Sava River and Danube River

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Next to tasmadan park is the orthodox St. Mark's Cathedral , Look good , According to the architectural style, it belongs to Byzantine style , Mainly dome , There are many small arched windows below .

Byzantine style is the architectural style of Constantinople in East Rome . Harbin St. Sophia Cathedral is a typical Byzantine Orthodox Church . Russian onion is influenced by this style , Added their own characteristics , For example, the lovely Vassili Church of ascension on Moscow's Red Square .

One day is not a Sunday , Some people rush to church , We followed curiously , The church is almost full , There are still people coming in , Everyone's expression is serious and heavy .

I can't help but think of the little girl monument at the end of the park . In front of the black marble butterfly , A little copper girl holding a doll , The butterfly's wings say “ I was just a kid ”, This monument is used to commemorate in 1999 The children who died in NATO bombing . In front of the monument lies a white sea taro .

Do church prayers have anything to do with these children ? I hope they can be carefree in heaven .

A world without peace , Only peaceful countries , A time of peace .

At the end of the park, an arched door plate says :Streetfood Festival, Roadside snacks , Food festival .

The brand says Prague beer Staropramen trademark ,1869 It started in Prague . It turns out to be this big beer brand 150 Anniversary sponsored snack Festival .

Anyone who has been to the Czech Republic knows that Bilson 、 Budweiser , Stan Raman is also a famous old beer .

Look at the arch , It happens to be St. Mark's .

The stage is being set up in the park , The colored cabins on both sides are being trimmed . Is the food festival about to start ? Asked the worker who was repairing , It will start in the afternoon the day after tomorrow . Of course not .

It's just street food . Black bread that looks like a dirty bag , It's not selling well , There's a girl with braided hair who is buying .

There's also cotton candy on the spot , chromatic , A couple of kids with marshmallows .

The young man made meat sandwiches in front of the stove , Some people lined up to buy . Turn a circle , The cabin sells dairy products , drink , Beer, of course , The ice cream looks good , But it's too cold . Meat sandwich business is booming , There's always a line up , To give up .

After watching for a while, it was lively , Music starts , Only music , No one yelled to attract attention , A pair of twin sisters appeared on the stage , Dressed as like as two peas , Yellow clothes , The same little braid , Rhythmic gymnastics .

Not many seats , It's not full , There are two Cantonese speakers sitting there eating with cold .

On the grass in the distance , The singing children gathered some audience .

The family reflexively considers the cost , It's a good thing , Except for the guy who sells meat sandwiches , I'm sure you'll get a loss if you end up renting . o ! entertain imaginary or groundless fears , Maybe the brewer will sponsor the rent . But it's cold , Can't , Fewer people , The rest of the people in the park don't come to join in the fun , And domestic a lively fried stinky tofu can not be discharged half a mile to compare , We are so powerful .

It will be more lively to hold such activities in summer .

Take the train to any station , If not, return , OK, I'll stay for a while , What about? ?

Um. ~ Good idea , This little brain , It's not all paste .

To the railway station , Only the rails , I didn't see the station . Even if it's not a tall building , There should be a decent house, too , The size is also the capital . There's not even a normal house on the ground . The map is wrong ?

I saw a woman taking pictures on the bridge , I asked her about the train station , She said she didn't know , She just came from Russia today . I can't understand only a few words in Russian , The girl was stunned and laughed , Now, doodle, doodle, purr , This is awkward , I don't understand , Come on “ Kill aunt Wei ” end .

See the roadside construction , The gait of construction workers is very similar to that of Chinese construction workers . China also has projects at railway stations ? Go and have a look , It's a European old man . Heavy manual workers are the same all over the world . Young people in Serbia are in the coffee shop , The elderly are on the construction site . It seems that this has gradually become the case in China , Most of them are middle-aged and old people .

Several people trotted into the ground with their luggage on their backs , A few more people rushed underground . Why ? Look past . It's the entrance of the railway station . The railway station is under construction , Set up a temporary underground entrance . It is no wonder that , As the capital railway station, it is impossible that there are no buildings on the ground .

No more than 20 people , There are few trains coming in and out . There are not many staff .

The train is beautiful . Body with graffiti . There's bright red, too . It happened that several train men passed by , Dark blue uniform , Serious back , Red trains set off .

