On the light crimson famille rose figure porcelain of the Republic of China

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In this weekend's special topic, Xiao Taoer talks about the light crimson famille rose figure porcelain of the Republic of China . It's interesting to think of peach blossom beauty first , ha-ha , Ninety nine percent of the famous painters of the Republic of China have painted , Maybe they all love beautiful people .

My collection of peach blossom beauty porcelain . Compared with the official porcelain of the Republic of China , Pay more attention to interest , Comparatively speaking, I prefer folk porcelain , Although it's not worth the official kiln , For example, Hongxian fine road famille rose porcelain , I also have some , The current appreciation 10 Several times , ha-ha .“ Peach blossom beauty ” The pattern of colored porcelain also inherits this tradition , So some works are full of life interest . Draw a beauty and sit on a rock , One “ Maidservant Jun ” Holding a freshly picked flower , Walk up to the beauty , It's like saying something . Beauty is shy , With the long sleeve slightly support cheek , The face is like a peach blossom . This is also “ Peach blossom beauty ” A typical pattern of .

My collection of Yu Yuansheng's works is shown above , There are also more vivid , The scene of a beauty and a boy playing with butterflies , Life is full of interest , The characters are cheerful , The painting is also delicate .“ Peach blossom beauty ” painted porcelain , Always imitating the style of literati painting , The arrangement of its ornamentation is , All take poetry 、 book 、 The form of drawing at the same time . except “ Peach blossom beauty ” Decorative pattern , Also commonly used words and sentences Title book , The title sentence is usually “ Peach blossoms set each other red ”、“ Beauty and beauty are in Tsinghua University ”、“ Beauty is Tsinghua University ”、“ Beauty is like jade ”、“ But people are like jade ” etc. . On a covered vessel , The general question on the cover is “ Imitate the law of the six ”、“ Imitating the law of Yuan Dynasty ”、“ Imitating Badashan people ” etc. .“ Imitate the law of the six ” That is to imitate Tang Yin's painting style , Tang Yin , Word Bo Hu , No. 6 is just like a hermit .“ Imitating the law of Yuan Dynasty ”, Huang Gongwang, who imitated Yuan Dynasty . but “ Peach blossom beauty ” Pastel painting is not light crimson painting , In the performance of literati painting style , There is a big gap between them .

“ Peach blossom beauty ” Decorative porcelain , Almost all of them are signed , except . Author's name , And write down the location , Such as “ Painting in Zhushan ” etc. . Zhushan is located in Jingdezhen , It is also the pronoun of Jingdezhen .“ Painting in Zhushan ” It shows that this work was made by Jingdezhen craftsman .

Generally speaking ,“ Peach blossom beauty ” As a fixed pattern of color painting , It's a kind of decorative pattern . Although it lacks the elegance of contemporary literati's light crimson color porcelain paintings , But as a popular folk porcelain decoration , There is no lack of decorative beauty . Especially in modern times “ Peach blossom beauty ” Luo Zhonglin, a famous porcelain painter 、 Tang Zizhen 、 Tang Zi Ting 、 Luo Zilin 、 Fan Zi Ting 、 Fan Zinan 、 Hong Ziming 、 Yu Zizhen 、 Hong Jinghao 、 Yu Yuansheng and other painters of folk kilns , They worked tirelessly and meticulously “ Peach blossom beauty ” painted porcelain , It has left behind a number of valuable cultural heritages for later generations .

This is my collection of Luo Zhonglin tea cups . Luo Zhonglin was active in Guangxu - Years of the republic of China , The master of No , No “ Hushan hermit ”, Good at figure porcelain painting .

Other works of Luo Zhonglin ( Data from the Internet , ha-ha .) Chinese porcelain developed to the Republic of China , Technically 、 There is no breakthrough in raw materials , But Chinese painting in the period of the Republic of China has a brilliant stroke . Under such circumstances, a number of outstanding porcelain painters and masters of porcelain painting have emerged . They gather in Jingdezhen , Making a living by painting on porcelain , On the basis of inheriting the tradition, there have been new developments and breakthroughs , He made a great contribution to the painting porcelain in the period of the Republic of China . It has both work and writing 、 The book, poem, painting and prose are both rich , Among them, lady porcelain is the most distinctive . During the period of the Republic of China, the powder in famille rose gradually , But in the porcelain painting master's works, the famille rose still has the moist and soft feeling , The color is elegant 、 It's very stereoscopic , The beautiful ladies are very beautiful . By the middle of the Republic of China , The powder is as little as watercolor , But those who come from masters have the feeling of beauty like jade .

There are bottles in the shape of ladies' porcelain 、 pot 、 cylinder 、 box 、 Pot 、 A cup of 、 disc 、 basin 、 bowl 、 dish 、 pen container 、 Hat barrel 、 Water pan, etc . Generally, small pieces are more than large ones in quality , Small pieces are better than big ones . The bottom style is red 、 Blue regular script , Seal money is more common , The content of the bottom payment is the famous kiln payment 、 Merchant money 、 Antique style 、 Famous painters, etc .

Famous kilns have “ Ju Ren Tang ” Wait for Ya Ming , There are also company money , Such as “ Jiangxi porcelain company ” etc. .

Jiangxi porcelain company is 1907 It was founded by sun Jianlin, director of imperial kiln in late Qing Dynasty , It's an organization jointly run by government and business , The ceramic world calls it “ The only flower of rejuvenation in the history of China's porcelain industry ”; Antique style “ Made in Qianlong ”、“ Tongzhi year system ”、“ Guangxu year system ” Most of the ladies' porcelain is not vulgar ; There are “ Hong Yitai made ”、“ Yu Yuanchang, Jiangxi Province ”、“ Tang Yiyuan made ” etc. . They are all the best porcelain in the Republic of China ; The name of the painter ( The name of the studio ) It's the first porcelain base , This shows the status of porcelain painting in the porcelain industry of the Republic of China , Such as “ Luo Zhonglin painted ”,“ Jiangxi Huazhen studio ”、“ Tang Yisheng painted ” etc. , Their paintings of ladies are meticulous , The lines stretch smoothly .

Put the poem 、 book 、 The application of painting to porcelain painting is a breakthrough in the porcelain industry of the Republic of China . There are famous painters in porcelain paintings , Vintage , Poems, inscriptions and gifts “ Have fun ”、“ Elegant appreciation ” etc. ,. In addition to the representative figure Wang Qi , Wang Dafan and Luo Zhonglin 、 Tang Zizhen 、 Tang Zi Ting 、 Yu Ziqing and other masters of porcelain painting . There are many porcelain painters imitating the painting style of Tang Yin and Tang Bohu .

The porcelain of the Republic of China should find a bright spot in the history of China's porcelain industry , That is painting porcelain , At that time, China's first work on porcelain painting was published 《 Porcelain painting 》. Collect the porcelain of the Republic of China, focus on the level of porcelain painting , Besides, porcelain painting is usually proportional to the quality of porcelain . Ladies porcelain in “ The cultural revolution ” Middle genus “ Four old ”, More destruction . So it's very valuable to collect .

My collection of Yu Zizhen's works

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