King coconut

2020-11-17 21:08:40  作者:Photography community

King coconut : One by one , Tall and straight , Standing on the grass on the Bank of the stream , As loyal as a border guard , It's awe inspiring !

Their trunks are solitary , cylindrical shape , the height is 10—20 rice , The top of the trunk is green near the branches and leaves , The rest is light grey . There are regular annular sheath marks on the surface , When young, the base is obviously enlarged , When old, the middle part expands ; The bottom is covered with a layer of white protective paint .

The branches and leaves are evergreen all the year round , Gathered on the top of the stem , Pinnatifid , Lobes oblanceolate , End tapered or 2 crack , The arrangement is not in one plane . The leaf sheath is green , A smooth surface , Up to 3 rice . Spiral on the top of the trunk , Form a sort of messy canopy .

Look up , Under the blue sky and white clouds , The branches and leaves of several King coconut trees stretch out 、 drooping , Together , whisper ; There are gusts of wind , The leaves shake , Make a noise , as if “ Laughter and laughter ” constantly ……

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