The Sava River and the Danube River

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The National Grand Theatre in Belgrade has a history of more than 150 years . It's a long time to go through generations , Also experienced prosperity and prosperity , War and decline . No matter how ups and downs life is , For the people of Serbia , Art has become an existence embedded in life .

The ups and downs of staff , Can play sad , Can also play melodious .

I have to mention ,1999 year , NATO bombed the Confederacy , Every afternoon there will be a three hour pause in the attacks on Belgrade , In these three hours , The National Grand Theatre is performing as usual , The fare 1 Dinars .

Life and death come from heaven , Carefree in me . Lead the spirit out of trouble , It is the ultimate meaning of artistic existence .

Every September, Serbia holds an International Drama Festival , This theater will not be in short supply , I don't know what will happen this year . Share the list of plays that the theater has got . Is it rich ?

The national theater is not far from the Republic Square , You can walk to . Go to the theatre one day in advance . There's a late audience outside the theater , Waiting for halftime to let people in to watch the second half .

After watching the time of the performance , We chose drama :《 Families that have lost loved ones 》.

Box office uncle : It's in Serb , Do you want to buy ?

“ Yes .”

“ You know the local language ?”

“ I have no idea .”

“ And be sure to buy ?”

“ Yes .”

Box office uncle raises eyebrows , “ ok ”.

Listen to crosstalk , I don't know the language. It's just shrimp , Just look at them , A dry chat , An awkward chat , This is how embarrassment arises , Head crosstalk actors are also in vain . But drama is different .

There are no more than three forms of dramatic expression : Acting is bigger than lines ; The lines are bigger than the performances ; Each half .

For the former , No language , It's also understandable as a pantomime .《 the mole 》 Is there any human language ? Is there anyone who can't understand ? Maybe the spontaneous lines in the audience are more wonderful , A thousand Hamlet's feel good, too .

Good form of expression , The plot twists and turns , And you can perform it .《 List of reed {langya} 》 The plot is not simple , A hundred turns and a thousand turns , It's all about acting . Film and television directors who rely on narration should return to practice , Why don't we listen to Guo Degang and Luo Yonghao .

Of course , drama , I want to talk . But I want to try to understand a word that I can't understand .

The fact proved that , can ! Very good !

The actors in the drama of Serbia are very good at acting .

Sun my ticket first , The family wants to buy a good ticket , And I'd like to see what the basic lowest price is , How does it look . Five hundred dinars , It's about 30 yuan . At home , Less than a glass of Margarito .

Art comes from the people , Return to the people, too , People are always shouting this slogan , It's good that the ticket price is close to the people , People will come to see you . To the theater , It's one of the natural lifestyles of people here .

Compared with the National Grand Theater in the capital of China , It's the half reflective dome next to Tiananmen Square . Here's an example of a play , The lowest ticket price situation :

The Royal Theatre came to perform the play 《 After Macbeth 》, The Grand Theater , In the middle of the last few rows , This position doesn't look good ,380 element .

The Taiwan troupe came to perform the stage play 《 hi , Mick 》, Small theater , In the middle of the last few rows , It's also a bad place ,180 element .

Russian pianist concert , Concert Hall , Circular position , Most of the time I look at a face , listen , It doesn't affect ,180.

The above comparison will not be evaluated , Rich and thrifty by people .

Before 7:30 p.m , To the theatre . There is a gentleman's Guide to check tickets at the door , After going upstairs , The beautiful lady with work clothes Guides . Arrived earlier . Take a picture first . A few blondes came in and quietly took pictures . Not just because it's the theatre , Serbia feels quieter in general .

Small theater , More than 200 seats . The Grand Theater , Six hundred seats , Basically Ballet 、 Opera kind of .

The golden and red hues of the theater , A building decorated with relief , Gorgeous chandelier reflects the feeling of resplendence . The Vienna Golden Hall is also this tone , It's because this style was popular in early theater architecture , Or is it because the hue will look luxurious and solemn , I don't know .

High saturation color collision is really more suitable for large scenes .

Recently, there have always been people who talk about morandia , According to people, it is the unsaturated color with appropriate grayscale , It seems that vernacular is not advanced enough , The whole foreign artist must be named , It's only by explaining the noun again that others can understand , So bigg came out .

