Chengdu (day 3): Wuhou Temple -- Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base -- Jinli

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The first part of the article

Chengdu travel series was written in 2019 year 5 month , It is published on the official account , The first time I came to Jianshu , The travel notes are sorted out , At the end of each article, the related strategies are attached for reference .

Temple of marquis —— Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding —— In the jin

Today's original plan is Du Fu thatched cottage —— Width alley —— Temple of marquis —— In the jin , But because of the worry that half a day in the morning of the fifth day will not be enough to visit the giant panda breeding base , I moved it to this afternoon , Du Fu thatched cottage was moved to the fifth day .

One · Where can I find the prime minister's ancestral hall —— Temple of marquis ( Zhaolie Temple of Han Dynasty )

Take a taxi to Wuhou Temple , The temple of marquis Wu at 9:30 is already crowded , May Day holiday officially opened . Although it has not yet been completed, Du Fu thatched cottage , But what Du Fu did “ Where can I find the prime minister's ancestral hall , Bossen outside the city of Jinguan ” It's really familiar .

Go to the main gate of Wuhou Temple , Look up and see , turn out to be “ Zhaolie Temple of Han Dynasty ” Four big characters . Although I don't know much about the history of the Three Kingdoms , But know “ Zhaolie “ It's Liu Bei's posthumous title , I didn't do my homework well before I came here , It turns out that the temple of marquis Wu is actually a temple where the monarch and his ministers are combined . In the northern and Southern Dynasties, the temple of marquis Wu moved into zhaolie temple , The temple of marquis Wu in the early Ming Dynasty 、 Zhaolie temple 、 Huiling merged , What we see now is rebuilt in the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty .

“ Zhaolie Temple of Han Dynasty ” Plaque

It was supposed to be the king's temple , But they call it the ancestral hall of ministers , It can be seen that Zhuge Liang plays an important role in the hearts of the people of all dynasties . The stone tablets after entering the gate are also related to Zhuge Liang , Especially with “ Three unique steles “ The most famous .

Three unique steles

In the middle of zhaolie temple, there is a gold statue of Liu Bei , Look solemn 、 Solemn and respectful . There is a statue of his grandson Liu Chen on the side . There must be no Liu chan , Because Shu died in his hands , It's not worthy to be worshipped here . To the East is “ one 's high morality reaching up to the clouds ” Guan Yu and his son and Zhou Cang , On the west side is “ Sincere through the Jinshi ” Three generations of Zhang Fei's ancestors and grandchildren . On both sides of the East and the West there are military generals , Pang Tong will be led by , The general is headed by Zhao Yun . On the other side of the stone wall, there is Yue Fei's handwriting 《 Memorial on Sending Out the Troops 》 Stone Carving , It can be seen that Yue Fei respected and worshipped Marquis Wu .

“ Come on, teacher ” Stone Carving

If you go further, you will be the temple of marquis Wu , The foundation 、 The architecture is obviously lower than that of zhaolie temple , It is to show the superior and inferior position of the monarch and his subjects . After that, there is “ Temple of marquis ” The hall of the plaque , He arrived at Zhuge Liang hall .

“ Temple of marquis ” Plaque

Hanging in Zhuge Liang hall “ Famous in the universe ” plaques , Written by the 17th son of Kangxi , That's what we all know 《 Zhen Huan preach 》 The king of Guojun in China . in addition , It's written in the hall “ Jingyuan Hall ”, From Zhuge Liang 《 Commandment zishu emphasize 》 in “ Non - indifferent beyond ambition , There is nothing without serenity ”. In the middle of Zhuge Liang's feather fan and silk scarf , On both sides are statues of his descendants .

The title of Guo Jun Wang “ Famous in the universe ”

Later, it was originally Sanyi temple , But it's just in time for construction and repair , No chance to visit .

Through the gurgling water 、 Green trees and red brick walls , Where he went was where Liu Bei and his two wives were buried together —— Huiling . If you don't introduce , It's hard to connect this small hill with an emperor's mausoleum . In front of the door stood the officials of the Shu Han Dynasty 、 Horse 、 Kirin stone figurines .

From left to right : kirin , Horse , I

Move on , Arrive at the exhibition hall of the Three Kingdoms culture .

Three Kingdoms culture exhibition hall stone tablet

The exhibition hall of the Three Kingdoms culture mainly adopts some physical models , With pictures and text introduction , It tells about the military affairs during the Three Kingdoms period 、 Politics 、 Folk customs and other cultures , If you have time to be interested, you can take a closer look , Make a rough understanding of the history of the Three Kingdoms .

