The scenery of Guilin

2020-11-17 21:08:19  作者:travel

Guilin's landscape is the best in the world , Yangshuo landscape a guilin . The last stop of the crazy journey to Guizhou and Guangxi came to Yangshuo , Originally thought that does not need the strategy place unexpectedly one room is difficult to obtain , In fact, this is also expected , Even I, who never go far in Spring Festival, are wandering outside , As other people can imagine .

Yangshuo is like a temple fair , neon , huge crowds of people , A group of people roamed around like headless flies , All over the corner , And I didn't find a foothold , Even the exorbitant rural B & B doesn't have a good one , All together , I can only take a chance around the nearby town .

It's over eleven in the night , Come to the welfare town south of Yangshuo , What's breaking is , There is no room either , It needs to be paved and black , In a dilemma , The donkey friend of the next county who came to look for a house suggested , Just go back with them , Ask a friend to make room for us in advance . There was no hesitation on the part of everyone , Several cars went to Gongcheng County dozens of kilometers away in the dark, which had never been known before and probably would not go in the future .

It was early morning when we arrived in Gongcheng , The county and the city are still full of traffic , jaleo , From the donkey friend's mouth to know , Many local people work in Guangdong and settle down , The whole family won't come back until the Spring Festival , Only this time is the most busy , At the front desk of the hotel , See a lot of people disappointed to leave , We are glad to ourselves that , Finally, I can sleep well .

Because I saw Yangshuo overnight , Everyone got up early , Just as we come quietly , We left Gongcheng in the fog again , In addition to the warm-hearted of donkey friends , I didn't make any impression .

Avoid the noise of Yangshuo , We went directly to Xingping Wharf in Zhongji , From here to Yangdi wharf , It's the most beautiful meat section of Lijiang River ,20 Meta background 、 nine-horse fresco hill 、 Reflection of yellow waterfall 、 ensemble 、 The essence of carp hanging wall is here .

Jiang Zuo Qingluo belt , The mountain is like a jade hairpin , The boat is swimming in the water , People walk in the picture , This is probably what many people think of Guilin , But we can't follow the example of the ancients , Enjoy the beautiful scenery in a boat , Few people can calm down , living a life of ease and leisure , Most of them are passers-by , Going on it .

My first trip to Yangshuo was like this , It's the rainy season , It's a big cruise ship again , The river is fast , Down the river , A thousand li a day , Except for the dangerous peaks in the fields 、 Out of the craggy rocks on the shore , what “ The reflection of the mountains and the floating water , No mountain, no water, no mind ” To catch up with .

Coming to Yangshuo again, it's also a tourist season , There was a noisy crowd on the shore , In the water is a long dragon that meets its tail , The so-called bamboo rafts are all motorized boats , One after another noise , It's boring , It's a great loss of pleasure , Finally came “ Little Lijiang ” It's called Yulong River , On a real bamboo raft , After the addiction of Guilin landscape .

Because of the first two situations , I left the crowd alone , Avoid the noise , Choose the most original 、 The simplest 、 The most direct way , Along the winding river , Stepping on the creaking gravel , One high and one low to enjoy the landscape of Lijiang River belonging to one person .

Because of the dry season , There is only one narrow channel left in the middle of Lijiang River , Opposite ships sometimes need to be staggered , The shallowest place , You can also hear the friction between the bottom of the boat and the rocks under the water , It's like the groan of the Li River , It's inexplicable guilt .

Look at the head in the wet season , Look at stones in the dry season . The bare river bed is full of gravel and pebbles , Occasionally there's a bit of sand , It's also very strong , It doesn't hinder the passage , You can even walk straight to the water , Take a handful of water from Lijiang River to wash away all kinds of things , Wash away the lead time .

The head is full of rare stones , Each piece is the epitome of the landscape of Lijiang River , It is also a witness of the long river of time , But in the end, it's not amazing . I have been wandering in front of jiuma painting mountain , Hope for a wonderful stone 、 A chance encounter 、 A story , At the end of the day, it's like floating water , Submerged in the vast river water .

Walking with Lijiang River , With mountains and rivers ,“ The peaks are blue and the waves are bright , The Lijiang River is green at dusk , Xingping mountain looks like a picture , Yangshuo's water is crystal ”“ Jiuma's painting is blue , Yijiang Yanyu Qin ”“ The water bank turns step by step , The wind blows out of the willows , Light Yu Lin Tai ye , Zhan Lu drinks the flowing mist ”“ Don't think of apes and birds , The weather is cold and the water is long ”, All kinds of poetic and picturesque feelings come to you ,“ Don't want to be a God , I would like to be a Guilin person ”, Maybe it's just that .

Unconsciously, a line of more than ten li , Except for the occasional resting birds , There's a sense of Wanjing disappearing , Suddenly, an orange farmer with a stall appeared around the corner , Warmly asked me to stop and have a rest , Because I don't have a dime in my hurry , My aunt still asked me to take some food with me on the way , All of a sudden, it reminds me of the unknown Han 、 No matter the Taohuayuan people in Wei and Jin Dynasties , It's like the next generation .

Come to Lijiang River , Lingering in the mountains and rivers , Each has its own way , Each has its own perspective , Each has its own interests , Each has its own attitude , Or in groups , Or three to five , Probably few lonely walkers like me , And it's hard to meet a fellow person .

Walking like this , You can enjoy it quietly , Don't worry about the farfetched guide ; Walking like this , You can do whatever you want , Don't care about the empathy of peers ; Walking like this , You can go ahead , You don't have to care about the beautiful scenery you miss .

You don't have to pay attention to the program when you come out to play , By bus 、 By boat 、 Climbing the mountain 、 Walk , It's just a different way , More people have more joy , There are few people but few people , You don't have to care about the number of attractions , The pros and cons of scenery , The key is the people and the mood to see the scenery .

Just like zahiram · What Duoduo said in his poems , You see or not 、 Read or not 、 Love and not love 、 Go or not , Those scenes are there , Only live in the heart , To love each other in silence , Silence and joy .

A man has his own way , It's not the way I walk , More like family and friends 、 Together with like-minded people , Even a walk after dinner 、 A simple outing , Or a hard climb 、 A long journey , Most of the time, scenery doesn't matter , What's important is the people who see the scenery together .

Of course , Even the closest people , We are still individuals who are independent , Maybe there are many similarities in our spiritual world , Share the wind and rain , Share the beauty , But everyone has his own pilgrimage direction , They are looking for their own pure land in solitude , Everything else is the scenery along the road .