You see, clothing manufacturers can use clear Chinese characters to accurately express : Fog and ash 、 Fog powder 、 Fog blue and so on .

However, it is the pursuit of color balance as much as possible under the small scene and small gas field , Reduce the visual stimulation of collisions , Or it won't stop shouting .

Color itself doesn't matter high vulgar , See where to use it , How to use it? , Balance or collision decorates the world .

There are four floors , Our tickets are lower , The seats are in the middle of the fourth floor , But the view is good , Right on the stage . On the side is the box , For four . When my family saw the box, they complained that I would not listen to him , Otherwise, I feel so good in the box . I don't know the layout of the theater here , I didn't know the box was so beautiful , Next time .

The stage design is very good , There's a slope , And the audience has a deep , It is very good for the front and left side of the view . I saw it at her Majesty's Theatre in London 《 Phantom of opera 》, Found that their stage design is very good , There's some depth in the audience , This is what the domestic theater design can learn from . Several theaters I have seen in China are flat stage with a distance from the audience , Different seats have different viewing effects .

One thing is that domestic theaters have more advantages , Building new , Building technology doesn't need pillars anymore , There are no pillars blocking the view . There is no way for these old European theaters , The ticket sales also need to be explained .

Just before the opening , A group of middle school students with shoulders on their backs came in , It's probably a study tour in other cities . After a little noise, I became quiet .

The plot is very interesting : Lost a loved one , Family members and relatives come to the bereaved's home to express their grief , Then they took the opportunity to sweep all the belongings of the bereaved , Even silver plates and alarm clocks . An old lady , Suddenly I found the holy image of the Lord , Pray now , Cover the statue , Search for valuable things with ease . After meeting each other , From recrimination to agreement , Let's divide them up happily . The hostess and a man walked away with each other . Last , Before leaving , Once again, we all burst into mourning .

Everyone's acting is brilliant , harmony but not sameness . That kind of exaggeration and plain degree is very good , The whole play is relaxed and profound , It shows that the internal skill is profound .

At halftime , Someone went to the balcony outside the building to smoke , There are many people in the hall , And the late audience came in during the break . The attendance rate is very high .

When the actors turn their curtain calls , The audience gave a warm applause . Especially the old lady , I got more applause over and over again , It's still rhythmic , There were even shouts , It looks like an old artist with both virtuous and artistic qualities , It's famous in Sierra Leone .

Conclusion : good ! reason : I can read it . Go out , I'm relaxed and happy . The family members even felt that human nature was ugly, and was performed too incisively and vividly by the actors , No ugliness, no profundity , Some affect emotions .

?!... My understanding suddenly appears to be scribbled .

It shows that the performance is really successful , Two foreigners who don't understand a word , One feels relaxed , A profound experience , Add it up perfectly ! Hey ha !

Back to the new apartment , Blow the wind on the terrace , Look at the street view under the night . The theater opposite is over , A lot of people came out . Maybe some people watch opera , in smart clothes , It's a requirement to watch opera .

Some of them, too, are not Opera , such as 《 Phantom of opera 》. Because the name is easily mistaken for opera , Of course, it's also performed by singing , But it belongs to stage play . It's not that demanding in dress , Tourists of the world , Just feel free , Of course, it's great to be well dressed , Respect for actors .

Come back every night and sit on the terrace , You can see the theater opposite , Some people in good clothes came out in succession , Go away . The streets of the old city are very narrow , It's very clear from the terrace .

One day at the end of the show , It's raining , It's big , Someone left with an umbrella , Someone was waiting under the theater porch . It's raining all the time , A woman in a white fur coat was waiting on the porch , Stand up straight , It's very eye-catching .

Fried beef , Make the soup , Go to the French window and have a look , There are not many people left , She's still there , Still straight .

After eating, clean up , Look out , The rain didn't stop , The street was reflected in the rain , All gone , She's still there .

Suddenly I felt like this is a lady with a story .

Every day , We are also curious about this beautiful theater , What show is so attractive , And the audience seems to be different from that of the National Grand Theater .

