The Sava River and the Danube River

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He Hai and gengzi handed over , Spring of many things .2020 year , According to the lunar calendar, there are 384 God , It's almost a half over now .

There is no hurt in spring and Autumn , The soldiers in white are always fighting for their lives , Soldiers in all kinds of uniform guard the gate day and night , As always, people listen and trust . Today is nurse's day 5.12, Bless all the medical staff .

Bright yellow Jasmine , White flowers of spring , Spring has arrived on schedule with hope . Return to work and production , The traffic is surging . Spring goes and flowers fall , Summer is coming . This spring is bound to be a history that can't be folded .

last year 5 month , I went to Serbia on a temporary basis , Half a month in Belgrade .

period , See a lazy and lively Parade .

On the side of the road, there are big red cans of coca cola one meter high , And with wheels , The beautiful girl in red and black shorts takes out a small can of coke from a big coke can , Send it to passers-by . There's the police leading the way . Colorful banners . Sometimes there's music . The team seems to have followed the traffic lights , Stop now and then . We don't understand the slogan , I can't understand what the trumpet says , People look happy , I thought I was giving some sport a boost , I don't know why , I'm not curious , Who has no housework .

I remember that one day we went the wrong way to law school . It's on the side of the road , There is no fence . The gray stone wall says 1808. Some students are moving tables in the corridor , Just finished the club activities . There are all kinds of display boards downstairs . On the bench outside the building, several female students sat chatting . Some beautiful girls are smoking by the flower bed , Different hair colors , There's gold, there's chestnut, there's black .

Leave law school , All of a sudden, the sound of sawing wood was heard in the distance , Suspected erhu .

Pull erhu , No doubt it's Chinese , I wish you a happy birthday .

Erhu, a traditional musical instrument, appears in the streets of Belgrade , Some accidents . We can't ask everyone to pull out the level of horse racing like the father and daughter of the Chen family , I hope happy birthday can be practiced as soon as possible , Otherwise, people will mistakenly think that erhu can only make the sound of sawing wood .

Then I found out in a few days , Belgrad is really a country of music , Every July there is a four-day Music Festival in Serbia ,Exit, It's one of the biggest music festivals in Europe , A lot of young people will flock to . But it should be closed this year . On weekdays, there are many music performances on the street , There are self entertaining , There are people who play notes for a living , Most of the latter .

Come back , Last May Day , I found that I could move around for half a month , Half moon , Save as much as I do , How can we waste !

Find a remote visa free country , Transfer to Moscow , During May 1st, the price ratio of the transfer here is the highest , Air tickets are 4000 Multiple blocks , Straight to Serbia , Take your computer and travel while you work .

In parentheses : Thanks to the Internet age , Thanks to the base station erectors who are not afraid of danger , Thank you for inventing and producing all kinds of hardware and software , And up to the inventor of electricity , Including but not limited to Edison , And the legend of Serbia , Half an alien : tesla .

Edison's direct current , Like a flashlight 、 The voltage of mobile phone is not more than 24V The mobile external power supply of . In recent years, , The improvement of material quality , UHVDC also appeared .

The education I received as a child was : Electricity was invented by Edison , One day, dad is going to make something at home , To see better , A new one 100 Big watt bulb , Bright light , It's my deepest memory of Edison . for ages , I think , Edison is equal to 100 Big watt light bulb .

Tesla's alternating current , For example, in the life of the wall plug-in electrical appliances with the civil voltage 220V, General industrial voltage 380V.

When I was in primary school, I watched martial arts a lot , There was a time when I accidentally hit 380V Voltage on the panel , Thanks to the quick reaction, let go of it , People are so numb that they are almost out of body , I don't forget to excite a special function , Become a master or something .

Parents say they know why Uncle Shi is so dark ? Electrician ! accident ! It's special enough not to call Baogong !

This is my most intuitive memory of industrial electricity . At the time , I don't know what alternating current is , I don't know. Tesla , I don't know about the direct current and alternating current war between him and Edison .

today , We all know that Tesla is almost half an alien . I saw a show , An American said Tesla has an alien gene , His vast number of unimaginable inventions are still in the United States , And it's in the stage of secrecy .

Russian Airlines aircraft , The uniform is so beautiful . Generally speaking, colors with high saturation make clothes , Bold in color 、 If you can't control it, it's easy to appear superior . The uniform of Russian air stewardess successfully broke this “ Generally speaking ”, The bright orange red color makes the stewardesses in high spirits .

Take off late 2 More than a hour , The fighting nation is flying , Got a lot of time back , But it was still delayed to transfer to Finland . Fortunately, we have a long reservation time for connecting flights , Because I'm going to visit Moscow Airport , Another bad red vegetable soup .

I met some Chinese at Moscow Airport , We were asked about the connection , Because the connecting gate is changing all the time . These people are basically young and middle-aged men , To Serbia, too , Most of them can't speak a foreign language , Someone might be carrying , I've been separated for a while . It doesn't matter. , Moscow airport is not very big . When we got to beigrad , They all left quickly when they got off the plane .

I didn't know until a few days later , Serbia has a high-speed road to Montenegro , It's the Chinese who are building . It's a steel plant in China , To resume production . Shandong Linglong group also invested in tire factory in Serbia , I'll talk about it later .

   The plane began to descend before nightfall , The winding Sava and Danube rivers reflect the sunset , Clusters of colorful houses on the green land , The first impression is beautiful .

   Entry is really visa free , I didn't ask for anything , I didn't ask anything , Take the passport and stamp it directly , Send back . It reminds me of three steps to refrigerate an elephant , Refrigerator door open , Put the elephant in , Bring the refrigerator door up . It can be very simple .

   The airport in Belgrad is so small , It's coming out soon , The guy with the sign on it , Make a reservation at Abbey , The landlord's colleagues provide a very cheap pick-up service , Fiat car ,14 o . Serbia also has left and right steering cars , Like Vladivostok, there are used cars from all over the world . We were in left-hand cars during our stay in Belgrade .

   To a centenary apartment near Republic Square , The elevator is broken , The driver helped with the luggage , Just climb to the top floor . The landlady is waiting , I haven't breathed yet , The warm neighbor came to say hello , A greeting , My journey to Serbia has officially begun !

   The next morning , Follow the Pathfinder map , Walking to the Tesla Museum . Explore the way APP It's a driving map , We like to use , Walking also refers to using , collocation GOOGLE Map , Sometimes Baidu maps also go into battle , Baidu map is also more and more used . brackets : Travel has become so convenient , Thank you for having you !

   The Nicholas Tesla museum is a small building on the road , It didn't open when we arrived , I met a Chinese man traveling alone .

Many people know Balkan powder kegs from Sarajevo in history class . This guy studied history, watched movies, admired Sarajevo , You don't have to sign it with the help of BIH , I took a coach to . I didn't feel good all the way , scary . More than one person on the road in Sarajevo reminded him not to carry his backpack behind him . I heard a woman scream in the distance , It was robbed , In broad daylight . Looking at the gloomy expression of people on the road , Think back to the scream , And reminders from good people , Rush back to the hotel and book a ticket , I don't want to stay a minute longer , Packed up and ran back to Belgrade .

