In a hurry to meet the Dragon River

2020-11-17 21:08:18  作者:travel

A tributary of the Lijiang River , Yes “ Little Lijiang ” Name , Qiangui Wanli trip did not go to , But Jane mentions the scenery of the river , It's just that I'm going to float for a while , There is no crowded Lijiang River 、 noisy , But the scenery is equally beautiful , So there is this travel story .

The time can be traced back to the end of July in the year of Xinmao , Although it's the hottest season , But Guilin is surprisingly cool , When you come to Guilin, you should visit Lijiang River as usual , Because it was already afternoon when we arrived , Just go to Xiangshan Park in the city , Looking at Guilin's city card , Most of Guangxi is karst landform , But the elephant trunk mountain is the most equipped with both form and spirit 、 It's so lifelike , Others, such as jiuma mountain painting 、 Yellow cloth reflection , If it wasn't for the good explanation , It's probably hard to tell , Unfortunately, the park is not big , There's no more view .

The next morning , It took a long line to get on the cruise ship , Guilin mountains and rivers are green 、 Shui Xiu 、 Cave 、 The stone is famous all over the world , When you visit Lijiang River, you are close to water , All you see are mountains , The water of Lijiang River is still so clear , The mountain is still as green as that , The sky is still so blue , But the coming and going of the ships upset the water and the sky 、 Beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers , The waves are not startled 、 In a calm 、 The water is as smooth as a mirror , I'm afraid you can only see it in the painting .

There are many strange peaks on both sides of Lijiang River , The mountains rise on flat ground , Steep and steep , It seems to have grown out of the field , Nature is a marvelous work , The scenery along the way is roughly the same , Slowly, there is aesthetic fatigue , Everybody was sitting in the cabin chatting 、 Frolic , It's basically a guide reminder , I'll see it on the side of the boat , The most famous is 20 RMB background 、 nine-horse fresco hill 、 Yellow cloth reflection and so on , It's a real outrage , It's a waste of the beautiful scenery .

Probably a lot of people came for the Lijiang River in the painting , But actually seeing is not the fairyland in imagination , therefore , Someone talked about Yulong River , The largest tributary of Lijiang River . It is said that a scholar came to Beijing to take an examination and passed by here , run into sb. “ The creature ” make trouble , Thanks to the help of Longnu , After the scholar was named the top student in high school , Built “ Yulong bridge ” And get the name , It is also said that there is a dragon cruising here in the East China Sea , Attracted by the beautiful scenery, I often live here , This is just because the water is not deep , There's an old saying about long Zeling .

The length of the Yulong River is 40 Many kilometers , The terrain is flat , The river bed is generally wide in 30 Meters above , The flow is relatively gentle , The deepest place is six or seven meters , The shallowest part is only to the calf belly , The original ecology is basically maintained along the river , There's no modern architecture , There's no artifact , There is no hustle and bustle of the city , Everything is primitive 、 natural 、 Of primitive simplicity 、 pure , In fact, it is the essence of Guilin landscape , It's not that Lijiang is better than Lijiang .

“ Man in the picture ” It's the most primitive and the best way , But because of time , We chose the most economical and interesting “ The boat is floating in the water ”. A cruise ship off the Lijiang River , Go straight to Chaoyang floating dock , Because it's in the afternoon , There are not many drifters , Soon we got on the double raft , With the master of the bamboo raft, the bottom of the pole , The bamboo raft whizzed up , At first, we were a little nervous , Gradually they let go of their hands and feet , Barefoot and cheering , Into the verdant landscape painting .

More time , Everyone sat quietly on the raft , In the distance, there are clouds on the green hills , the waters and skies merge in one colour , The color of the water nearby is clear , The bamboo shadow is whirling . Solitary peak 、 Clumps of bamboo 、 The clouds 、 village 、 Greenfield , They are all hidden in the water of Yulong River , With the sound of the bamboo pole , Swaying in the water 、 Rippling 、 melt , It's wonderful , There is also a beautiful image left by a new couple , Everything is so natural 、 quiet 、 Auspicious harmony , Breathtaking , Clean your soul , In such a fickle age , There are very few such spiritual experiences .