Europe under the new crown: everyone is Newton

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The reason why Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation , The big reason is that he is good at observing and discovering the fact that apples fall from trees , And love innovation , A set of cognitive models invented by ourselves are used to fit the motion with high precision . This shows that observation, discovery and innovation are very important in our lives , Breaking the rules always brings surprises .

We can't find the law of gravity, and the big challenge is that there are no apple trees around us , But it doesn't stop us from being creative .

In recent years, many countries have taken the maximum measures to solve the problem , Even if the government's countermeasures can not be effectively put in place in one step , There are also a lot of pioneering support among the people .

I'm looking at the top four countries in Europe , I think their folk activities are very interesting . The superstructure reacts on the economic base , That's true ! The country's culture and temperament determine the diversity of their innovation :)

Romantic France

Speaking of France , The songs and pictures of Rose's life came to my mind —— In the dark bar in the evening , A lady in Chanel was leaning back in her chair , Tasting Bordeaux in your hands .

Yes , The French are very emotional , Pay attention to clothing matching , Every little detail on your body should shine glamorous .

however , The mask doesn't match your outfit . Since you can't have both fish and bear's paws , Then give it up . meanwhile , It is said that wearing masks is useless , It's even more dangerous to touch your face more often , Say frankly 「 The meeting is life 」. Now Italy , Saxony and Mecklenburg in Germany - Western pomonia is officially wearing masks . I don't know what measures France will continue to take .

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Louis Vuitton( Louis Vuitton ) Parent company French luxury group LVMH (LVMH) announce , The group's brand Dior 、 Givenchy and Guerlain's perfume and cosmetics production lines have been changed to produce hand sanitizers and other disinfectant products. .

edda Dior (Christian Dior) Perfume factory has begun to produce disinfectant hand sanitizer. , French luxury giants LVMH The factory recently produced thousands of bottles of no fragrance hand washing gel for public hospitals in Paris every day. , There will also be production of masks .

“ Patriotism ”

During the period of the ban in France , The idea of the romantic French is to use sensibility to dominate reason . What's the saying ? Let's think about it , A large part of France lies on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea , Main neighbor Spain , Germany , Switzerland has closed its borders , The remaining neighbors, Italy , Belgium , Luxemburg can't really point to it . France always feels like it's invisible , Intangible style and taste conquer the people of the world . So agriculture minister Didier · Guillaume (Didier Guillaume) Similarly, it is the best form of patriotism to advocate the purchase of local products .

therefore , At present, the folk has launched a very style of patriotic dinner standard : A Bordeaux cup + A piece of French soft cheese + A Dharma stick

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It's the best France .

Now coke is bad for French farmers and fishermen , Because they don't have to worry about the decline in sales due to weekly market and restaurant closures , The French Leclerc,Auchan Or Carrefour and other large shopping chain stores are also vegetables and fruits “ 100% French origin ” Of .

Have to say , Anything is possible ! The epidemic has changed the consumption consciousness and habits of the French people to a certain extent .

Passion Italy

Italy as a serious disaster area in Europe , In the first half of the epidemic prevention and control , None of his small EU allies have reached out to help —— The European Union is a forest bird , Fly separately at the critical moment . But apart from the tourism industry in Italy , The auto industry is also one of the top in the world ! Lamborghini and Ferrari masks just came out , Italy, which can be affected by the epidemic, has a serious shortage of medical equipment in hospitals , Therefore, the ventilator developed by luxury car enterprises has also been put on the agenda .

( Picture from the Internet , Lamborghini mask )

Ferrari and Fiat - Chrysler also joined the anti epidemic ranks . Both companies are working with Italy's largest ventilator manufacturer Siare Engineering Negotiation , Using idle capacity to produce ventilators .

meanwhile , Lamborghini announced that it was providing resources and equipment for the R & D department , Assist Italy's largest ventilator manufacturer Siare Engineering Design and production of lung simulator , The simulator can help the tester to evaluate the performance of the ventilator , To complete the final comprehensive test .

Can wear a Ferrari mask , The Italian people with the Lamborghini ventilator don't feel the same , The epidemic turned quickly ! Cheer on Italy !

Why are auto companies lucky ?

Italy's largest ventilator manufacturer Siare Engineering Gianluca, CEO · Preziosa also claimed that ,“ Ventilator manufacturing and automobile industry have common characteristics , Both rely heavily on electronic and pneumatic technology . It has always been , All automobile companies have manufacturing companies “ an crown ” Known as the , Its “ universal ” Sex has also been fully proved in the development of modern history .

according to the understanding of , During the second world war , Many private automobile enterprises have switched to military products . among , The most well-known is Ford's transition B-24 Liberator bomber . Relevant information shows that , from 1941 In a factory to 1945 Annual shutdown , Ford's Liuxi aircraft factory made a total of 8,600 frame B-24 The bomber , At the time of maximum productivity efficiency , Every time 63 You can get one off the line in minutes .

Production of masks requires aseptic operation , And automobile workshop is aseptic production workshop , meanwhile , Compared with general mask manufacturers , Auto enterprises can expand production line without pressure , Some dignitaries , We need machines and machines , We need funds and funds . Like byd 2 Masks will be available at the end of the month 500 ten thousand , And the original mask manufacturers of the country's daily gauge mold 1000 More than ten thousand . General manager of BYD Automobile Sales Co., Ltd 2 Zeng guanxuan at the beginning of the month “3 Tianchu drawing ,7 Tianchu equipment ,10 Tianchu products !”