The same Balkan region , The security gap is still quite large . These words immediately put an end to the idea of visiting Sarajevo , Safety first , There's no need to take risks .

   This big brother arrived a few days earlier , I've been to the embassy staff monument to offer flowers . We asked about the situation , Decided to go later , They are people who pay for their country's lives , A wisp of flowers to comfort the soul is a must for Chinese people to go to Beicheng .

Big brother asked : Did you bring a hundred dinars , That's Tesla , Hold 100 Block and Tesla Museum . Ha ! Fortunately, there are a lot of money changing shops on the road , Last night I traded some dinars in Euro .1 It's about the euro 117 Serbian dinars . Some places also accept Euro directly . Take a picture with half an alien !

Opening of the Museum . Very small rooms , But enough to excite us , Close contact with Superman . The crocodile bag Tesla used before his death was displayed in the window , Superman also has this hobby .

A group of primary school students with various colors of skin and hair came in , It turns out that today's museum is offering popular science courses to schools .

English is playing on the big screen , With Chinese subtitles , It seems that many Chinese have visited museums .

End of explanation , Start the discharge test , The children communicate in English , Very enthusiastic . One of the Chinese boys kept asking questions , Very lively , It seems that I have lived here for a long time .

The lightning is blazing , Tesla is talking to Einstein in America , When working with Edison and arguing , Will this amazing man think of his hometown in a hundred years , Children from all over the world are learning about his invention in the museum named after him .

Aliens are not all advanced , There are also lower order , If there is a high density of Starman genes, I'm afraid we won't waste energy on three-and-a-half human beings .

It's very cold in May , I'm glad I brought a light down jacket .

Because I have to change flights in Moscow , Even if you don't figure out the airport , But after all, the latitude is high , Just take your down jacket , It doesn't take up space to shrink into a small tube . I didn't expect Moscow airport to be sweating , It's sunny outside, too , It's very warm .

It was rainy and cold for a few days in Beicheng , You need to wear down jacket during the day , You almost have to wear down jacket at night .

On the street is what China often says “ February and August , Dress up ” 了 . Some of them wear fur , With short skirts and stockings , Many old people wear the same clothes as the old Chinese people in winter in North China , It's thicker .

From the clothing of Beicheng people, we can see that the economic level is not high , But because they are generally tall and straight , So the overall effect looks good . It seems that the fundamental difference between a buyer's show and a seller's show is the size .

   The landlady is very careful , Prepared the map , And made a detailed explanation . In particular, I talked about two deer in the pedestrian street , This is a century old restaurant , Net red restaurant , And suggest that we order something special , I didn't remember , Just record it . For us, horses and deer can , It doesn't matter whether the net is popular or not , Follow the eye and follow the fate . Our definition of travel is to experience the life of ordinary local people , Go to any place where there are many local people , Go where you are passionate , You can't stick a cold butt on your hot face .

The old town is very small , Almost all the main places can be reached on foot .

In the evening , Walk to the skadalia walk street . A short street , There are several restaurants on both sides .

I'm afraid the street is more than a hundred years old , Worn down over the years , The stones on the street are uneven . A couple of girls dressed up in thin dresses , Holding a man's partner , Step carefully , swaying , In the end, I still screamed . The pointy high heels got stuck in the stone , Pull out your shoes , Laughter . The cold street has a little atmosphere .

   Passing by a restaurant decorated with flowers , The beautiful girl ran to the street with the menu and recommended it to us with a smile . The seats in the open air are almost full , The diner drank slowly and whispered , It looks like a local feeling . It's more eye rimmed , That's it for tonight .

   The restaurant is decorated with retro , Strong national style . It's a small area , It can hold about thirty diners , There have been more than a dozen people eating , There are no good seats , Our table for two is in the middle of the restaurant . Next to it, an elderly foreign tourist with yellow hair is taking pictures of the retro decorated walls of the restaurant . Opposite, a young woman in a long black dress is talking excitedly with her much older man , Raise your glasses .

   Because of the small amount of food , We ordered a little bit . I haven't had time to eat . The door suddenly opened , In came a group of middle-aged men in white shirts , There are those with accordions on their chests , There's a cello with more than one person in it , There are guitarists , There are also people holding folk musical instruments I don't know .

   Play music around each table , And stop in the middle of the restaurant , Around our table . It should be years since I saw the cello , The wood of the speaker has been damaged , The low frequency sound is melancholy . The guitarist plays at will , Accordion players with the rhythm to make a cheerful expression . Under the orange light , These sound combinations are a little bit trance .

The accordion has been invented for more than 200 years , It was born under the Enlightenment of the sound production principle of Sheng in China . Accordion seems to be a very popular instrument of Slavic people , Easy to carry . Influenced by Soviet music , When I was a kid, there were always people playing the accordion , Spring outing , The bonfire party .

Remember when I was in primary school , The school held a bonfire party , Invite parents to , The pupils were dressed in bragio ( At that time, the grown-ups called the dress blaji , Later, I knew that the Russian dress was called braji ), Hand in hand to learn the Tibetan style of Guozhuang dance, swinging arms and kicking legs , Go around the campfire with the rhythm . There is a music teacher playing all kinds of music with accordion , Waltz , Spanish bullfight and so on . The accordion is constantly ruffled , With the wind, it makes a noisy and cheerful rhythm , Beating golden red bonfire , A dance circle that keeps spinning , This lively moment is diluted by the air to be no trace . On the fields under the night , The accordion strives to make cheerful sounds , But it is difficult to cover the empty feeling of powerlessness , Deep to this day unforgettable , Later, my father brought back a Bayan accordion, but I didn't want to learn it .

Put down the dishes , Listen for , Clap your hands .

The smallest denomination of paper money is 500 , With so many people, I don't know who's right to pass it to . As the guitarist played, he motioned for me to give it to the organist , The organist played the instrument and motioned for me to put it in the slot . Only then did I see it , Some of them are already stuffed with paper money , So I put the money in the sewing .

The musicians played another piece of thanks around us , And actively cooperate with me to play close to my back to facilitate group photo . The atmosphere suddenly relaxed .

The tourists next door are affected by the atmosphere , And he also inserted a hundred notes into the crack of the piano , And then I took pictures .

When the band moved to the dinner table for a few people , There's a lady with a band , Singing an aria , ha-ha . It's easy to be happy .

Out of the restaurant , Take this short Bohemian pedestrian street again . Two fawns are in business , Other restaurants can also see bands performing from the street . It seems that every band has a cello , And the accordion , Maybe it's the standard for folk restaurant bands .

On the way back to the apartment , By several street ice cream shops , It's about six yuan, the base price , I had a few , Most of the taste is OK .

More than once I saw young people in line , I was buying street snacks : Meat sandwich . A big cake , With a large piece of barbecue inside , salad , Optional , Wrapped in oil paper . It's a little more expensive than an egg custard , The amount is amazing . We decided excitedly to eat this the next day .

   The next day, after queuing up to buy, I found it was not very delicious , It's OK to be full , Suggest tasting , After all, it's a local snack .

Go through the skadaria pedestrian street to the market .

At the end of the pedestrian street , The walls several stories high are covered with mosaic paintings full of artistic flavor .

