Autumn into Huping mountain, encounter Jinghong noodles

2020-11-17 21:05:00  作者:Photography

The mountains in autumn , The leaves are yellow 、 Red red , The green is still green , They come from the green years , Towards the yellow of life 、 To decline again , In their own domain wantonly blooming 、 Stretch out , Although they can not escape the fate of falling leaves and returning to their roots , But it seems that every plant can enjoy the present state . I think , The reason why Mature autumn is beautiful , Maybe it's because everything is in their proper posture , Do nothing 、 It's not covered up .

Blue cloud sky , Yellow leaf field , Autumn color waves , On the waves, there is a green smoke

At the weekend, I went to Huping mountain, which is called the roof of Hunan Province, in Shimen County, Changde City . Huping mountain is high around the top of the mountain , The middle is low , Shaped like a pot mouth , So it's called Huping mountain , It reaches its main peak 2098.7 rice , Also known as the " Strange circle of the earth "( Thirty degrees north ) Upper " Natural labyrinth ", In the old world "[ Noah's Ark ][Noah_s Ark]".

Huping mountain is rich in water , Although in the late autumn , But there are waterfalls in the mountains from time to time , The gurgling water is like the running blood , Let the mountain forest full of withered leaves full of vitality . Occasionally there will be some firm green grass , They're like the favorites of the season , Let the exhausted mountains enjoy the happiness of their family .

The mountain reflects the setting sun and the sky meets the water

The grass is merciless , Even outside the setting sun

After two hours of climbing , Find a quiet place to sit down , The dead leaves are rustling under your feet , The feeling of close contact with the earth calms people's restless heart . The birds in my ears are singing one after another , It's golden 、 The egg yolk like setting sun seems to be falling .

Yellow leaves in autumn , Blue clouds are deep at dusk

No more leaves fall , There is no broken compound

here Everything in nature is in such harmony , The sun is setting and the west mountain is rosy , The stars rise in the east from the moon , Everything is going on step by step at a fixed time . Man is like nature , One year old and one withered , At what age do you do what you should do at your age , What kind of season presents what kind of state , Learn to be content 、 Enjoy the present life will be mellow and complete .

Looking at autumn grass independently , Savages plough the sunset

Westward declines the sun , The sky is like a dome, covering all fields , Leave a little golden line , The mountain is decorated with gray and black . The teammates couldn't speed up because of the weight , And I was thinking of the open top of the mountain to catch sight of the sunset , So a person ran in a hurry on the lonely road .

There is no limit to discussion , It's late at sunset

Panting up to the viewing platform , Fortunately, the last sunset is still waiting for me , I have to marvel that no one can compare with the excellent colorist of nature , The sky is blue 、 purple 、 Yellow 、 Orange 、 Black is particularly spectacular , Mountains rise and fall in the setting sun , Like a naughty child , Add childish temperament to the monotonous horizon .

Under the curtain of the night , The twinkling stars stand out in the night . At the moment , Step on the mountain 、 On the hanging wall 、 Looking at the stars , Even if the air in autumn night is cold , But being able to feel the breath of the mountain like this , It's like a child who's been away for a long time , Back in the arms of mother earth again .

Get ready to climb the mountain at night , Keep going up the steep mountain road , Unexpectedly, I found that the top of the mountain was close at hand . At the top of the mountain , Put down the climbing bag and set up camp , With a few lights, he quickly built a hut to resist the cold wind on the top of the mountain , Can't wait to climb into the tent like a kid with candy , Enjoy the fruits of your labor with satisfaction .

Because the teammates are still outside packing , Out of curiosity, he poked his head out of the tent from time to time , While chatting, you can enjoy the bright galaxy all over the sky 、 The stars are shining . But I have to say , It's really windy at the top of the mountain at night , A thin tent is hard to withstand the cold wind , The thin wall is not enough to protect us from the cold . The big guys are too cold to sleep , You yelled one by one with optimistic attitude and strong will to break the silence of the mountain top .

The sun is shining at first , Thousands of mountains are like fire .

Through the cold all night, the teammates are still greedy for the little warmth in the sleeping bag , Asked me to spend a warm night with my warm baby , I was eager to get up . So I jumped to my feet just before dawn , In a down jacket 、 Wrap yourself in a sleeping bag , Crouching on the viewing platform , Doing the most tenacious confrontation with the morning breeze .

After a while, an orange line appeared in the white East , And then it turned into blue, yellow, orange, red and black with distinct layers , Then the mountains with the morning fog began to appear in view , First floor 、 A layer in the morning fog as if covered with a blanket of calm lying on the ground .

A round of instant on the Tianqu , Banish the stars and the waning moon