Line up the time , I'm going to see a performance in this theater on the night of my return , Then go back to your room, get your luggage and go to the airport .

perfect ! Clap .

When I went to the theater to buy tickets the day before my return , Be informed of , The next day the theatre was closed , It turns out that the theater has a day off every week . Except that museums need to be closed , The theater will be tired, too .

ok , Next time I get married .

The town of Zemon is a must . Gadoshta , It has become a card punching place for Chinese people , On the top of this Zemon , Overlooking the red roofed house on the Danube River , A panoramic view of the whole town .

The town is not far from the old city of Beicheng , More than one bus can reach .

There is a bus terminal not far from Dagong street , A lot of lines , A lot of passengers . It's here in the picture , There are a lot of people waiting for the bus . There's a market next to it ,DM, The hotel , McDonald's , Cafeteria, fast food Asian restaurant .

Public transport in Serbia is very smooth , There are so many bus routes , tram 、 trolleybus 、 The bus . Found that many people get on and off the car without swiping their cards , I think it's strange . Asked the landlord , original , As a social welfare , Cypriots with rechargeable bus cards , About 90 minutes after the first swipe , Transfer as you like , No need to swipe the card again .

We bought three-day cards for two at newsstands several times . Local people can't buy this kind of card . Brush up and down every time , Sometimes I find that the swipe card machine is broken at all . Carmine is the landmark of St. Savart , The next part will introduce .

In addition, the price of regular taxi in Beicheng is not high , There was a roadside taxi , Put the start and end routes on the mobile phone map in , Give it to the driver , After a long time, he stopped and looked around , See light suddenly , Happy to start . Pricing by meter , Lower than Beijing taxi and didi . however , The car we got was rather shabby , In China, it is estimated that this kind of car appearance will not be able to get a job .

The town was built along the Danube , The cruise terminal is under construction , In the future, there will be a large river boat stop here , The current Danube river boat only stops along the coasts of several other developed countries .

Many famous rivers have such River wheels , For example, the Yangtze River in China , The Nile in Egypt , Living on a boat , Swimming on the shore .

From this year , Cruise ships at sea will be greatly affected , Domestic river boats will be a more suitable choice . It is estimated that the Three Gorges section of the Yangtze River cruise ship , Domestic demand alone will be a mess of fire .

Many small boats and boats stop on the river . Swans float leisurely . It's a pity that the water is gray and muddy .

People are frequently used , The river must be muddy . This is true of busy rivers . This is the value of the Danube to mankind .

Quiet is Xu Qing , If you move, you will grow slowly . It's good to be a useful river , It's still useless , Different positions , Different views .

Next to the shore, rows of open-air dining places , Decorated in white , The umbrellas are all tied up , No one . If the weather is fine , Sit down and have a slow drink , What a pleasure . I was going to eat a Danube fish on the Bank of the Danube , Unfortunately, the restaurant is not open , And it rained .

In the drizzle , Go to the market , It's closing the stall . The markets in the towns are almost the same . There's a church in the center square , not big , Look good . Several coffee shops are cleaning up the open-air dining space by the side of the road . The pedestrian street in the rain is cold .

I visited a few shops and supermarkets at random , Found a building , So I went in . Pinyin in capitals on the front wall NEW SHANGHAI. It's a wholesale city from Jiangsu and Zhejiang . This is how the concept of Shanghai is put into the minds of local people .

I met two beauties born in 1990 , From Zhejiang , Start a company in Beicheng . That's great ! The girls said modestly that the family had been arranged properly , They're just a link , As long as people are staring here . Mine at home is good enough to do well . Today's young people are still very good .

To the famous tower , Stopped during maintenance . It's impossible to overlook , It's good to roam the town .

The town has a deep connection with Hungary , Zemon is the border area beside the Danube , Be fought over and taken away . It is said that the wall was built by xiongya using the stone of Beicheng .

The houses of more than 100 years are in good order , Different colors , Along the slope . The whole town was built on artificial flood prevention slopes . Ups and downs don't smell .

It's raining heavily , There's a restaurant by the road , A very ordinary green house , Go in and eat , Avoid the heavy rain . One looks like 《 Don ton Manor 》 The old housekeeper Carson , Come out to receive .