The blue sky and white clouds , Under the mural , A cat , A dog , An old man was sitting on a bench in the sun , Motionless , It's as quiet as a two-dimensional picture .

Going to the market is the best way to learn about the lives of ordinary local people , Can make the trip more authentic , Ordinary people are always interested in ordinary people's life in another space . The railway station in the spire , There's a market next to it . There is also a market near the station distribution center near Dagong street .

One fifth of the markets sell flowers . Because of the same latitude , Many flowers are the same as China . There are also some I don't know , The flowers are fresh , Release the color of the spectrum .

There are many varieties , As big as peony , One branch can bloom with exclusive splendor ; As small as carnation , The beauty of secluded beauty can only be revealed by cluster decoration . There is no need for many peonies , Moss needs unity . Think of what you've heard so often recently “ Huddle for warmth ”, It's the voice of our Tammy , Everything is the same .

A woman who looks very eye bound , Flowers also have eye rims , I want to go around and buy another bunch of her flowers , Come back and disappear , It's not enough to see the fate .

I bought a bunch of bright yellow Gladiolus . There's an interesting episode , There's a price tag on the flowers , It's the price confirmed , Maybe we are foreigners , The shopkeeper suddenly raised the price when he paid the money , This is a lady who lacks the spirit of contract .

   There's everything in the market , Grilled fish , Roast sausage , All kinds of spices , Fruits , vegetables , meat , Fish from the Sava Danube . And the daily necessities from China , Hardware , Sports shoes , Autumn clothes and pants . Golden pumpkin , Fresh strawberries , tomatoes , It's almost like China , Just some vegetables are more colorful .

I passed by the pumpkin stand with flowers in my arms , The uncle who sold the pumpkin made a joke : Thank you , Is it for me ? Make a gesture to connect . The girl shopping on the side , He laughed at us and said : Oh , He likes to joke .

And pancakes , Pancakes are very thin , Transparency like almost a photocopy , It's only a little thicker than a copy paper .

One day I passed by McDonald's , From a temporary point of view , I want to see if the local Big Mac is as small as China's . The sun was just right on that day , It's very comfortable to eat in the open air . The meatloaf I ordered , It's in a paper case , It's made of this very thin pancake roll .

A pancake sprinkled with black seeds is highly recommended by the market lady . Lianbi scratched and said , This kind of pancake is better , The stomach will be very comfortable .

Think of the fresh beef in the supermarket , Milk tofu , Look at these fresh vegetables and the fish from the Sava River . wow , Except for the food in the restaurant , It's time to eat some local food cooked by ourselves .

I immediately ordered a larger kitchen in Abbey , A home with all kinds of goods . I'll go to the hotel on Dagong street in the next few days , Then move to the B & B in the big kitchen , The last few meals will be cooked by yourself . The plan to go to Sarajevo was cancelled anyway , Let's take a leisurely tour of Beicheng .

In the B & B room, I saw some old and middle-aged people in the opposite apartment learning to dance ballroom dance , It looks like a dance room .

I used to think that Europeans could dance when they were little , Later, I heard that some Europeans learned how to dance with the square dancing aunt after they came to China . There are too many dance teachers in China , In the video 、 The square is full of , The key is to be both enthusiastic and free . If you have a square dancing lady , As long as it doesn't disturb the people , Please cherish her .

   The first aibiying apartment , Only for two nights , We keep in good touch with the landlady . Her father is ill and in hospital , She was very anxious , During the stay, we often send messages to ask us how ? Is there anything you need to help ? I'm sorry that she can't help more at the moment . In fact, she is already very good , Filial children are always kind-hearted . She borrowed her bus card to us , You can recharge it . We didn't use , I bought a three-day bus card at the newsstand . Travel time , I left a thank you card , And give her a metal bookmark that can be used as a hairpin , I hope her father will recover soon . later , The landlady left me a message , She and her father are very grateful for our blessing , Thank you very much for this gift, which brings happiness to her anxious and busy life . I hope they're all right this spring .

   Move out of B & B , Change to the one on the grand street of Mihailo “ Deluxe Suite one ”. you 're right , This is the Chinese name of the hotel . I don't know who opened it , A name that tuhao had to hang on . The price is beautiful and friendly to the people , Excellent location , The room is warm and elegant , High cost performance .

If you want to live at a high level , Suggest to consider Moscow Hotel . We found this green spire Hotel on the road , It looks great . Asked Du Niang , not have understood until then , Einstein, Gorky, Gandhi and others have stayed here , It's brilliant inside , Moscow subway is like a palace , Besides here . Again, I choose to live here , Einstein's blessing .

   Half a month in Bay City , Accommodation is all around Dagong street and Republic Square . I changed places a few times , Just for different experiences , Communicate with different people . Pull the box , Ten minutes walk to the hotel , The hotel is on the street near the center of Dagong street , The staff are very enthusiastic , A sincere smile .

This time a Retro Old semi-automatic elevator was used . The car is very small , Only two people and one suitcase at a time . I'm afraid you can only enter one person at a time . Go in and close the two wooden doors , Press the elevator button . Through the gap between the wooden doors, you can see that the wall of the building is brushed down . Don't open the wooden door in advance , Otherwise the car will stop halfway , Face wall . The bell rings , Open the wooden door again , The elevator door on the outer wall will open . The manual elevator is quite interesting .

The service staff had already taken the stairs and went upstairs to wait . After opening the door , It's a delicious smell , It's also a nice smell in the room , It's more pleasant , No too much fragrance . The carnation bouquet at the head of the bed , Green apples , Several kinds of fruit tea bags , The arrangement is warm and elegant .

They say Slavs don't like to smile , Often no expression , The service people here , Basically belong to the type of handsome men and women , They all laughed very happily and sincerely , After some introduction and explanation , Leave politely .

   All kinds of languages that you can't understand , People coming and going , All kinds of stalls selling small accessories, scarves, cloth dolls , It's under the window , Ha , I haven't started shopping yet , We already like Dagong street .

   Dahong street in Mihailo has a history of more than 100 years , It's one of the oldest and most valuable symbols of Belgrade . It's about a kilometer long , On both sides of the pedestrian mall are the houses of rich families more than 100 years ago .

   In the evening, Dagong Street began to be lively , All kinds of performances . A child plays the violin strangely , intermittent . The handsome boy with hip-hop dance attracted a large number of people . And a rally in uniform , Someone's speaking to Mike , I cannot understand you . There's a little note of girls distributing perfume advertisements in the street . There are also boys and girls who promote boats on the Sava River and the Danube River , We are glad to sign up for .

Gather at Carly Magdalen park at the end of Dagong street . More than a dozen middle-aged and elderly tourists from all over the world started in line like primary school students , I feel like a red scarf .

Passing by the fortress of Belgrad , Then we went there in the daytime . Kalemegdan park is quite big , Walking in a daze is suitable for , We wandered down and found , There's nothing special here , Except for the fortress , There's a chapel in the park , But because the parks in China are very good , Time is tight, there is no need to specifically daze .

