February trip to Tibet day 2

2020-11-17 21:08:13  作者:travel

Today is Sunday. , It's the last day of my internship .

Get up at nine in the morning , Sleep quality is surprisingly good . Get up from the bed , First, I'll go and roll the cat and its four cubs in the company, and then I'll go back to the house to wash . Speaking of all, I have almost no altitude sickness in Lhasa this time , Some accidents . A year and a half to Lhasa , Or from Linzhi at a lower altitude , I started to feel dizzy and nauseous on the road , It lasted until I left Lhasa . But this time I flew directly from the mainland to Lhasa , In addition to climbing with wheezing and some loss of appetite , Almost completely normal . It seems that everyone's high anti situation is not constant , Most of them are closely related to the quality of the body over a period of time .

The cat “ Singer ”

In the afternoon, I took a bus to a cafe in Lhasa city . The bus is extremely crowded , With the rush hour of Shanghai subway . Lhasa has no subway , Taxi or didi is also more expensive , Therefore, public transportation has become the most commonly used mode of transportation .

Something happened when I entered the cafe . The cafe is on the top floor of a hotel , I enter from the hotel lobby . While waiting for the elevator , I noticed that there was a list of Tibetan names in the disinfection record sheet of the elevator , such as “ Zhuoma ”. Comparison of traditional Tibetan names with nearby and modern elevators , There's a subtle sense of confusion . The photographer's intuition led me to pick up the camera . But then the hotel staff stopped me with a defensive face . I told her I was a photographer , But the staff said the list was not allowed to be photographed . I apologized to her and deleted the photo .

Lhasa Street View ( barkhor )

Take the elevator to the coffee shop , I'm thinking about what happened . This actually reflects a problem that has been bothering me recently : Of photography “ ascription ” problem . As a photographer who is keen on shooting people and society , My job has two steps , One is to discover people or things that touch me , The other is to capture them on the photos with my own perspective and thoughts . At the time of shooting , I always feel like I've stolen a page of someone else's life , Use your own perspective to make this moment a hybrid : This moment belongs to them , But the photo belongs to me . The people in the pictures have no control over taking these pictures of their lives . Especially when I shoot , People's sometimes slightly wary and disgusted eyes make me doubt my right to shoot . I feel as if I have no right to “take others' lives for my own use”.

The view outside the coffee shop

So some other famous documentary photographers (documentary photographer) How to deal with the disconnection between the subject and the photo itself ? The answer is that when they're filming people , Will fully understand and communicate with the subject in advance . For example, photographers Keivin Bubriski This group of people who lived in rural Nepal a year ago , Only then did we have this group of photos of the residents and their homes . In the photo , So the villagers sincere To show yourself ------ You can easily get warm from them or , Or empty , Or feel it in your devout eyes . This kind of sincere expression cannot but be built on them and photographers Mutual understanding and trust .

Keivin Bubriski works 1

Keivin Bubriski works 2