I heard that we were in Serbia for the first time , My first visit to Zemon , I've been to the Danube just now , He recommended it , There is a Danube in the restaurant . The family ordered a set meal of barbecue . A simple meal begins .

Drink with ice water , A basket of buns , A big bowl of soup with vegetables, eggs and meat , After eating, I was almost full . After taking it down , Come on the main course and salad , It's hard to say .

The fish's shape is very strange , It took me a while to understand that it was a big fish , Blow up the cross section . It's greasy . His family also said that his dish was very greasy . It's too much here , Look at Comrade Carson's thick body , They eat it .

The rain stopped outside the window , We put the money according to the bill , Get up , Comrade Carson said in a hurry, wait and wait , And then I went to the back kitchen , Bring out a large plate of desserts , Chocolate and so on , We all forgot we had the last dessert .

Comrade Carson asked if the dessert would be packed ? We each took a piece of chocolate , Family says , Well, it's delicious , A: no, no , We can't eat more sweets . Comrade Carson sent out the door and shook hands with his family .

Just a few steps ahead of the door , indicating surprise or wonder ~ A large cemetery ! good heavens ! I even ate Danube fish happily in the restaurant next to the cemetery ! Woo hoo !

Turn to another road right away .

“ With this position , We may be the only Chinese who come to this restaurant .”

“ You go back and write a travel note , Soon it's not unique .”

Just turn around , To a vocational school . There are walls , There's a doorframe , There is no door , There's no guard , Go in and take a spin .

A few decades ago, the style of old schools in backward small counties , Sitting on the porch , It's boys who come in and out of the dormitory , It's a boys' dormitory area . Next door is the girls' dormitory .

On the path outside , In front of a few humble grocery stores , Drinking drinks and smoking boys and girls , Talking in a low voice . These students are a little ruffian , It's totally different from the temperament of law school students , Of course, the nature of the school and the construction of the campus are totally different .

A cemetery next to the school ! Ah ah ! I saw it all around again .

The world is the same , College students with a stubble of Yang Qi to avoid the twilight . For example, the second foreign language of Beijing in chajiafen , Chinese media , Famous schools in Zhongguancun . But there are flowers here , Every now and then there's a car , The key is that so many ruffian young people are here all year round , It's not scary . Maybe those who believe in heaven don't want to linger in the world .

Return trip , In the distance, I saw several bright figures busy taking pictures , I'm singing in praise of , Highly recognizable , They are some old Chinese aunts who drive themselves .

The town is not big , A day of wandering is enough , There are also people going to shell city , I'll come to live in Zemon , Experience the quiet time of a small town in Europe .

Zemon is too close , It's not much different from the city . Go further , Find the longest bus line anywhere , Sit to the end , What about? ? I propose .

That's a good idea ! Give me a clap !

Next few days , We've started a four-way public transport model .

Cross the river to the farthest place . The car goes further and further , Large fields, farms , And then into a small town , This is a rural town that is really surrounded by the countryside .

The car is on the road to the village , Behind him sat an old lady who dressed up very elegantly , It stands out on the bus , So I paid special attention to her .

I heard her whisper over and over several times :Thank you. You are welcome.

then , Gently touched my shoulder , I look back , She was smiling and gesticulating , It's my hair band that's loose .

I just take the hair band off , Said the Thank you. She answered immediately You are welcome. It turns out that this sentence is to remind me and practice . What a lovely and warm lady .

After a while , Touch my shoulder again , Wave your hand , Then the left hand grabs in the air , The right hand follows , say : Xiu . I was stunned , I understand immediately , I didn't tie it back after I saw me take off my hair belt , The old man thought I misunderstood , A little anxious , It can't express , Body language is the best way to communicate .

I laugh , Say again Thank you. She was relieved ,You are welcome.

See I'm not tied up yet , I just did a comparison again . I straightened up my hair and nodded to the old man with a smile , The old man also leaned back to his chair and tilted his head to laugh .

Soon , I feel the old man standing up and ready to get out of the car , We're going to go back and wave goodbye , She just turned her head and looked at us , It turns out that the old man is also looking forward to the end of the encounter . Six eyes are opposite , Everyone laughed in silence .