The first day of arriving in Belgrad , It's evening . The view from the plane is very beautiful . Red roofed house with green background , The narrow Sava flows into the wide Danube , Two rivers embrace a nearly triangular island . The afterglow of the sunset , Half of the Danube is red , We can clearly see several large cargo ships sailing along the river , The boat is like a star . A bridge crosses the banks of the Danube , A dense building on one side , The green buildings on one side are well arranged , It's the old city and the new town across the river . That moment , It's a great flight time . Xihe bathing in the sun , The sun just after the bath is the beauty highlight time , Sunrise and sunset are also the most beautiful time of the earth .

The cruise ships follow the Sava River , To the Danube, two or three times as wide , An island around the middle of the river , Drive back . We become the elements of the aerial view .

The island is called Big Horn island , It's also called war island ,Great War Island, It has nothing to do with World War I , yes 19 The boundary between the Austro Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century , Now it's a bird nature reserve . The Sava river flows into the Danube River in Beicheng , There are many boats and yachts by the river , There are also some boat houses , Some of them are in tatters , Some flower decorated boathouse are in business , The diners drinking on the water terrace waved at the boat . And a dragon boat , Next to a yurt shaped restaurant , I think it's run by Chinese people .

The river separates the old city from the new one , The sky is also clearly defined . The sky of the old city is full of white clouds , A few modern buildings and old buildings look harmonious . Over the New Town Development Zone , A dark cloud enveloped , One river, two days .

A hole suddenly appeared in the dark cloud , The golden glow poured down , the river front , Huawei's Chrysanthemum factory logo is set off very clearly . It seems that Huawei was in the same situation at that time , But the dark clouds can't keep out the sunshine , I took this picture on the boat .

There are water sports teams in the river , There are many restaurants on the Bank of the old city .

After landing , It's setting sun , The fishermen leaned against the railings on the shore , The golden sunset reflects the silhouette of no desire and no demand , It makes people feel quiet and peaceful . I used the picture as the cover .

   Back in the park , Several young people are singing with keyboard instruments , The vendor hasn't closed his stall yet , Someone was playing a mottled accordion on the bench , Someone is playing a wooden clarinet . There are pairs of young lovers leaning on the grass under the trees .

The cafe on Dagong street is busy , The open-air dining spaces were filled with people .

I found a seat in the open air , I just swam across two big rivers , Ordering a fish is almost a reflex . The waitress began to smoke at the door of the restaurant after serving the meal , A lot of the women here seem to smoke . Another table left , The waiter picked up the dishes and kicked the chair , See the real chapter for details , I suddenly had an ominous premonition . Sure enough , Fish stink at the first bite , wow , ok , Failure with fate . The waiter said she knew the fish was not fresh and left without saying a word , The fish was crossed off when the bill came in , It's crisp . Or go to a restaurant with a lot of people , Many people vote by mouth .

A box of ice cream , Sure enough, it's much better than the one in the street .

Sitting outside the ice cream shop , Watching people come and go , Suddenly, several young Chinese men in white shirts passed by , Clean and sunny , Confident and knowledgeable , What is it to a middle-aged person around me , It's probably something that's going around the world IT People .

The melodious violin sound wafts in the wind in Dagong street , Decorated with golden dusk .

Just hang around , I saw the girl playing , Probably influenced by music , Ordinary facial features , But there is an indescribable temperament . The sound of the piano is flying in the wind , Infused the soul into this old street .

Young people passing by in groups stop to enjoy , And leave a tip , It should be said that left to enjoy . I also left our appreciation . With her eyes closed, the girl bent her knees to thank her . We also thank her for her beautiful melody to decorate the golden dusk , Enrich our travel memory .

   then , then , Guess what kind of magical encounter we have . Wearing a yellow shirt , Monk master wearing white leggings and stockings . later , On the way to the Danube in the early morning , I met master and apprentice again , It turned out to be a master from Dengfeng , But it's not from Shaolin Temple . In the next few days, I saw some Chinese elements in succession , So nature is integrated into the world .

   About Dagong Street , To buy a big brand , I'm going to a shopping mall on the street , There's a specialty store inside . The street is basically ZARA,HM Brands like that . The quality of the goods here is not as good as that of the domestic stores . There's nothing to shop in Serbia , Eat and drink more , More daily local consumption , It can increase the local experience , And it can help ordinary people to earn more , This may be better for both sides .

Walking on Dagong Street , All of a sudden, the girl with long hair smiles and greets , After we responded, we realized that she was a hotel worker we had met before . The streets are full of girls with long hair and long legs , The girls in this hotel are more beautiful because of their bright smile .

   the second day , Stroll around Dagong street in the morning , Few people , But it doesn't look cold , Walk slowly around , Feel the quietness of the old city , It's going to be a lot of fun in a few hours , This is the heartbeat rhythm of Bay City .

   On Dagong street is the National Museum of Serbia . It's nearly 200 years old . It's in Republic Square , Behind the bronze statue is the red wall building , There should be treasures in it .

When we went in , A lecture is being held . As a small, divided country , Don't expect too much from the exhibits just because it's the National Museum , But the exhibits cover a lot of varieties .

There is also a Picasso created in 1909 Oil painting in 《 Woman's head 》, Not the portrait, of course , In the style of Picasso , Think about it. , Twisted and weird stitching . In the woman's face, vaguely see the heart-shaped ox head . Picasso seems to like to twist characters and cattle together to express . Ordinary heart, ordinary eye , The world of art does not know nirvana .

We were very surprised by one of the exhibits , Become the treasure of the town hall in my mind :《 The woman in the veil 》 Stone head . This is the work of giusepecrof, an Italian sculptor , It was probably created in 1860 year .

The sculptor took over the order of the emperor orldi , works 《 fate 》 There's the Vatican .《 The veiled woman 》 This theme , The sculptor created more than one , There are also exhibits of the same subject in other countries .

The veil and the head look one and the same , You can see the head through the veil , How to do it ? Almost transparent veil carved out of stone , The clear face behind the veil , Still eyes . Take a closer look at , Will find , There's no real facial features , Eyes under the veil, nose, mouth , It seems to be through the depth of carving , And the effect of light and shadow created , Close together, we can't see the specific facial features , A little distance away, there will be very clear three-dimensional vivid facial features , It looks like it's hidden behind the veil .

The sculptor can make the difference between the distance and the distance by light and shadow . It's just like this , What's more, we are confined to our own dimensions , Never know the truth , All appearances are illusory .

   One of the services provided by Bay City is very interesting . Next to the Republic Square , Every day there are young people with yellow umbrellas , Provide services to guide tourists to Beicheng . This is a walking tour of beigrad organized by the local people . The tour of the city can be directly here before a few time points to find the leader with yellow umbrella , Like in the morning 10 spot , Afternoon 3 spot , evening 9 spot , Different sets of projects start at different times .

   When we pass by during the day , Got a flyer , You can also visit the website directly :Belgrade free walking tour.

   Walking is free and charged .

   Free projects , For example, we will lead you to Dagong street - market - castle - The church - Kalaimegardan Park waiting for a walk , All in English , Tip a few euros at the end , It should be , And that's why the free program has always existed . After all, it took hours to walk around , And explain . This is very suitable for people who stay in Beicheng for a short time and need to know more about Beicheng and have no language barrier . Stay for a long time can walk around yourself , After all, people from Great China are used to large area , The ancient city of Beicheng is not big , There's no need to go through it all at once , Tired and lost the fun of delicacies .

