Weeping willow

2020-11-17 21:08:44  作者:Photography community

Early winter afternoon , Come to the Bank of the stream , I met the scene of spring : The sun is shining , Clear water 、 Flat as a mirror , A few weeping willows are full of green !

The weeping willow's canopy spread and dispersed . The grayish black bark is irregularly fissured ; The light brown and yellow twigs droop , The buds are linear , The beginning is sharp . Leaves narrowly lanceolate or linear lanceolate , The apex is long and tapered , Base wedge , It's green , The color below is lighter , Serrated edge ; Petioles pubescent ; Stipules only on germinating branches , Obliquely lanceolate or ovate , There are teeth on the edge . In the sunshine , The leaves are bright green and eye-catching .

Walking into the green willow forest , Enjoy the lush foliage , Willows dance slowly with the wind , Soft as boneless , The body is light , Feast for the eyes ! A faint fragrance , It's very comfortable to smell .

Reach out and touch the willow leaves , Fiddling with willows , He Zhizhang, a poet of Tang Dynasty, can't help reciting Of 《 Chanting willows / Liu Zhi Ci 》:“ Make up a tree with Jasper , Ten thousand green silk ribbons . I don't know who cut the thin leaves , Spring breeze in February is like scissors .” It's very timely .

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