Basha tribe with guns

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Because of the attraction of the Miao village , We set our next target at the thousand family Dong village , According to the sources , Sanbao Qianhu Dong village is located in Rongjiang county , Located in " Thirty miles of Pingchuan , Twenty thousand mu of good farmland " On the Chejiang dam in five river valleys , It consists of more than ten Dong villages and more than 3000 families , It is the most populous area of Dong Nationality in China 、 Most intensive , Dong village group with the longest history and culture , Since ancient times " The best Dong village in the world " The laudatory name .

The road to the village is extremely flat , Look up and look at the plain , Although I am looking forward to , But I can't stand the steady road , I doze off when I feel confused , It's Rongjiang county , Follow the map through the city center , You can see the tall Sanbao Drum Tower , A closer look is an open park , There are few people in such a big square , Under the banyan trees by the river are some Dong village girls , Wearing their national costume , Wearing all kinds of silver jewelry , When you talk and laugh , The silver tassel under the brim sways , Don't have a style .

We walked down the river for a while , Looking forward to meeting some other scenery , unfortunately , Only a few ancient banyan trees have been seen . When we get back to the Drum Tower , It happened to be a local routine , Very perfunctory , But the clothes are very chic , At the instigation of her parents, the little girl who went with her , Rent a suit of Dong People's clothes , I took a few pictures reluctantly , Even if it's a tour here , It's really fun to come and lose , Gave up the plan to stay overnight , Go straight to the next stop Congjiang .

Congjiang is a county town , But the hotel doesn't serve dinner , It took me a few rounds to find two stores , The local one needs to turn over the table , It's going to take a while , So I managed to sit in the Chongqing special restaurant , I don't think the price is right , The fish in the reservoir needs 40 One catty for more , Everybody thinks it's a black shop , I have to swallow my anger , The gap between serving , Visit the shop next door , Listen to the owner and his wife , The prices here match those in Guangdong , Because there are more mountains and less land , Vegetables are planted on the roof , Everyone felt better , The food is especially refreshing .

Early in the morning , I was awakened by the high and low chicken calls , You know, we live in the center of the county , You can imagine the small town . After getting up, I found an oil tea shop , I had a bowl of original eight treasure porridge , It's also delicious . It is said that there is a kind of delicious food called sheep's shriveled soup , It's made from sheep intestines , The color of the soup is also a little green , But it's very expensive , Someone is ready to move , Fortunately, the store is closed , It's vicious just to think about it .

It's half an hour's journey , All the way to Basha , Overlooking the terraces in the Canyon , Rape flowers are flourishing . Basha Miao Village tribe is located in the south of Congjiang city 6 km , In the boundless forest at the foot of the moon , Clothing, food, housing and transportation come from the mountains, forests and river valleys , In a state of isolation for a long time , The door is not locked , Honesty prevails throughout , Grain is stored in a centralized way , It retains the unique national style of Basha , go by the name of “ The living fossil of Miao culture ”.

Because of the long hunt , Basha men don't leave their guns , And the waist knife 、 Purse is also called carry on “ Three treasures ”, A gun is a gunpowder shotgun , The barrel of the gun was filled with steel balls of gunpowder , It's the kind of shot that comes out after firing , Now, although hunting is not allowed , But this tradition has been preserved , And everyone has a license to hold a gun , So it's called “ The last armed tribe in the sun ”.

" Life does not bring a thread , Death does not take an inch of wood ." Basha people are most in line with the concept of green mountains and trees , Worship trees as gods , When everyone is born , Will plant one of his trees , And often come to take care of , Let the tree grow tall and straight , Every new year or festival, you have to come to worship , If a tree goes wrong, it is a sign of disaster , People will make coffins out of their own trees when they die , Buried under the roots of the original trees , At the same time, plant another tree , thus , The whole Basha is almost covered with forest .

Basha men all have high Miao language called " Hu cudgel " The bun , It symbolizes the trees growing on the mountain , It is said that it was handed down from the time of Chiyou's ancestor , Always shave your hair around , Middle plate “ Hu cudgel ” It's for life , Like his tree . Sickle shaving is a reserved item here , An old man was holding a bright sickle , It's a common rice harvest , Three, five, two , Scrape all around the brain .

Although they are all Miao people , The dress of Basha people has its own characteristics , Men wear blue clothes , Symbolizing the beautiful bark , When hunting, it can be integrated with the surrounding environment . Basha girl is wearing a square print skirt of Miao king , Base it in cyan , The front is embroidered with flowers, birds, insects and fish , With a silver collar 、 Silver Bracelet embellishment , The head is tied in a bun , With a red comb , Put on some headrope 、 Flower , It's extremely simple and clear , Take the road , It's like a sprite jumping between trees .

For us tourists from abroad , As a guest of the whole village , And the owner of the whole village , It looks like it's all around the guests , In essence, it's all about the daily life in the stockade , No one specifically caters to tourists' hobbies , And no one's tired of getting involved , They do what they should , We can do whatever we want , Walk all the way to see , People and no one can go to their homes , Take a look , Chat , It's just natural integration .

More than ten , It's the Lusheng Club of Basha people , All the people in the village come together , Because they worship the sun god , Men and women 、 Young and old should face the rising sun , Seven steps up the steep slope , And then the Lusheng is blown and danced , All the way up the mountain , Halfway up the mountain, a flat land called Lusheng Hall , The shooters crackled their guns , Everyone danced a happy National Dance .

There was a matchmaking show , Because there are performances all over the place , Everyone knows it , The enthusiasm for participation is not high , The last guy was pulled up , Uneasily, he held hands with the Miao girl , After drinking the bamboo wine , The two men asked for a round of money , Though few , The Basha people don't care about , When the young man is safe and secure , Everyone envied him again “ An affair ” 了 , Finally, the activity ended in the thrill of scythe shaving .

At the shooter's house at noon , Stewed a free range chicken , Full of food and drink, we rush to Jiabang terrace .