   Charge items , For example, string (BAR CRAWL). With beer and chat ? Barbecue has a sense of vision ?

String bar is a kind of European and American culture , It means one bar after another , Talking and drinking . How boring these Europeans and Americans are , That's how to pass the time , It doesn't come with a mutton kebab or crayfish , Quite sympathetic . It doesn't look like Doha at all , It's just a change in the order of emphasis , String it : Talk and drink . Roll the string : Eat, talk and drink . The elements are consistent , I think we can open some barbecue shops in Serbia , Eat, chat and drink , Quasi fire .

The bar project in Beicheng is to walk to different bars , The cost includes the first few drinks per bar , The latter expenses should be paid at one's own expense .

   Let's go , Go to the local bar in the evening , Look at the nightlife of the local youth .

   There have been a number of young tourists from all over the world who have come to the gathering place , They are saying hello to each other . There was a young American traveling alone , Said he was from Los Angeles , yes VIPKID On line English teacher . Then the yellow umbrella youth collects money on the spot , Each person was given a small plastic cup of milky traditional plum wine .

About a dozen people , Follow the guide loosely .

First stop , It's a very small bar . It's very grounded . As soon as I got in, I was choked by the smell of smoke , I got used to it before I went in again .

Simple bar , The diameter of each sheet is about 40 A few centimeters round table , A room full of young people , A few girls . People stand around the small round table and talk , There are drinks on the table . The young man with no table to stand around stood in every corner with a cup and chatted in a low voice , Everyone doesn't have too much expression , Smile once in a while .

Little space , So dense , It's amazing . Beicheng is quiet and sparsely populated during the day , There are so many people going out for a bar at night , Young people lack the opportunity to meet and communicate with each other , It's a way to go .

The strange thing is , Although there are many people , And they're all chatting , But it doesn't feel noisy , Everyone lowered their voices , The low-frequency buzzing almost at the same frequency becomes a whole .

The smell of smoke is too strong , It's so crowded again , I still came out , I found that some of the people who came together didn't go in after a look , Just sit on a wooden chair that's not very stable outside .

Out of the bar, a local girl , In a long dress , Greet the tour guide warmly , And then I went into the bar with a few young tourists .

The guide said that we would go to a bigger and better bar next . We have to wait outside for all the tourists to come out to go to the next stop . Said hello to the guide , We decided not to go to the next stop , The next bar is probably between this and China , We don't go to bars ourselves , Just take part in the string project and experience it , It's a special feeling . Young people can experience it in Beicheng .

   It is said that the biggest KTV It will open soon , The Chinese may have opened , It can be seen that there are not many entertainment facilities in Beicheng , Except for the coffee shop 、 Bar 、 park , Young people know each other 、 party 、 The environment for chatting is really limited .

   It's mainly that I will go to the farm in the mountain the next morning , It's rational to go back and have a rest early . Once a man begins to take a rest , Regardless of age , Automatically classified into the back wave and the front wave .

   It's a charge to go to the mountain farm ,Village Tour.

   When we went to sign up with the yellow umbrella girl , She said that this project can't be registered in Huangsan , Because you need a car , You have to make an appointment by email in advance , The company will return the mail and arrange the car and yellow umbrella guide to pick up people at the residence , Gave us the email address .

   An Iveco station wagon , Just the two of us , A driver, a guide .

   Driving for two hours , There was a man named KOLUBARSKI Small city of . The tour guide said there are a lot of Chinese here , There's a Chinese engineering team building expressways nearby . This highway leads to Heishan . Black mountain is a coastal country , It has a very beautiful coastline , This high-speed highway has been repaired , It is equivalent to that Serbia also has an indirect access to the sea .

   The contractor is Shandong high speed company of China , The national roads in Shandong are wider and smoother than those in many places , The tunnel is also well built . I believe it will live up to expectations . Sure enough , At the end of the year, I saw Saihua news , President Wu Qiqi attended the opening ceremony of some road sections , Highway scene , The Sierra Leone girls are dressed in national costumes , signing and dancing .

   Come to valevo , Very beautiful town . The residents are basically Serbs , The Ottoman Empire was ruled by .

At the Riverside Restaurant in the small town, I had a real Serb breakfast . The guide asked whether we wanted to be indoors or outdoors ? Watching the birds flying around the table , Now and then I fall on the back of the chair , Now and then, flying up the tree , Next to the river gurgling , Even in the open air , The dining table is old and clean . Although it's a little chilly , We still want to eat in the open air . So I asked the guide , Afraid of the cold ? She immediately understood . Say you're guests , Arrange according to your choice .

   The boss is very old , Come and greet me warmly . What is the most common breakfast for local people , We'll eat what we eat , The guide asked DONUTS Is that OK , We thought it was doughnuts , So the guide ordered the traditional breakfast of the local people .

   It's amazing , The authentic local breakfast is the same as a traditional breakfast in northern China .

   Some fried pasta , A small jar of white yogurt paste , Two pieces of white tofu . This is a complete set , It's like fried dough sticks 、 Soya-bean milk 、 Wang Zhihe Sufu , ha-ha . It turns out that this kind of short fat fried dough sticks can also be called DONUTS. How to say the taste , A very down-to-earth feeling , It's like going to the countryside .

   Serbia's dairy products are delicious , No smell , It's the smell of animals like the smell of mutton . Recently, Professor Zhang Wenhong suggested that children should not eat porridge , Eat more eggs and milk , Sprayed . Ha , Professor Zhang has to take an umbrella recently .

   This is it , Eating meat, eggs and milk often does grow tall and strong , It's not controversial . I'm afraid it's because we entered a stable farming society earlier , The output of meat, eggs and milk is low , Good year, the output goes up , The population has also gone up , So the living habits gradually changed . If you eat a lot of meat, eggs and milk all the time , Will there be changes in the pattern of combat power in the Song Dynasty , The future history needs to be rewritten . Porridge is a habit that we have to form because of our living conditions , And then the stomach gets used to it . You see, there is no substitute for milk powder when children are born , I had to eat porridge and feed it . Some studies say that individual blood types are not suitable for drinking milk , such as A type ,A Type A is generally born with weak stomach , Porridge is very comfortable , The same goes for the elderly , If you have a weak stomach, you will feel comfortable eating porridge . So we can't generalize . Digression , As if A Type a people are very suitable for monastic life in terms of tolerance and diet . Study it later , Is it in the temple A There are many types of people , Or monks who insist on staying A There are more types .

   The guide took us along the river , cross the bridge , The roadside buildings are introduced , There is a white East Church by the river , And the famous cathedral of Bay City, the Church of St. Savart, looks like .

There are museums in this small town ! Unfortunately, it's closed today . There are vocational schools . Wallevo is too small to have a University . The guide said , There are some Chinese people living here . Um. , It's beautiful , Really good at choosing places .

It just rained , The river is muddy , The old red tiled houses on both sides of the Strait , Along the river, they are arranged at random . It's a delicious town .

   On the road, I saw several children chasing each other in a fierce way , See us , All of a sudden these kids are united , Come straight to me , Put out your hand without ceremony ,“Money! Money! Give me money!”.

   alas , I don't know who taught this kind of request for granted , This will really harm the normal growth of these children . It also leads to the kindness and generosity of Chinese people, which is often taken for granted .