Vitality Spain

The sun , The beach , A sunburnt skin —— This is Spain in my mind , Full of vitality and passion ! New crown period , Restrict travel , It gives you a very different sense of the picture . For the average person , Travel restrictions are basically affordable , The day is still quiet as before . But athletes can't , No matter from the psychological or physical quality can not withstand such training —— It's too bad . Young, the top German Triathlon athlete living in Spain · Frodino (Jan Frodeno) This is one of them , Even if you don't have to go home , You can't go down .

Do you know anything about Triathlon ? Baidu Encyclopedia said :

Triathlon depends on distance , There are the following competitions :

short distance (25.75 km ): swimming 0.75 km , Bicycle 20 km , A long run 5 km .

Olympic standard distance (51.5 km ): swimming 1.5 km , Bicycle 40 km , A long run 10 km .

The long distance (148 km ): swimming 3 km , Bicycle 120 km , A long run 25 km .

Super long distance (225.995 km )- Hawaii Triathlon Championship : swimming 3.8 km , Bicycle 180 km , A long run 42.195 km .

In triathlon , Athletes will swim 、 Cycling and running . therefore , They have to do these three sports every week , Do each sport twice a week , Set aside a day to rest .

This guy made a wish : I want to swim 3.8 km , ride on a bicycle 180 Km and run full horse 42 km —— Complete the super long distance triathlon , At home !

Whether it's a dream or not , I've already begun to admire it , I walk at home 10 The circle is already getting bored . And this guy doesn't just have to do it , And keep the pace - Worship first !

Last week Easter Saturday , Frodino fulfilled his vision at home :

About eight o'clock , Fredio started the triathlon on his own four walls .

( Picture from the Internet )

Swimming is with a countercurrent system 13 In cold water swimming pool , Total distance 3.8 km , But you have to know that all he has is 5 Meters long . Read here , I started to get dizzy , How many laps does it take .

( Picture from the Internet )

180 The part of the kilometer ride is on the intelligent trainer ,

( Picture from the Internet )

And then on a treadmill 42 Kilometer run . After 8 One and a half hours , Frodino was pleased to finish the triathlon . After that, when the media interviewed him , He joked —— Sometimes people just need this crazy idea .

Yes , It's not the mountains that are far away that make people tired a lot of time , It's a grain of sand in the shoe .

Ignorant, my understanding of live broadcasting is limited to selling goods , and “Tri @ home” Live video broadcast of the whole course of Triathlon , And finally raised 20 Thousands of euros , The money will be fully donated for the treatment and services of the new crown . Interested partners , You can search the Related videos on the Internet “Tri @ home”.

No matter what you do , Just want to help others , You can do it for sure .

Witty Germany

The impression of the German has always been cold humor , They don't joke with you as high-profile as Americans do , It's a cold word , It's got you back and forth .

A German joke in the new era :

Patient : Doctor , I don't feel very well , Chest tightness , I have to visit you ?

Doctor : You're OK , Not for , Just staying at home too long .

Patient : Yeah , I'm at home alone now , I can only talk to my flowers and flowers .

Doctor : Don't worry , normal , A lot of people are not allowed to walk in their homes . Don't come to me . When you think flowers and plants start chatting with you when you have nothing to do , You need to come to me .

Toilet paper is indispensable to clean up the epidemic situation in Germany , First of all, lengmentun toilet paper , I don't know why I can read this article [ Europe under the new crown (2): Toilet paper is one of the obvious mediums that distinguish human beings from animals ][Europe under the new crown _nbsp_2_ Toilet paper is one of the obvious mediums that distinguish human beings from animals].

How much land is produced , How bold people are

Now there are more unique inventions :Po-Dusche ( Wash your butt )

Wash your butt , Wash your butt , Wash your ass with water . When I first saw this article , The ad came into my mind immediately .

There is no paper , We still have water . I watched the video introduction , The principle is the same as the toilet seat with flushing function , But the German didn't know there was such a toilet seat .

The invention company that washes the ass has a very gorgeous name ——“ Happy asshole ” (Happy Po) claim , In the past 2019 They have reached 7 Digit profit , And the new crown is now , Orders are coming one after another , therefore 2020 The annual profit target is 8 digit . That's when I was thinking , A lot of people sell face masks and toilet paper , Why don't you have such a development vision , The toilet seat with flushing function is sold .

We all know that during the new crown, the German pursuit of toilet paper has reached a state of obsession . For a long time , Toilet paper is not available in supermarkets . Why is everyone Newton during the epidemic , The following example of invention can better illustrate this point , And the design concept is very German :

Instead of worrying every day , Go to the supermarket with confidence , Again and again, full of disappointment, I went home with an empty shopping bag , A German invented one Toilet paper calculator , You can calculate exactly how long your toilet paper will last .

Of course, you have to think about your past alone , Because the information required is systematic and detailed :

What's your stock ?

Your roll of paper , How many are there ?

Number of visits to the toilet per day ? How many times ? In general , How many pieces of paper do you use at a time ?

How many people use your toilet ?

How long won't you go to the supermarket ?

This invention is based on your understanding of made in Germany - accurate , perfect .

Answer the above questions , You can calculate exactly how many days your reserves will last . Why worry about it in the future ?

If you are interested, you can try it :

Only this and nothing more , We can see that a lot of people use their Newtonian creativity , Support the country's new crown initiatives , Make contributions as much as you can .

contrast 4 month 16 Japan , We see that although Spain 7 The trend of daily growth is up , But the rate of doubling the number of confirmed cases in all four countries has improved .

Finally, another wave of colored eggs ( Comparison chart of new crown day change in Germany ):