In a hurry to add terraces

2020-11-17 21:08:21  作者:travel

The car goes West from Basha , Deep into the heart of moon mountain , About 60 kilometers , I came to Jiabang Township, Congjiang County , From dangtuo village to Jiabang village , Along the way, terraces kept on , But because there is no special development , It's hard for ordinary people to find the best viewing place , When the car goes to a place called tonggupo , On the cliff outside hairpin bend , There's a lonely house , It should be a viewing platform .

Because it's not the season to watch , Plus the Spring Festival , The door is closed , Call according to the phone number left on the door , They seem to be visiting relatives , After our repeated greetings , I waited for about half an hour , A young man came late , Each person charged five yuan for the ticket , We were told to take the door when we left , And left happily .

Through the hallway of the house , The whole terrace faces a large terrace , What surprised us was , The bright paddy fields are separated by green vegetable fields , Decorated with the stilts of the Miao family , terraces 、 village 、 The house is naturally and harmoniously integrated into one , Murata has formed 、 Tanaka has a unique view of the village , This is probably only possible if you add to the list . It's a pity that heaven is not beautiful , Gloomy , Terraces are less layered , But we were still in a daze on this terrace for half an hour .

Afternoon 3 Half past six , Car to Jiabang Township , Contact is the local photography enthusiast Mr. Liang , He is also a folk promoter of terraced fields , I set up two B & B facilities , He also led many villagers , Provide a one-stop service of accommodation and travel . Mr. Liang has arranged our accommodation , He invited him to his treasure land very warmly , It's been a bumpy ride , We are still looking forward to , Follow Mr. Liang to the deeper part of the mountain , Along a footpath that's stepped out , Over a ridge , There was a sudden light in front of me , Such a big hill , Surrounded by circles of terraces , spectacular , excite people's mind , People have to admire the diligence and wisdom of the Miao people .

Terraces can be traced back to prehistoric times , Cut down the trees and fix the land , Growing crops , Or to defend against foreign invasion . as everyone knows , China's agricultural civilization originated in the Central Plains , But with the growth of population and the frequent occurrence of wars , The ethnic groups continue to expand outward , It needs to be cultivated , Because many areas are mountains and hills , The ancestors leveled the land along the hillside , Build up one layer at a time , The terraces are similar to the terraces .

China is also the earliest rice growing area in the world , The key to growing rice is water , The southeast hills and Yunnan Guizhou area are rainy and watery , The ancestors were on the edge of the terraces , Build dams to conserve water , Prevent soil erosion and nutrient loss , Formed a unique landscape , But because of the high cost of Planting , The yield of crops is low , At the same time, it destroys the original vegetation , Destroy the natural environment , As a result, most areas have been converted to forests , Or growing more valuable cash crops , Only a few areas have survived , It has become a distinctive tourism resource , Such as Hani Terrace in Yuanyang, Yunnan Province , Longji terraces in Guangsheng, Guangxi , Yunhe terrace in Lishui, Zhejiang Province .

The terraces that Mr. Liang brought here , Small and many , Broken and big , The locals call it “ Banded hillock ” and “ Frog jumps three fields ”, The smallest is the dustpan , But the whole hillside has hundreds of acres . The length of a circle of terraces , The longest can be up to two 、 Three hundred meters , The shortest is less than one meter , Each part of a terraced field with a height of several hundred meters is totally different in size and shape , There are several hills on such terraces , It's like floating water in the air , Don't have the charm , Very attractive , As you can imagine , What kind of fairyland should the best season be . Or because of the weather , We didn't wait for the sunset , Wait for the golden ladder .

Everyone went back to Mr. Liang's B & B , They all stayed in the room to have a rest , I went down the mountain by myself , The whole Jiabang village is actually on a gentle slope , Mr. Liang's B & B is better , There are basically brick buildings nearby , The more you go down, the more stilted buildings , And integrated with terraces , The lowest valley is the flattest , It's also the best plot , They are all the crops that the whole country depends on . There are few pedestrians on the road , But I came across a few cattle that ate grass and went home , Stare at me as a stranger , My heart is pounding , I think of the past when I was blocked by cattle .

The next day was bright , I just slipped out of the room alone , Come to yesterday's ground before the sun comes out , Or self cultivation is not in place , God didn't give me a sunrise 、 Morning glow and good face , When everyone's on , It's just a lot of light in the sky , But the sun still doesn't give face , There was a moment , It looks like it's going to penetrate the clouds , It didn't work out in the end , There was even a light rain , Everybody knows that the tide is gone , It's a failure .

On the way back from Jiabang village , We stopped at tonggupo again , The guy that day happened to be at home , We let him open the door again , Finally, I took a look at the terraces , You're welcome, young man , And didn't ask us for money , It's a gift from yesterday . Although the next step is through the famous Longji terrace , But it's not in our schedule , The essence of free travel is freedom , The more original 、 natural 、 Rarely visited scenery , The more fascinating 、 linger , Take a little extra pride .