Theme exhibition of anti US aggression and aid Korea in Military Museum

2020-11-17 21:04:59  作者:Photography

This year is to resist US aggression and aid Korea 70 Anniversary of the , At the weekend, I visited the special exhibition of the military museum with my friends .

The exhibition is divided into five parts : Justice bears the responsibility Decision to send troops ; To annihilate the enemy in motion The stabilization front ; In order to promote talks The stronger the Vietnam War ; To achieve a truce Return home after victory ; Great significance Historical contribution . It has sorted out the whole context of fighting against US aggression and aiding Korea .

During the visit , I was lucky to meet a 92 My grandfather, who is three years old , I heard it was 27 Military , Participated in the war against the United States and aid Korea . After such an arduous struggle , To live to this day , I think the mentality is very people can experience one or two .

After watching the exhibition , The cruelty of war , I feel that peace is precious ! Liao took several pictures , I have been determined to commemorate .

military museum

Special exhibition of anti US aggression and aid Korea

The red flag above is the number of the participating troops

I'm scared to death

Defeat the organized us polar bear regiment

Surprise attack on the white tiger regiment

Young air force takes MIG corridor

Damn germ warfare equipment

Chang Xiangyu donates airplane for charity performance

Mao anying sleeps in Korea

It would be nice to fight like this