Koelreuteria Paniculata

2020-11-17 21:08:46  作者:Photography community

The early winter in Southern Fujian is still warm . Many trees on the bank are thick with branches and leaves , a wild profusion of vegetation .

One of the most special is Koelreuteria . Their main pole is upright , The bark is thick , Grayish brown to grayish black . Broad ovate to ovate lanceolate leaves clustered on twigs , Flattening , Once 、 Second time , Occasionally pinnate compound leaves , Some terminal leaflets are connate with the uppermost pair of leaflets below the middle , Sessile or with very short stalks , Apical short pointed or short acuminate , Base obtuse to nearly truncate , The edges have irregular, blunt serrations , The teeth are pointed , The new leaves are green , The old leaves are dark green .

Cymose panicles open at the top , Densely puberulent , The branches are long and wide , The cymes on the last branch have small flowers 3-6 Duo , Dense in the shape of a head ; Bracts narrowly lanceolate , It's covered with a little rough hair ; Calyx lobes ovate , In the form of erosion ;4 Petals fold outward , Linear oblong , To be pubescent , The scales at the base of the petal are yellow at birth , It blooms orange red , The jagged chasm ; Pistil 8 gold , The lower part of the filament is densely white ; The dish is skewed , There are round blunt lobules .

Sunshine , Koelreuteria stands in rows , with luxuriant foliage , The top is full of flowers , It's gorgeous . I was fascinated by the unique and beautiful trees , I can't move my feet .

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