New Dragon Lake in October

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In order to get to the lake in time , Get up after six , Ready to go .

Ask the innkeeper about the road condition before leaving , Because there are two ways to navigate , One is the national road , One is the county road .

The national road is far away , How long it takes , I'm a little moved. I want to take the county road . But the boss suggested that we take the national highway , He said you want to , There is a long way to go , Long time , Why do most people take the national road , The road must be much better .

The national highway passes through gaoersishan tunnel , Turn to Xinlong near Litang . And lake tsoka is on the way to Xinlong county .

Early in the morning , I haven't entered Xinduqiao town yet , I was attracted by the picturesque scenery on the road , Not stopping to take pictures .

Beautiful scenery covered with clouds and fog , It's not just us who love photography , It also attracted a large group of tourists to take photos . For a while , It's already causing traffic jams , We can't stay long , Drive and move on .

This time, I'm going to visit Gaoersi mountain again , A few years ago , The tunnel hasn't been built yet , We need to climb over the top of the mountain . The roads are rotten and there are many trucks , Hard driving , Now I think it's still fresh in my memory , It's very dangerous . Now you don't have to work so hard anymore , Take the tunnel , Very safe through the gorsi mountain .

The transportation is convenient , But the scenery is gone . As the saying goes : Infinite scenery in dangerous peak .

Once again, we come to the eighteen bends of the heavenly road , There are several more punch points .

We punch in two places selectively , The picture shows the new clock in point , The sightseeing platform is very flat , Convenient for tourists to take photos . The question of perspective , Can't get a panorama , Using drones , A nice panorama .

The second clock in point at the 18th bend of Tianlu road , It's also the oldest clock in point .

There is also a new sightseeing trail here , It's just the same as before , There's no more to see .

Not only has the tourist trail been added here , There are also a lot of stalls and such a big stone to introduce the scenery here , It feels like a mess , Lost the past quiet .

Nimagon mountain , I have passed by before , But there are no scenic spots , And there's no sales pitch , With the rise of Tourism , More and more stalls are set up .

ad locum , I'm busy taking pictures , Sister Luo has a new acquaintance , It's said to be a doctor helping Tibet . He introduced us to , He had cataract surgery in a small village down the mountain . Let's listen to him about the Tibetan area “ Fleckedflesh Polypore ”, It's a better medicine than Cordyceps .

It happens that this stall is on sale , He took us to bargain , from 22 Yuan said that 12 Yuan per gram . The shop owner also said that they could help us to make powder for free .

Sister Luo bought a lot of them with him , I didn't plan to buy , Later I read the introduction , Say it can fight cancer , It can lower blood sugar , It can protect the liver . These features are all I need , I also bought a little .

When the man leaves , We found that the price was very high , Thousands of Yuan went in . But it's not powdered yet , It can't be returned . It seems that we have been deceived , Here's a reminder , When you travel, you must pay attention to .

We are long-term travelers , I don't usually buy these things , This time, I didn't feel at all , I bought a lot of . But then I searched the Internet for information , It still has a little effect , I can only comfort myself , As if not deceived , As good for your health .

I usually meet this kind of cheating , I'll struggle for a long time , It's also depressing , But somehow this time , There was no reaction , Buy it and buy it . All the way, sister Luo kept talking about , I kept comforting her . Whether you're fooled or not , The money has been given out , People have to get angry again , It's not cost-effective . Just as “ Give up your money to avoid disaster ” Well .

It was a very pleasant journey , Because of the things ahead , Sister Luo has been unhappy , But it's time to shoot , It's time to play , We are still different .

Karla mountain turned out to be a very busy place , Now, except for the stone tablet standing here and the prayer flags at the foot of the mountain , Everything else was taken down , Everyone is to make a card at this stone tablet , Prove that you've been here .

Not yet in Litang , We turned to Xinlong county .

Around the corner , The scenery in front of me changed suddenly , No more mountains , It's the valley .

Not far ahead , The crooked Valley , Lots of cattle and sheep , You can't see the end .

Like us , Visitors to Xinlong , Sudden speech : There may be more than 10000 cattle and sheep here , How much is it !

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