Photography the meaning of green plant in me

2020-11-17 21:04:30  作者:Photography skills

Taking care of the plants has become a part of my life .

they , It's like my family members , Accompany in silence .

A stress free lifestyle .

In the future, new plants will be added to the family .

What's the name ?

everything is going smoothly

There was only one , It's growing up , Give birth to a companion , I water it , Take off the yellow clothes .


This is the mother basin , Later, several pots of explosion were transplanted from here .


The transplanted Herba Coptidis , It's hard to grow , It seems to burst again !

Four pots were transplanted , No pictures .


There are nine pots of meat , This has just been planted for the next month , It's a good life !


Growing well , It's just the next month . I used to raise more than 30 pots of meat , And they all died .

The one with the longest meat , For about a year , After success , Copy .

After knowing the method, they will order more meat to raise at home .

The picture below is taken a long time ago ——

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