Doodle , You can see it everywhere in Beicheng city and countryside . Passing some remote places , Interesting graffiti can make people temporarily ignore the old house . The innate artistic atmosphere has little to do with the rich and the poor .

Probably because it's temporary , So everything is small , Small ticket office , A small counter for selling things , There are some decent tables and chairs for dinner . The waiting room is small , There are only dozens of seats . With so few passengers, there's no need to leave empty space .

There's an underground passage , Several entrances and exits , Get on the platform beside the ground rail , Every platform has seats , Above the platform is a canopy . China , It's usually from a high place down to the platform .

I sat on the platform for a while , No trains in and out . When you come out and go back to the underpass , Several old people came to ask us what , I can't understand the local language , And we don't know the situation . Especially an old man with two children , It seems that the situation is very bad , I don't know the panic in the southeast and northwest , It's heartbreaking , There are no staff around , Fortunately, a passing lady kindly instructed him which exit to get on the platform . It's nice to have staff all over China's railway stations .

The railway station in the capital is so cold , exceeding one's expectations , It makes sense . After Yugoslavia , Some places no longer exchange trains , It's a small country , The population is also small , It doesn't take so many trains anymore . Vast territory , A large population , It's a national advantage .

There is a red fitness trail outside the railway station . A few crows pecked leisurely , There are bigger crows here , Generally with triangular shawl pattern . I also saw beautiful pheasants in Beicheng .

When you're sitting on a bench on the Trail , There is a simple and honest fat boy and his mother and sister passing by . The young man has a red face , Speak on your own initiative , They go to the railway station , He also said that his mother's legs were inconvenient . We are actually too tired to talk , Or immediately play 12 minutes spirit, 13 minutes smile and young man greetings .

Return to the good with the greatest kindness . Growing up because of evil is helpless , Good is the choice . Ordinary people need to give each other kindness , Create local beauty together . This is another way to keep warm .

Passing the Church of St. Savart , It's the landmark building on the bus card . Orthodox Cathedral , The pastoral area is under construction . Not open , Very good appearance .

This is the largest Orthodox Church in the world . Huge bronze dome , Multiple arched windows , Typical Byzantine style . The church is solemn and magnificent , White marble exterior wall , Four bell towers , Tetrahedral equilibrium . It's been building since before Tito , Repair stop , So far, the interior hasn't been built yet , Time and money , I think it should be very beautiful .

The Church of San Sava is named after Sava, the youngest son of the founding monarch of Serbia , Sava is a famous religious leader in Serbia , The younger brother of the second monarch , Using religious influence to assist the second brother to ascend the throne . With the permission of the patriarch of Constantinople , Serbia has established its own diocese , Independence of the Serbs , The rise of status in the Balkans , Sava is seen by the Serbs as a national hero , The Cathedral of St. Savart was established in memory of Sava .

The park outside the church becomes a place for people to relax , Old people and children , The blue sky and white clouds , Magnificent architecture , Picture of peace .

There are stalls nearby , Book seller , There are people who stand in the grass and play flute to make a living , There are old women sitting on benches chattering , I don't know what I'm talking about . Two teenagers passing by together , Stop suddenly , Flip pocket , Walk back , The old lady was given change .

I often see charitable teenagers in Beicheng , An ancient city with temperature .

Early in the morning , Take a walk to the Danube .

It's too early , Along the way , Only one breakfast shop is open . Two older ladies are busy , It was amazing and enthusiastic to see us come in .

In the store, I had two handmade dairy snacks that you highly recommended , And things mixed with eggs . I'm not used to the smell . The family felt OK . A lady came out of the counter , Ask with concern how you feel ? O.k. ? Of course . She went back happily .

Praise is a good thing , It can make both sides happy . Non principle issues , What's wrong with a high hat ? Life is not easy , Oh, yes, yes .

Walking through abandoned rusty tracks , Take a shortcut to the residential area of the Red Mansion . Out is the fitness facilities , The river bank is here . The perfect Danube River View Room .

Old people always get up earlier . On the steps under the river bank , Some old people were sitting and chatting in a low voice , From time to time he raised his voice and called to the old man fishing in the distance .

