water to the fruit bit by bit , Finally, they turn around perfectly , Gorgeous to the earth put on a piece of golden clothes !

overlaid with gold

In the neighborhood , On the street , In the park , Garden Office , The color of autumn is everywhere , Red fruit , Under the bright sunlight, it looks very bright , There are beautiful fallen leaves on the clean street , On the contrary, it seems more poetic .

Red fruit

The white reed flowers have become a beautiful scenery , Under the wind , Also regardless of its fluffy hair flying , People stopped to take pictures .


The afterglow of the setting sun reflected all over the sky , The wind is cooling down , But autumn , Really very beautiful !

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