The heart is floating in the morning and evening

2020-11-17 21:04:56  作者:Photography

2020.11.17 The sunset of the day

It's winter , But there was no chill , Full of eyes , Or late autumn farewell scene .

Early in the morning , Always in a hurry , And a few minutes of running , Walk past , Go back to , The eyes are full of red lights and green lights .

nightfall , It's getting dark , The lights are on , In the dark , The rustling wind , Hula , Dancing over my head with fallen leaves . I'm light , I couldn't help but look up with joy , Reach out my hand to meet the wind and leaves .

Early in the morning , Although I didn't look at them more , They took me for their old friend , Welcome me back late in the evening mist . I was moved , stop , Turn around , squat down , Look at them head-on , Touch with your hand .

I can't bear to trample on any piece of , A fallen leaf , They go from morning to noon , Until sunset , Always looking forward to my return , Into my arms , Jump on my shoulder , Play in front of me .

A day's tiredness , In the wind , Trees , Under the comfort of the fallen leaves , Go away quietly .

The dim yellow light , You can't see the wind , I got his caress . Dim lights , I can't see the leaves clearly , I got his kiss . In the haze , My friend , With your love , Quietly soothing a restless heart .

Everything in nature , It's the harbor of the soul . To slow down , Come over , Walk past , He's still waiting for me .