   I remember that I met many similar children in the park in Rangoon, Myanmar . The tour guide was a veteran who had served in Tibet , One belt, one road project , Sent by the domestic tourism bureau to train local Chinese tour guides . Rich in knowledge , The three outlooks are very correct . He told us , Try not to give these kids money directly , Because it will make them form distorted values , Since I was a child, I thought I could get money without paying , It's not right . They must be made to form the idea that only when they have paid can they get something , It's not like you have everything when you want it . Develop a good style of work , It's not good for personal growth , It's not good for the development of our country . Like a lot of domestic children who have been blindly spoiled since childhood , It is often unreasonable to act when you grow up , And it's hard to correct , A truth . Deep that . There was sugar in my pocket , It was given to two more polite children , The child held it in his hands in surprise , Smile happily , The child at that moment was really a child , Looking back at the moment of innocence , We were glad we had sugar with us .

   Across the bridge , It's Valero's pedestrian street .

There are some traditional handicraft workshops , Stores that sell small things . The streets are very tasty , The facade of every shop is decorated artistically , Different colors , But it's very harmonious . It is said that there is a handmade leather shoes shop , It's too early , All the shops are closed . Suddenly I feel the advantage of self driving , Time is independent , But today our goal is to build a farm in the mountains , It doesn't matter .

The guide took pictures of us with his mobile phone , explains , Where the promise is , To go to , Take a picture , It's part of her job , She will send me the photos after she goes back . It seems that the company is well managed .

   Farewell to the hotel owner , We're heading for the mountains .

   Through the mountains , Up and down , In different light , Deep light green , It's like a flowing oil painting .

On the bright green fields , A few fawns were chasing . Hear us “ wow ” The exclamation of , The driver slowed down immediately , After I take a picture through the window , Move on . This is the first time we have ever seen a deer running freely in the wild , That's lovely .

I think of that famous Buddhist story , cartoon “ Nine color Deer ”.“ Two fawns ” The name of the restaurant is instantly cute .

   First I went to a farm with a horse farm . Because the snow on the mountain melts , It's raining again these days , The road from the farm to the horse farm is blocked by a running stream .

The guide pointed to the muddy yellow mud soup like water and said : This is the clearest River in Europe . Looking at our surprised expression , Hastily added : If it's not snowmelt or rainy season , The mud was turned up by the current , The water of the river is crystal clear , The water quality is also very good , It can be drunk directly . Then we have another lunch , Just eat the fish in this river .

   The farmer put on long boots , What did you say to the driver . The guide explained : Sometimes the river is quiet , You can walk along the woods to the racecourse , Today's situation can't be . Let's go by car , The farmer waded past .

   And then up and down , When you turn around on a very narrow downhill road , One of the car's taillights is broken . I didn't find out until I got to the racecourse , It's not far away , Say it , We could have come here . The family said that the driver could not make a profit even if he didn't lose money . I think of my relatives who used to charter a car for work , If you encounter this situation, you must be very depressed , We tipped the driver at the end of the trip , Just hope he has a good mood .

   Here's a description , Serbia is not a tipping country , Generally speaking , There's no need to tip . If you think the service is really good , Or thanks a lot , Or they offer free services , Give as much as you can . After all, it was once a socialist country . Tips are purely Western , The responsibility of the employer has been transferred to the society . It is said that some Westerners like one of China's characteristics , No tips , It has reduced a lot of psychological and economic burdens . ha-ha .

   The racecourse has supporting leisure facilities , A cafe , Drinks and coffee , There is a sunshade and rain shelter outside , There's a big barbecue , It's the size of a whole sheep . Dozens of outdoor dining places , Look at the scale , Summer should be very busy . It's a little cold , We didn't order any drinks . The farmer brought a bright haired horse . In case of injury , A foreign country , And in the mountains , It's inconvenient to see a doctor , I don't want to ride a horse . The farmer said he would lead the horse , Let me rest assured. . Considering that it's just the two of us , If we don't consume , Farmers don't get money from tour guides , Then I'll ride a horse .

Green Racecourse , The occasional yellow and purple flowers on the grass , The farmer wore heavy rain boots , Lead the horse in a handsome way , Later photos look good , It was just that I was worried about falling , In fact, horses don't walk fast , Basically did not run , But it's too unstable , It's like the horse has some resistance .

The guide said “ smile ”,“ smile ”, While grabbing pictures . The family said forget it , Laugh like Cui Yongyuan .

   When you dismount , I just found out that , There is a small round hole under the horse's mane , It's a wound , And blood , I was shocked , It's chilly . No wonder it doesn't feel right , They're all injured and have to be pulled out for a walk , No one will be happy , I'm very dedicated to not leaving people behind , Fortunately, I'm thin . Say sorry to the horse , then , I seem to understand , The horse turned to look at me , Big eyes rolled a few white eyes , I turned to graze . The family heard that the horse was injured , Never ride . I'm afraid I'll go for a walk again , The horse looked back at us again , Not full of words , Several big white eyes were turned over in a row , Another sneeze . I said, don't worry , No riding , take care of the wound . So I turned to eat grass again .

   It's a beautiful place , If the warm season comes , Green grass , The mountains surround , The river is babbling , Drinking the local wine made with plum , Roast all kinds of naturally nutritious meat , There is a man sitting on a horse , Just think about it. It's very leisurely .

   Say goodbye to the farmers . The car is turning around , Higher and higher , There is a chapel in the forest of pine trees , Cross with arrow , It is said to mean that the gospel is spread everywhere . It's about four stories high , Exquisite appearance , I think it's very beautiful inside . The exterior walls are red and white , Red is the prominent brick , The walls under the arched porch are painted with statues . Although it is in a remote place in the mountains , The church is quite well built . Looking out on the hillside , There are few houses around , It's a long way to go for a week . The driver stops , The guide asked if we would like to get off the bus and have a look ? It seems that it's too narrow for one car , If there's other cars coming in, it's going to be a lot of trouble , We won't stop .

   We're going to the real mountain farm , On the flat top of the mountain , I saw a beehive in the distance , A group of big fat Ukrainian pigs are running in the orchard . That's right , It's really running , SA huaner , It's a big place . There are cherry trees in the orchard , Red and red traditional cherries have been formed , And plum trees , You need to make your own wine .

   The guide asked us to wait in the car first , She went to the farm to say hello , After a while , The man of the farm came out to meet us . A little pet dog came out of the house, barking and barking , The owner tied the dog up , After a few words , Be quiet .

A kitten is sitting on the fence , Take a look at us , Turn and look into the distance , Motionless , It's a real fairy .

The green lawn in the courtyard may be planted with some flowers . There is a two story building in the courtyard , Wooden outdoor stairs , It's a bungalow with white tiles , It's the kitchen and dining room . There are also two very small independent houses with red tiles and white walls , It's probably the storeroom and the bathroom .

The hostess has set up small tables and chairs in the courtyard . After greeting each other , We are seated , The hostess brought her honey , And water .

Guide demonstration , Scoop up half a spoonful of honey with a small spoon , Spin the spoon , Block wire drawing , Put the spoon into the mouth , After tasting , Drink some water .

