The first snow in 2020

2020-11-17 21:05:04  作者:Photography

writing / chart The fragrance of eternity

The first snow is coming

Snow girl is late , It's a whole month behind the previous year . It's getting cold , There are little snowflakes in the air , The sky seems to pull a white curtain , Winter is coming , At last it snowed for the first time !

The first snow is coming

Coming with the first snow , There is also good news , Third Wave YiQing The attacks have returned to zero for many days in a row , Spring begins in February 、 It's hot in July 、 October autumn , They all pressed the pause button , Finally, you can press the start button again !

The first snow is coming

Another busy year , We should also assess and summarize the work of this year , Think about planning the new year's work , Job change , Time goes , With the years of accumulation of experience and lessons , And the warmth of the heart !