Red-crowned crane

2020-11-17 21:05:02  作者:Photography

Open the WeChat , Have you noticed that , I chose a group of red crowned cranes , Photos of flying in the air , This is a few years ago, the whole family went to Heilongjiang , In Zhalong National Nature Reserve in Qiqihar , Pictures taken with a mobile phone .

Red Crowned Crane with simple and elegant color 、 The graceful and graceful dance 、 The sound of nine clouds reverberates 、 Flying in the wind and clouds , It's amazing , Noble and elegant , It has always been hailed as “ Red-crowned crane ”, It's a symbol of good luck 、 A model of faithful love 、 A sign of health and longevity , Through the ages , It has always been loved by people .

Zhalong National Nature Reserve is located in Songnen Plain, Southeast of Qiqihar city 、 The lower reaches of the Wuyuer River are covered with marshes and reeds , There are many lakes here , The reeds are overgrown , There are fifteen species of cranes in the world , There are nine kinds in China , There are six kinds of Zhalong , There are less than 2000 red crowned cranes in the world , There are more than 400 Zhalong , It's worthy of being alone in the world “ Hexiang ”.

Zhalong is Mongolian , Meaning for “ A pen for raising cattle and sheep ”. However , Nowadays, cattle and sheep are rare here , But it's a bird's paradise , It is an ideal habitat for many birds and rare waterfowls, and an important place for many transnational flying birds “ Posthouse ”.

Zhalong Wetland , The crane dances gracefully .

The Red Crowned Crane flies only four times a day , And it's a fixed time . On that day , When we entered the door , All the way to the release platform , I saw that all around were full of expectant crane watchers .

It's nine thirty , There's a whistle on the ground , The cranes run to the hillside and fly against the wind , Spread your wings , Flying from the back of the mountain , The crowd was boiling , Dozens of red crowned cranes are flying at the same time , On the opposite hill , And flying over our heads .

Red Crowned Crane flies with wings , Beautiful posture and white feathers against the blue sky , Show a fascinating picture . Some of them circle in the air , Some fly two laps later , Then it fell lightly on the hillside 、 Green water . The little crane will shed some fish , Some are fighting for each other , Some are walking by the water , Walk light , Beautiful posture , Just like a lady in a big family , It also shows a little shyness 、 It's kind of elegant 、 A little delicate 、 A little graceful 、 It's a bit luxurious , by twos and threes , With a long mouth , Looking for food in the water , Walk leisurely , White feathers , Beautiful and clean , Black feathers are inlaid at the edge and neck of the wings , The top of the head is inlaid with red feathers .

Enjoy the red crane , Enjoy the wetland scenery .

Enter Zhalong National Nature Reserve , Watch the nine days of Crane Dance , Wandering in the blue sky and clear water , Feel the beauty “ Hecheng ” The charm of . ad locum , Can enjoy the fresh air , See the beautiful posture and flying picture of Red Crowned Crane , It's a natural enjoyment , Is also a kind of mood to fly .

However , It's not just the red crowned crane flying , And the reeds are like the sea and the waves , Rippling with the wind , Under the blue sky and white clouds in autumn , It's like welcoming people from afar !