Park in winter

2020-11-17 21:08:49  作者:Photography community

It was winter yesterday , Looking forward to the first winter rain , It took only a few minutes and there was no sound , It was as if God had sneezed innocently .

Early in the morning , The small park nearby is sparsely populated , It's very quiet . Many years ago , We fall in love , Always hanging around here .

At that time , Always holding hands , Browse through the garden , play . Tired of walking , He sat on the armchair in the pavilion , Smell the flowers , Listen to the birds sing , Gossips are common . Winter afternoons , The sun is warm , Occasionally I would lie on a bench and close my eyes , And you just sit by and watch , Give me a sense of security .

Now , Revisit your hometown , The pavilions in the small park have been painted again , Pavilions, 、 Green leaves on the top of the tiles , Yellow flowers are brilliant . The old banyan trees in front of the pavilion are even bigger , with twisted roots and gnarled branches , The branches and leaves are luxuriant .

The water in the center of the garden is green without waves , Flat as a mirror , It is clear that many small fish swim freely . The surrounding woods are lush .

Some of the newly planted small trees have dense green leaves , Full of vitality . A warm sign by the tree :“ Life is long , Be merciful .”

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