The guide said , This is how to taste the natural honey . ha-ha , I thought it was to put the honey in the water, stir it and drink it .

There are too many flowers in the mountains , It's all natural , This season's honey is probably rape nectar .

And then there's the plum wine , Beige . Then there's cherry wine , Red . Then the wine .

Then the hostess brought out the red enamel milk jar , In the heat , It turned out to be freshly brewed coffee , Pour in the mug with a warm air . Even if it's sunny , It's still cold on the mountain , Hot coffee is too good for the stomach .

   There are some children's playgrounds in the yard , Mini basketball stand, etc , I asked , These facilities , Do you have children ? The guide said the owner of the farm had a son , It's a veterinarian , There's a little grandson, a little granddaughter .

   The location of the farm is very high , Look around , The scenery is excellent . It's green all around , In the distance, the green hills are like white , I can see the mountain path , The red roofed cottages are scattered .

The host asked if we had any plans to buy a house here ? Many young people in the village have gone to the city , I don't want to come back to agriculture and animal husbandry , Basically, there are only old people and children , And empty houses , clearing .

It seems that all countries are the same , The huge difference between urban and rural areas leads to . I asked , How much is a set ? It is said that , According to the size of the house , Old and new , The size of the supporting land , The price is different . I forgot about the price , If I remember correctly , It's about RMB 25 Wan to 50 There are all kinds of them .

   The family said it was very beautiful , Not to mention, few people are afraid of , It must be inconvenient to live for a long time , There is no decent way , It's inconvenient to go shopping , But it's suitable for short-term residence . If you don't like social activities , Rent a set of houses here , It's good to stay in the most beautiful season for a month , After retirement, , Let's rent it here for a month . ha-ha , Good !

   Outside the courtyard are cowshed and pigsty , And the chicken coop , vegetable field . So close , There was no natural smell in the courtyard .

   Here comes the driver , Seriously discuss with the host about cattle , We don't understand it . Russian speakers can understand some Serbian , All belong to the Slavic family . The guide said , Another granny lives on the top of the mountain , He was learning that if he helped his grandmother buy a calf to raise , How to transport , How to manage .

There are dozens of cattle in the farm , Basically white face, yellow trunk . These cows are cleaner , Probably because of the natural forage , So many cows , It didn't taste too much , At least it's far lower than my imagination and past cognition , What will happen when summer comes , I don't know .

There are some farm implements outside the cowshed , Agricultural tractor . Follow the host into another wooden shed , And a few cows , There are several pigs in the shed next to it . The guide explained : These separate ones are already sold , It hasn't been taken away yet , It doesn't belong to the farm anymore . wow , Business is so good .

The man led us to the vegetable field , A vegetable field was set up in a greenhouse , Bend down to get in , I looked at it briefly , It is similar to vegetables in Central Plains of China , Latitude is about the same , The crops are about the same . The farmer pulled out a handful of radishes , Show us , Is the market generally sold cherry head radish .

   The host asked us to come in and sit down , We'll go in and we'll take a tour and then we'll leave . A clean room , Floor tiles with retro patterns , Kitchen and restaurant , It's spacious , The refrigerator is full of refrigerator stickers , At first glance, it was made by children , An old big head TV , The rectangular table is covered with white tablecloth , The solid wood chair with concave convex shape is carved out , There are pictures on the wall . And there's a picture , It's the elder of the family , It's gone . The family hopes that the elders can be together when they are reunited , So hang the picture here . A very loving family .

   The hostess is busy preparing the meal , There are knives, forks and plates on the table ; A big bowl of dairy products , It turns out to be ice cream ; A large plate of bean curd cut into pieces ; A big bowl of beef floss ; Sliced bread ; Sliced ham ; Local famous beer . The hostess is cutting off the head and tail of the radish and putting it on the plate .

   The host asked us to have dinner . Can taste the authentic mountain farm food in a foreign country thousands of miles away , It's much harder than going to a city restaurant for a big meal . The hostess was busy preparing to entertain us while we were visiting , difficult to refuse such kindness , We gladly stay . It was a surprise beyond expectation . Thank you for your hospitality .

The host asked us to sit down first and then , Out again . After a while , Come in with a big piece of bacon . Took a small cutting board , Cut slices on the table , The waxy red and white texture is very beautiful , It looks like it's hard to cut . I immediately thought of Pipa ham hanging on the walls of Hongcun, Anhui Province .

This meat should be very precious , It's not easy to buy in the city . The host is seriously cutting , Give each of us a piece , I put another piece in my mouth , Look at how he chews easily , I can hardly chew , It's resilient and resilient . Look at those big, wild Ukrainian pigs out there , It's really good meat .

A table of food , It's all farm materials , And then it's Handmade , We feel that this trip is worthwhile .

   Leave after dinner , The Granger's granddaughter and grandson happened to come , So we took a group photo , The guide quickly put the yellow umbrella under our feet to enter the mirror . The two kids are very shy . At this time , One is tall and strong , A young man in a suit and a suit came up , Shake hands and greet each other , It turned out to be the son of the vet in this family , Come back and visit them . They live in towns .

   What I want to say here is , It seems that in China, it is not necessary to shake hands on occasions other than business . In the days of Serbia , I found that men meet and say goodbye and shake hands a lot , We always shake hands . There are a lot of women's face dressing gifts , There are also handshakes . Most people in China , Both men and women , A handshake is more suitable for , Some ethnic groups in Northwest China also have handshake and face ceremony , For example, you can see such etiquette on the streets of Xinjiang .

   When I came to Serbia , We brought a few small gifts with Chinese characteristics , If we meet people who help us , Give thanks . Consider going to someone else's house , Is it necessary to prepare a small gift , I put a scarf in my backpack to prepare . We asked the guide . The guide said , You don't need , Because you are guests , It's proper to entertain you , And you've paid for it , I'll pay them .

   After a while , The guide asked me , Why do Chinese people like to give gifts to others ?

   Uh ..., It seems that the Chinese she met like to give people presents , And she didn't think it was necessary , Is that what the Serbs think .

   I reply : That's not the truth . Because giving presents requires cost and preparation , So it's just when you're friendly , Or when you're grateful , I'll give you . Or gifts from relatives and friends .

   The host took us under the car . The hostess is always busy with the work of entertaining guests , But I didn't have dinner with us . This reminds me of the rural customs still preserved in some places in Shandong Province , Come home , The hostess will be busy in the kitchen , Don't eat at the same table with the guests , It's not a hero to the heroine . How similar is this hostess , I still take out the kerchief and give it to the host , Thanks to the hostess for preparing the meal . however , If even the guide doesn't think it's necessary , This should be the general idea of the local people , You don't have to prepare for it later .

   The car drove into the valley . Go straight to a hundred year old waterwheel .

   The river, which is called the cleanest River in Europe, is a little wider here , About the width of a canal , It really looks like a river is gurgling .

An old wooden bridge connects the road to the water truck cabin .

There's a very stylish restaurant next to the cottage . There are also some red roofed houses with green trees behind them .

On the exterior wall of the hut were hung handcrafts , A fat old man was sitting outside the house , Wearing a flat top hat similar to a Soviet military cap , With a knife , Fiddle with the carpentry in the sun .

