Chrysanthemum fragrance in deep lane

2020-11-17 21:12:54  作者:Mobile phone photography

   In the lonely autumn , Deep lane chrysanthemum fragrance , Time not ended , Chrysanthemum opens a courtyard , Full of fragrance , It reveals the order of prosperity and decline , And the crispness and lightness of life .

   In the golden leaves swept by the autumn of independence, it gives people a clear and clear feeling , The Zen state with broad mind and free spirit , The green plants in front of the gate turn into red leaves and purple branches .

   All eyes are full of the supreme Royal gold , Whew a whew, the breath of late autumn suddenly makes people extremely comfortable , The charming autumn scenery makes people full of hope and harvest , It can't be compared with , It is to give people a feeling of uncertainty .

   High platform overlooking , White clouds and breeze , Moon and autumn water , It will always be a beautiful scroll in front of my heart .

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