An old man who is elegant, warm and lovely , Today is mother's day , I hope she can get flowers back home .

Warm encounter , Warm town .

The end of the station . Walk past several houses , It's a lot of green wheat fields .

The appearance of oriental faces in this remote village is a small probability event , People waiting to watch the bus .

Take a walk around the town , The supermarket , The coffee shop , Street sculpture , Graffiti on the wall . It's not very special either .

I found that some old people came out from the same direction carrying things . This has to be seen , What's special .

Take the heart of gossip , Travel is more exciting .

Sure enough , corner , Shopping Mall AMBAR side , Busy villages and towns rush to gather .

Chinese villages often have temple fairs on the 15th day of the lunar new year . What day is it today , Just sent a holiday greeting to my mother , It's the weekend .

All kinds of roadside stalls . Broom seller , That kind of grandpa made by hand with sorghum millet ; Selling in a mess , It doesn't look like new ; The wooden box is full of apples ; Big cabbage ; Colorful flowers packed in cartons ; Fresh fish ; Hooks, rakes and other farm tools ; Clothes, shoes, etc .

Except for temporary stall by the side of the road , And the enclosed fixed market , It's very lively . Children licking ice cream follow adults around the stalls .

All kinds of fresh vegetables , It is similar to the varieties in Central Plains of China . Bright tomatoes , Cherry , strawberry . The fish seller holds fresh fish in barrels .

Passing by the stall selling smoked ham sausage , All kinds of things , It should look delicious , Uncle cut some pieces for us to taste .

wow , It is more delicious than Harbin Qiulin red sausage , Maybe the meat is better , Better to eat . and , There is no smell except fragrance .

We immediately bought some , Because I didn't expect that tourists like us would buy , Uncle was excited , Immediately, we cut other hams for us to taste , recommend . I bought another kind of .

The mutton stall opposite , Mutton looks good , It's golden .

Look past , The old man cut a piece of meat to taste for his family , Um. ~ That's good .

The old man also cut a piece and handed it to me , Because I never eat mutton , The family was just about to pick it up , The old man is very confident and persistent , Insist on handing it to me , And nodded hard to signal me to taste .

I have to take it over , Smell it , Light milk fragrance , There is no smell of smell . It's OK to experience roasted mutton from Serbia . It doesn't smell like a smell , There is also a light smell of milk , It's amazing .

Thinking of Xinjiang , You can't stay in the mutton restaurant , They had to eat in separate restaurants , Meet again . I think it's because there is drought and water shortage , The lambs are on fire , There's plenty of grass in Serbia , It's raining again , The lambs are gentle . Oranges grow in the south , If you are born in the north, you will find it , Everything is the same .

We can't communicate with old people . Uncle ham was very enthusiastic and took the initiative to help translate .

original , These sheep are really little sheep , It was the old man who raised it in a long distance , The old man killed himself , Baked . very good ! Uncle ham praised . We chose a piece of golden meat , He said it was a good choice , This is the front chest , And knock on your chest . ha-ha !

There are some guests around to buy ham , Uncle ham quickly waved back to greet the guests . The cat's constitution in foreign countries also glows and heats up as usual , I'm thinking about opening a store .

At the time of payment , We don't understand the old man , I can't see what he's describing , It's a bit of a circle , Let's just take out some money and let the old man take it from it .

Uncle ham has a lot of eyes and ears , Just in time . I said a few words to the old man , It's also called weighing , Turn the scale to us , I took a calculator and pressed a number , Repeat it in English . Run the temper leg stand again .

After paying , From afar, I waved to Uncle ham to say hello to each other , We looked around and left .

Pollen is being sold in front of the stall selling pollen honey , Mutton old man, come here , Pull our sleeves , Then I handed you a bag of roast mutton , We looked at each other , Only to find out that no one has taken away mutton after paying , Everyone laughed .

The main source of pollen in this season is rape flowers . Buy some and see what's different from the domestic ones . Later, it was found that there was a smell of mutton , It's clearly from plants . strange , The meat has no smell .

550 Dinar , We saw the stall owner holding 500, Naturally according to the domestic algorithm , Give it to him 1050, Come to us directly 500 That's it .