The big golden hair ate and ate meekly and walked by , Followed by an old woman walking the dog .

The Danube is much clearer in the morning than in the daytime , A breeze blows , The ripples ripple gently , The water birds are hovering in the sky waiting for the opportunity to catch the fish . Overnight precipitation , Still waters run deep , Return to nature . This is the moment when the Danube belongs to itself .

Walking slowly along the river , Hear a crisp Ding Dong . Lean over and listen carefully , Another section of the river bank , The river beat the Bank of the river , Make a rhythmic sound , Every paragraph is different , Fast or slow , Or crisp or mixed yuan . The Danube can really sing ! original , When the Danube is being itself , The joy is so light .

Recording the sound of Danube River with mobile phone , There was a wind murmur during playback . When there is no wind , hear : Ding Ding Dong Dong , With the sound of surging waves , The melody of nature .《 The Blue Danube 》 That's what inspired me .

Family members are watching fishing on the steps . I walked slowly along the river , Record my voice of the Danube .

There are young people who do morning exercises on the river bank , Wave to each other .

A very cartoon little boy , Looks like four or five years old , Yellow hair , Red clothes , Parents lead , On the Bank of the river . I waved to the children .

“ My mouth is full of chatter ”. Clear and crisp children's voice, take the initiative to say hello .

Ha , Westerners can't tell which country the easterners are from . A lot of Japanese come here ?

“ Hello ! Hello !” I responded with a smile .

“ Hello !” It's clear and a little milky , Like a little meow . Isn't that cute . A little bit of him knows many languages , What family . Ha !

It turned out , The accident recorded the lovely children's voice . The sound of the Danube is a cooperative melody of innocence and nature . Open up and listen , What a lovely child .

Sit on the steps with your family to watch fishing .

It's a strange way to fish . The old man filled half a bottle of water with a mineral water bottle , Throw it into the river , Pull the net rope , Walk along the Bank of the river , Take in the net .

On the river bank , The voices are rising .

The river began to swell , The roar came , The birds start , Fly to the shore . A large cargo ship came slowly , The draft is so deep , It's supposed to be the rasa stone boat . The river is muddy with agitation . Can't wait for peace , Another big freighter is coming . A speedboat glided by with pride .

The day when the Danube belongs to mankind has begun .

Another morning . Let's walk along the Danube to the Sava . OK !

Road , I met a martial arts master and apprentice in a monk's robe . So many Wulin masters are in Beicheng ? After talking to each other, I learned that , It's them in Dagong street . Come to Beicheng for exchange . Passers-by looked at each other in astonishment , Go back and forth . I think it was the master's Eastern martial arts costume that surprised them , Here comes Kung Fu .

Go to the old track , Not far away, a girl who looked like a middle school student waved to us , Greet each other , Everyone laughed .

The weather is fine , The sun is warm , Sitting on a bench on the banks of the Danube for a while . On the bench next to him sat a young man reading , That focus is full of hope .

Up and down the dike , Stop as you go . Passing by a cafe that hasn't opened yet . Tennis Center , Some young people in the clothing profession are running and playing ball .

Sava River , There's a coffee shop opening . The sun is up , All the seats on the terrace are covered with umbrellas . The waitress is shuttling to order . Take your coffee , Look around . It's not good for Seville , High cost performance , It's only a dozen yuan a cup .

Look across the bank , On the other side of the Sava River, there are dense forests , Several small wooden houses are scattered by the river , Big birds fly around , A leisurely scene .

The confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers , The color of the river is clearly defined , The near half is cloudy and yellow , Half of the distance is blue , It's cleared a lot .

In a burst of noise , A large group of young people came with props . Looks like a college student . It turns out today is Saturday .

Girls in uniform youth clothes began to put tables and chairs , Distribute flyers , In a moment, it attracted a group of children , We all gathered together to make handicrafts , painting .

Four or five boys are going to put up banners between the two lamp posts . And there's a boy taking pictures , Record activities .

The rhythm of youth makes the old Sava river look young , These are the people of the future along the Sava river .

The boys gradually attracted our attention , It's not about being handsome, of course . Failure , Discuss , Fail again , Further discussion . Is it so light and complicated to pull a banner . Cooperation and conscientiousness deserve recognition , It's just that there are no rules .

