The character of trees

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I don't know how many days after the beginning of winter , On weekdays, it's rare to have a walk in the garden like today , Facing the falling trees in the garden , Suddenly I thought , People have character , Trees also have character , And like people , Each has its own nature .

Honeysuckle family

In this garden , This clump of shrubs accounts for a considerable proportion , And now it seems , It's beautiful from beginning to end . Small white flowers come out in spring , Pistil , Two in one , I remember that I used to take photos and check it online , yue : honeysuckle . Honeysuckle is a famous medicinal material , I picked a bunch of , Come back and make tea with flowers , It's no exaggeration to say , The most delicate fragrance , Better than all the scented tea I've tasted in my life , It's really interesting, rhymed and interesting , For this reason, I collected it greedily several times , It's a pity that it's damp and tastes bad when it's drying . however , Friends say , This is not honeysuckle , Honeysuckle is much bigger than this , Later I saw honeysuckle elsewhere , It's different .

But anyway , See it , I remember the good mood of picking tea at that time . What's more, now it's so bright and moving and different .

Frozen purple

This one looks like a human face , Can't stand the cold wind , His face turned purple eggplant , But still strong in the branches, not willing to admit defeat .

Fossil trees

This is a tall tree , There is no green in the whole body , However, the leaves on the crown are still as thick as before , I don't know whether it's really dead or the dead leaves haven't fallen , It's like a fossil in an instant .

What is it?


Have you seen this kind of scene ? This is my first time . This is probably the legendary turpentine ? It should have been pruned by the gardener , Many of the broken branches are long and short hanging this semi-solid transparent material . Touch with your fingertips , There are sticky filaments drawn very long , Smell the fragrance , A word that is not unfamiliar suddenly jumps out ~ rosin ! It used to be just a word , Now it's a real taste .

Camouflage tung trees

Tung trees are generous , The leaves fall on the road and soon spread everywhere , But there's a lot more in the crown , I'm thinking that the fabric of camouflage clothes is probably based on the tung trees of this season ? Yellow and green are everywhere , It's like a clock , It's about the four seasons .


So dazzling yellow , It's moving anyway , And it , Growing up where I can see it every day , It's been a long time , This piece of bright gold is becoming perfect and brilliant day by day .

The fruit that can't be broken

At first I thought it was figs , But figs are out of season , A piece of color in the fruit , It's not surprising ? I couldn't help but pick one to find out , It took a lot of effort to get it off , White juice came from the root , Break the fruit and look inside , But it can't be broken , In the end, it didn't open , This cluster of green fruits left me a deep mystery .

The leaves of fate

Such a mess is the way to do in Rome , Let it be and don't fight , Even if the leaves fall, but also droop head, ready to return to the roots at any time , This should be regarded as a kind of calm .

No one cares about the fruits

These little fruits grow all over the tree , But no one picked it , Have a taste of , Sour, sweet and astringent , The taste is very rich , From their fruits, you can see how colorful the spring flowers should be .

Rose Garden

Why does it bloom late

In flowers , The rose is not precious at all , But she is my favorite , It's because her character is so noble , Spring is the first to bring fragrance , It's still blooming now , Her life spanned a long four seasons , This is any kind of flowers and trees incomparable tenacity and perseverance .

From here , I am today , I've made a great precept that I haven't done for many years ~ A twig . Fortunately, it's time for pruning , So there's less guilt , Because I love you so much . In the cold wind, I walk with a pink flower in my hand , I wish someone would come up and take a picture for me , For a flower , Also for the flower holder .

The moment you write these words , This flower is on my desk , Drunk, it says .

Even if it's drunk and it says , I haven't forgotten many trees , I said hello to them, even if I knew each other , Their personalities are highlighted in this season , It's good to fight , Let's go with it , I think each has made the best choice , It's like the first time you're on the stage , The curtain call in winter has its own urgency and slowness , And we are just passers-by in their eyes , Stop, linger and ignore , It's all common .

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