Soldiers fight for the country

The most famous terracotta figurines

The pottery figurines of the guard of honor on display , The background is red cliff

Sichuan Opera costume : Guan yu ( Left ), Liu bei ( Right )

After visiting the exhibition hall of the Three Kingdoms culture , I went back to zhaolie temple to watch the stone tablets and calligraphy again . If not in a hurry , I'd like to listen carefully to the explanation of the electronic guide here . Speaking of tour guides , It was the first time that I saw the form of a small commentator in Wuhou Temple . There are many children in primary school as tour guides , Take the tourists all the way to visit and explain , Or recite or describe in your own language , No stage fright , Let the language expression ability is extremely poor I envy . We can have a deep understanding of history , It can also exercise the ability of language expression and the state of generosity and propriety in public places , this “ Little announcer ” It should benefit children a lot . After listening to the children's introduction “ Three unique steles ”, This is the end of the journey of Wuhou Temple .

Two · “ I can stand here and watch all day ”—— Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding

I had some snacks in Jinli at noon , Take the through train to Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base . Come here to see the giant panda , The entrance of the scenic spot is almost surrounded by children . We wanted to take a physical ticket as a souvenir , But because the ticket bought at the scenic spot through train only has electronic QR code , I can only leave some regrets .

Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding

The colorful Panda at the door is very popular with children , Foam snatched this photo between the pictures .

I thought we could see pups like mice , But I learned from the scene that every year 7-9 Month is the season for giant pandas to give birth , So I can only say it's a great pity .

The panda base is much bigger than I thought , After entering the garden, you can go up all the way , You'll see signs that give you two routes . One goes through the sun delivery room 、 Baby panda villa 、 Adult giant panda villa, etc , The other goes through the moon delivery room 、 Panda villa one 、 Panda villa No.2, etc . You don't have to follow the route , Or see where you want to see . Except for the giant panda , There are also several panda activity areas , And Swan Lake with peacocks and black swans .

We visited the sun delivery room first . There are a lot of people in the park , All scenic spots have a single circulation channel . Maybe it's because the panda spot is close to the gate , So there are a lot of people . Then we go to the moon delivery room 、 At villa one and two , There are obviously a lot less people .

When you see the first panda , Mo Mo said :“ I can stand here and watch all day .”

We saw the first panda come out with our own eyes , Sit with your back against the tree , Start eating bamboo in the basket .

“ delicious !”

So I watched quietly 30 minute , I have been praying that the bamboo in his hand is the last one , When it's full, it turns its head in a friendly way and smiles at us . result , After eating bamboo , It's gone without looking back .

“ bye !”

Fortunately, , We came across it again , Yingying . It is said in the introduction that it was born in 2008 year , It is “ welcome to beijing ” The one in the welcome . At first glance, it is the giant panda that has seen the world , Mount Tai collapsed in front of him without changing his face , There's no tension in eating in front of so many tourists , Gnawing at bamboo makes the wind and water rise .

Eating bamboo “ Yingying ”

Of course , I also saw the strange sleeping posture of the giant panda .

Sleep on your stomach

Sleep on your side

And all kinds of emptiness of their own thinking life .

“ What do you think ?”

We took a lot of pictures of giant pandas , If time is right , We can take pictures here all day .

Except for the giant panda , We also went to see the panda . The little panda is smaller , Most of them sleep on tall tree trunks . I only saw one who didn't have stage fright , Left precious photos .

Lovely little panda

An afternoon is really not enough , Giant pandas are really like Tuanzi , Soft, cute and simple . Mo Mo may want to be a panda keeper here , Play with these three pandas .

Mother panda plays with her children

About half past five , We're bringing giant panda Dolls , Left the base .

3、 ... and · Eating is better than swimming —— In the jin

Back in Jinli , It has been raining moderately . In the originally crowded Jinli Street , All kinds of umbrellas are in full bloom , sashays . We moved slowly along with the crowd , I visited a few small shops , In less than half an hour , It's already around the stele Pavilion , Out of Jinli .

Because of time and weather , Our trip to Jinli , Eating is better than swimming .

During the day “ In the jin ”

I arrived in the morning without breakfast , After taking a bite of Sangu snack at Jinli entrance , Then go to Wuhou Temple .

From left to right : Ice powder , Chengdu noodles , Hand copying

In the afternoon from the temple of marquis Wu , I went to Jiupin street in Jinli to buy some snacks to fill my stomach .

Left : Spicy hoof flowers Right : Spicy rabbit legs

Hand tearing roast rabbit


Lotus leaf beef

I wanted to enjoy the night scenery of Jinli in the evening , But God is not beautiful , The trip to Jinli can only be hastily ended .

At night “ In the jin ”

Zhang Fei beef