We're out of coffee , Not yet . You must be in a hurry , It's fun to stay out of the way .

This scene , It can be served with meals . Another cup of coffee , I went into the store again and chose ice cream . Sit and watch the wind and cloud of the Sava River , And the future figures around her .

Created by the general environment , Or is it nature , Some Europeans are incredibly slow , Is time free . We've had Dora run since we were kids , Time is the education of money . I'm used to the big changes in front of me . It's better than watching the sunset at the door of the house. I took a picture of the street view , The next morning , The overpass is gone , The roadside was renovated as if there had never been a bridge , I accidentally took a picture of that bridge , major .

The seriousness of the students is very moving , We can see the spirit of craftsmanship in the banner . Slow work does not necessarily lead to meticulous work , finally , It's been done a little bit . More than half an hour , I'm really convinced .

" ! success ! The photographer came to take photos and record , No one worries about efficiency , Hi, everyone, PIP , This mentality , well .

On the banner is the theme of environmental protection . It looks like it's a college club activity , Appeal for environmental protection , Starting from childhood .

During the epidemic , Amazing natural restoration of inaccessible places . Man is like a bear child who destroys in the living room of nature , Turn away from the guest , If you don't behave yourself, you'll be driven out of the earth . Ordinary people don't even go to low-level exoplanets , I'm afraid it's either slaves or food . Ordinary people like me should take good care of the earth ...

It's about to go back , The new landlord's boyfriend offers a drop off service , Fifteen Euro . It's very convenient .

Once again in Dagong Street . The high-level movements of hip-hop boys attract the children . Children playfully interact with dolls in the mall .

evening , A Renault SUV, Come downstairs , A tall, handsome young man got out of the car , Reach for us , Shaking hands and greeting , We all had some surprises , I didn't expect that the landlord's boyfriend was so beautiful , And it seems outgoing and interesting .

After getting on the bus , Handsome young people start chatting mode .

“ How was it ? What about Serbia ?”

" Why go to the airport so early ? In fact, it can be a little later , Because the airport is very small , There are very few people , It won't take much time ."

" what ? I'm going to visit the airport ? Oh , You'll find nothing , It's really small, very small ."

" Oh ! China is very large. , A very large . Serbia is small , A very small .”

It's beautiful, I say . He laughed happily .

“ Where is the next stop ?”

We said Moscow would transfer to Beijing , There are no direct flights to China from Belgrade .

“ The government is applying for direct flights to China , There will be some later .”

“ More than half a month ago , Our president went to Beijing , Meet your leaders .” He gave a thumbs up .

“ A steel mill in China has bought a steel plant in Serbia . More and more Chinese are coming to Serbia , Road repair , Work , tourism , Establish a company . therefore , There will be direct flights , It's important . The application is slow .”

I know he said River steel . It really saved jobs in a small town , Almost everyone's life in that small town has something to do with steel mills , Corresponding supporting people's livelihood , Therefore, it is full of vitality .

I heard the story of Hegang . such as , One employee died , According to the American practice before the acquisition , It's the end of compensation . Of course, it's normal , The value exchange is over . When the Chinese side sympathized with his family, he found that his family was in difficulties , On the premise of pension , Ask for advice from his son who has not entered the society , Would you like to study in the training school of the steel plant , After graduation, he entered the steel works . It's a big shock to other employees . Even the Sierra Leone government has made special comments on this , As a shining example of Chinese humanity .

Fortunately, there are few cars on the road , Otherwise, it's not safe for drivers to talk , I can see that the young man really wants to know more about China . So it is .

“ I like to knock cotton .”

?? Knock cotton ?

The young man turned his head and saw us looking at each other , Immediately use your hands to pick up food in your mouth . I understood immediately , He said fried noodles . ha-ha , Our English pronunciation is so interesting .

“ I like Chinese food , I make my own fried noodles , I'm learning to cook Chinese food . I know kung pao chicken , But that's too hard .”

Kung pao chicken is famous among foreigners ,KUNG PAO CHICHEN. He thought it was fried chicken , That's right , It's stir fried .