The owner of the stall was immediately surrounded , Again, I typed the number on the calculator again , Show us it's 550, And then just take it out of it 1000, Start looking for change in your own money , I didn't find the right one , And borrowed from others , And find it back 450. The owner shrugged , That's right . well !

It's so interesting , I used to think it was only the British .

Pancake stand , How much is it , The fat stall owner opened his fingers , Fifty . A roll of village pancakes in Serbia , Then with the country's own ham and mutton .

The earth is connected to the air , Flying close to the ground .

It's not enough , I bought a kind of wild vegetable that I don't know , See a dish with long roots , The family said we didn't buy it because we couldn't chew it , Finish the account , The stall owner probably noticed that we were discussing that dish , There are some , Give it to us , Say as you draw , Cut it and put it in the soup , very good .

On the way back , Meet children in kindergarten on a narrow road , The little is better than . We wait for one side , Please go first .

Dozens of children in line , Various types of looks , At first glance, there are different nationalities . Turn around and see us , Some turn a blind eye to it , There are big mouths and big eyes , Some of them hold their little faces in their hands and laugh , Yes, take a breath .

They are lovely flowers and bones of Cyprus .

A day in all directions , At the terminal , There's a big community , I don't know what nationality , Especially boys , For a long time, the dream of the Internet celebrities to frustrate their bones and beautify their faces V Word face .

Some old people in the station are guarding the freezer , Lock with an old lock . Oh ? It's that public order is not ideal , It's too delicious to control consumption ? The water quality in Serbia should be good . A popsicle . It's delicious . Try another one , Pretty good also .

Two girls waiting for the bus said to the old man , We want to be like the Chinese .

When you go around, you meet unfriendly people , It looks like teenagers , Passing by , All of a sudden, they yelled out slogans that they didn't understand , It feels impolite , Very unfriendly . It depends on the information and educational inclination they receive .

Finish the village fair , You have to cook yourself in the evening . We people are so happy today !

As a semi vegetarian , In meat eating countries, there is often no choice , commonly get Less than the beauty of meat . Family members also happily eat all kinds of meat in local restaurants , To be forced to , I don't want to .

The restaurant near the Republic Square is selling well , Even a small pancake has a ceremonial shape , Don't expect the taste .

One day I saw a Chinese restaurant , It's just a flash in front of my eyes .

Cafeteria style fast food . That look , Know the essence of the road , A mix of things 、 The acquired sense of chaos . I was happy to have a fast food in the canteen of the patriotic commune .

After all, the country on the tip of the tongue , Selling , taste , It has to be the same , Ran and . Business is good , There is an endless stream of young people .

Another day , See the iron fried rice written in the case , I can't tell the Chinese Japanese style , Try to come to the conclusion that it's not good for you . It's also chaos , Food is also packed in cartons . It's just the two of us in the store , Take out business is amazing . It's magic .

And you see Asian restaurants , It's also canteen fast food , Of course I don't want to try . From the appearance 、 taste 、 The tableware is simple and crude , The names are all small , The dining hall of the global commune , More domineering .

These young people eat Chinese food mainly because the price is low and the quantity is large ? On the last day I had another answer , It's also a way for them to get to know China and get close to China , What they eat is actually yearning for China ?

The location of the new apartment is good , The opposite of the terrace is the theatre , At the door of the building is for money , Next to the convenience store . Take a bucket of mineral water from the convenience store , Do it yourself .

The new landlord is a very family girl , Virtuous and introverted . Normal home facilities , From dried flowers to ironing boards , Folding stainless steel clothes hanger , There should be , There is no need to , The bedding is also more comfortable . The kitchen is perfect for me , The kitchen is well equipped , The larger , Except for six people , There's still a lot of room .

The kitchen and bedroom have floor to floor doors and windows , Connect the terrace , Come back every night and open the French windows , Have a hot drink , Look at the street view on the terrace .

Lack of seasoning , Small manual elevator , Just go downstairs and buy it , The door of the apartment building is high and heavy , When a pregnant woman asks me to open the door for her , The elevator will give way to the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled .

After a meal of extreme comfort , Clean up , Wash your clothes , There's a little seat on the terrace blowing .