Hangzhou West Lake

2020-11-17 21:12:51  作者:Mobile phone photography

I've heard of the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou , The scenery of Hangzhou is known as a paradise on earth . It's true that seeing is better than hearing , The West Lake in Hangzhou , I was fascinated by the beautiful scenery , Heaven on earth deserves its name .

The lake is clear and clear , The small fish of brocade color are playing in the water, chasing and having fun , A graceful posture , And blowing bubbles one by one , There are ripples on the calm lake . Willows by the lake , The young leaves are swaying in the wind , Like a graceful girl, she sprinkles her thick hair on the lake , Bathing and dressing on the lake . Not far away from the water lily let me is a bright , Some of them are ready to open , Some of the stamens are golden in the pink surrounding , Under the green lotus leaves , Show all the splendor , The beautiful scenery makes people like .

There is also an island in the middle of the lake , There are green trees and beautiful flowers , Each has its own charm . There are red ones 、 Yellow 、 purple 、 Green and green set off . Look at this island , Like flowers gathered together after careful decoration , Big colorful balls . The sky is blue , And the beautiful island constitute a beautiful picture .

The strong sunlight refracts on the lake , The water on the whole lake is green , Reflecting the golden light , It's like countless gold and silver threads connecting the lake in the sky . Walking in the enchanting white and Su Causeway of the West Lake , Looking at the lake , The West Lake is like a beautiful West Lake , Little Dabbling , Reflecting her charming and affectionate smile . The lake is sparkling , Tourists in the canoe , They have different looks and charm , This beautiful scenery is very beautiful .

It is said that the West Lake is better than the West Lake at night , We should enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West Lake at night . When the sun sets, the green water is stained with red clouds , The beautiful face of the West Lake is gradually covered by the dusk , The night lake is covered with a mysterious black veil , The silence of the West Lake, the beauty of thousands of kinds of scenery .

On the shore of the lake, the lights were shining brightly , Colorful lighting forms a colorful halo , The scenery by the lake is more splendid . The tourists on the Bank of the lake are like a leisurely walk , Talking about Feng Sheng smile, happy face . A wisp of cool wind is blowing with a faint fragrance , It makes me happy , Add infinite vitality to life . A wonderful feeling makes me praise the scenery of nature . A voice from the bottom of my heart , The West Lake is so beautiful that it deserves to be a paradise on earth .

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