Benefits of early rising

2020-11-17 21:04:38  作者:Photography skills

When you get up early , If the weather is fine , You can see the sunrise .

A cloudless day , The sky is like powdering , Color from dark to light , It's a dull blue again , You can't help but think of Kenji Yokogawa “ Melt in the blue sky ” That remark .

Days with clouds , The sky will glow all over the sky , It looks like Nezha's huntian Ling before sunrise , I really feel like Nezha stepping on the wheel of wind and fire in the sky 、 Hand dancing spear 、 Wearing the flying huntian Ling's heroic and valiant appearance , Beautiful , It's fascinating to see . I really want to ask , Who dances in the sky ?

Even if the clouds are light 、 Relatively thin , It's also full of sunlight , The golden look !

It's only when you get up early that you can see , Like my lovely lazy lady, I can't see , When you told her about the morning glow , She would be sleepy 、 Listening with a look of ignorance , Like a groundhog just coming out of a hole , It's like listening to your lies 、 Talking about things that don't exist at all , His face was full of doubts “ Really? ?”

It seems that early morning is the only way to get up .

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