Gong Bao is not Gong Bao , Gongbao is a kind of rank of officials in Qing Dynasty , Governor Ding of Sichuan , Official name: Ding Gongbao . His family has a man from the Bank of Daming Lake in Jinan “ Summer rain lotus ”, A cook , Good at fried chicken . Kung pao chicken is just like this , The governor himself did not expect to be famous for a dish at home and abroad .

“ What do you do for a living? ? I'm a dentist .”

“ I have colleagues who have gone to work in Shanghai . We keep in touch , They say Shanghai is very, very good , Very, very modern . They earn about 10000 to 20000 yuan . And in here, , The current economic situation , This occupation , We can't get there .”

“ I also want to visit Shanghai , Why not? ? I'm learning to make my own Chinese food . You know what? ? I can eat noodles with chopsticks . Learn Chinese with TV , Watch China Channel , Chinese programs .”

CCTV There's a program on the international channel ,“ Home far away ”, We saw Serbia on this show . But he didn't know about the show or the channel .

then , The handsome young man spoke a few words in Chinese , The pronunciation is very good . I was surprised , Did you learn it in Chinese training school ?

“ No , I know there are Confucius Institutes , There are also some Chinese training schools , Teaching the Serbs Chinese , Also teach the Chinese the language of Serbia . I just watch TV . I watch TV whenever I have time , listen , Follow suit . I can only say a little , I need to learn more before I go to Shanghai .”

We praise , assume , He is a young man with pursuit , No wonder there is heroism in your composure .

“ Beijing is also very good , The capital, of course, should be very good , I heard that Beijing is very big , Bigger than Shanghai . I will also go to Beijing , To the Great Wall . But I hope to work in Shanghai in the future , I heard there are more opportunities there , And I have colleagues who are already there .”

“ Do you know one belt, one road? ?” I asked .

One belt, one road, sounds like a noun explanation in China , It's a grand plan on the road to rejuvenation , After going abroad, we will find that some measures have been implemented in foreign countries .

He said he didn't know .“ I suggest you learn more about this from your embassy , China should welcome talents with technology and knowledge .”

After watching the news, there was a Serb drunkard who drove in Sichuan and didn't give money and called the driver , Was expelled , Of course, such goods are not welcome . Foreigners coming to China should add another , Have character .

Along the way , From time to time, the young man expressed his feelings : China is very large. , A very large , huge . Oh , You're going to Moscow , Russia is big, too , A very large , huge .

Small countries really envy big countries from the bottom of their hearts .

No wonder they are envious , China's unique geographical location , Vast territory , Diverse topography , Different mountains and rivers , Longitude and latitude , Perfect in four seasons , The scenery is rich , Various national cultures complement each other . Even the same people , Different regions , Different restaurants, too , Different customs .

Travel all over China , It may not come true in a lifetime , Eat all over China , For the Chinese people, it's just like the dream of the Chinese people .

At present, the young people of Serbia are so keen on China and Shanghai , exceeding one's expectations .

I think of the young people in Chinese restaurants . How much of it comes from the Chinese dream ? How many people eat is yearning for China ?

Not far away , Chatting is not enough . You get out of the car, shake hands and say goodbye . Waiting time , Receive information from landlord . She said her boyfriend was very grateful for our advice , They're going to do something about it , Today's chat was very enjoyable .

I love sunrise and sunset so much , Overlooking the earth , Clouds and clouds , Picturesque mountains and rivers , The world is like smoke .

A small waiting hall , There are only three Chinese faces . A Chinese guy , Pocket bag , Meditating quietly , At first glance, it's a flying man IT Xia .

There's a middle-aged woman in Serbia , Always looking at us .

In the Moscow ferry , The middle-aged woman came to us , Are we Chinese ? Are you going to Shanghai ? I heard we were going to Beijing , A little disappointed . She went to Shanghai alone , Go to... For the first time .

The title of Shanghai magic capital is not for nothing , Strength attraction .

The first landlady , Said she wanted to go to China , Want to see Beijing . We kept in touch . I told her , It's really important to keep a distance and wear a mask , China can travel with green health code , I hope her country will be better soon . She sent a message .

In June, Serbia will open its borders with four other countries, including Montenegro . Travel with each other can also be expected . This is a warm-hearted landlord , Just because of her willingness to help others , It will make you feel good about Serbia .