   I know why we came to visit the century old waterwheel , The old man started the water wheel , Continue to process grains , Show how it works . It turns out that the water wheel made of logs has been running for hundreds of years , Help surrounding farmers to process grain , Flour milling .

The hut is built on the water , At the foot is the water wheel running . Thick grain dust in the house , With the aroma of harvest . There are a lot of woodwork in the corner , Nine tooth wooden harrow 、 Wooden spoon 、 Wooden bowl 、 All kinds of wooden daily necessities .

   The old man said that he made them by hand , The wood from the mountain . We hope to help the old people a little , Just pick out souvenirs in there , It's not easy to carry daily necessities . not so bad , Found a handmade flute . It is said that this is the traditional musical instrument of the farmers in the mountains , Obtain raw material locally , It was shepherds who amused themselves and helped herding .

   Chinese flute is a bamboo flute , Horizontal blow . The flute here , seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , Made of wood , Vertical blowing , Blowing is a bit like our flute and ruler eight . These flute are due to craft problems , The sound is fine and crisp . Chinese bamboo flute and bamboo flute have been portable musical instruments for folk scholars to express their feelings since ancient times . Spring rain floor head shakuba xiao , Chiba is a high-end musical instrument of court music , It's been made for a long time , The process is very complicated , The materials used are exquisite , Non civilians can yell , So it disappeared in China after the fall of the Song Dynasty , But they were brought back to Japan for development , In recent years, it has come back from Japan . The Japanese love the culture of the Tang Dynasty , Pass it down from generation to generation with extreme care , Chiba ancient music of Tang Dynasty is preserved 《 Xuduo 》.

   Digression . Two little flutes , Make gifts for lovely children .

   Down the steps to the river to see the water wheel running in the river , What a piece of wood , A rolling stone gathers no moss , on , It has served people for a hundred years .

   Someone is eating in the restaurant . The environment is quiet and comfortable . I just had a little , We're not hungry , I have a bad appetite . Although the itinerary includes eating fish from the nearby river in the restaurant , We decided not to eat . The surroundings are so beautiful , Wouldn't it be better to have a cup of hot coffee at the outdoor table and have a chat .

   We asked about the contrast between Tito's time and the present , What's the difference? ? The guide said , Because of age , She didn't go through Tito's time , You don't know a lot about it . But her mother lived through that time , So we can say a little bit . The most obvious difference , Tito era , Almost all people have jobs , And it's a steady job , Don't worry about losing your job . Now people's work is basically unstable .

   We mentioned a phenomenon , In Bay City , See a lot of young people in the coffee shop during the day , I've seen it all the way back and forth , It's like sitting in a cup of coffee all day , They don't work ? The guide replied , The present job is inherently unstable , And young people like to change their jobs , Either quit the boss or be dismissed by the boss , Some people work hard , There are also people who don't want to work . But people in the cafe don't have to be unemployed , Maybe they're working there . It makes sense , Many people in China like to work in Starbucks .

   Talking about mobile phones , The guide said , Most young people in Serbia use apples , We also use Millet's , A few people are using Huawei . I thought Huawei was such a big symbol on the Danube River , Many people will use Huawei mobile phones . But mobile phones are only made by Huawei B2C It's just a part of , Doesn't mean anything .

It is said that most young people use apples , We're curious about the level of income in Serbia , After all, Apple has been hooked with the kidney . The tour guide said it would come to , Ordinary occupation , The monthly income is about RMB 4000 , Two or three thousand low , It's six or seven thousand , Of course, there are higher , Just a few people .

Think of what used to be Yugoslavia , I can't help but sigh . The prosperity of a country is the well-being of the people , But it also needs the people , Especially young people have the spirit of diligence and enterprising , interact 、 Each achievement .

  It's said that there is a live ammunition shooting range with coaches in Xincheng . The first landlady enthusiastically called us to book live fire for the next day . We chose to have AK47 Set of six guns, such as magnon pistol and big wine bottle .

   It's just too wise for China to ban guns , Ordinary people are more at ease . After all, there are people with unstable personalities . Look at the shooting cases in the United States .

Boys and tomboys who play with water bombs are right AK47 Be curious . See it online 360 It seems that Zhou Hongyi also has Zhang Zhi AK47 Cool photos , We were all children here .

Remember college military training , Live fire ,130 The truck pulled the hundred and ten people to the wild mountains , Lying on the ground, beating , It's all flying , Their targets are full of holes , It is estimated that the students next door contribute to each other . After shooting, everyone refused to get on the bus and come back , Linger in the spot and smack that shuttle bullet , The instructor said : Those who don't want to get on the bus stay for an outing , This range , It's also a place of execution . Instantaneous , There's no one on the ground .

   Take a , Take a bus across the Sava River Bridge to the new town . About self driving or using local transportation , We prefer the latter , Self driving will lose the pleasure of getting to know the local people closely .

I wonder if the new town will be built by China . A feeling of China's Urban Development Zone . The road is very wide , With the shoulder of the road 、 Green plants 、 Walking brick , Split the motorway 、 Non motorway 、 Sidewalk .

Planting trees and lawn seems to be a standard feature of urban construction in China , This good habit is said to come from national defense and security needs , Follow it , There is no need to say about the practical benefits .

Cities in Europe and America probably evolved from the castle model , The natural coverage of vegetation is very high . Some European and American cities also need tires , A few trees are planted on the stone street to beautify it slightly . For example, the overall vegetation coverage in Serbia is very high , Some communities in Beicheng are narrow streets , Occasionally there are a few trees to embellish .

   Trees are planted on both sides of the streets of Xincheng , This style is very kind . It's just that the streets are not clean enough .

   The map points to a residential building . According to our understanding of the shooting range , It should be in a remote place , Or part of a larger sports ground . For example, the domestic live ammunition shooting range , Some are in the mountains , From the old ammunition factory . Some are at the foot of the mountain , Belonging to the weapons research institute . There are sports grounds for shooters to train . It must be wrong , Asked several people , It is said that this address is the residential building of this community .

   Send a message to the landlord girl to confirm the address , I asked the two blonde girls who were passing by . A girl said , Yes , This is the address , I seem to know where it is . Leave her companion with us , Please wait here with her friends , She went to confirm that . Then he ran away quickly . The girl left behind said that her English was not very good , Can't say more , We'll just wait here . ha-ha , In fact, our English is not very good , It's interesting to communicate with voice and body language .

   For a while , The little girl ran back , Tell us , It's between these two buildings , There's a little open space , There's a basement there , The shooting range is in the basement . ah ?! There is a live ammunition shooting range in the basement of the residential building ! What a surprise !

   The little girl is very happy because she has helped others . We're sorry we didn't bring a little gift with us , These two lovely girls , Add a wonderful memory to our trip . It also makes people feel good for Sierra Leone .

   Once in the basement , You see a lot of trophies , It seems that the coach or boss was a former shooter . An uncle is a shooting assistant , Another older uncle was reading the newspaper with his glasses .

   Guns all over the wall , There's a machine gun on the ground , I tried to carry it up , Strength is limited , It didn't move .

China Weapon 2008 research all light weapons museums , A wide variety , excellent . Children who like to play games can recognize many varieties when they go in .